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On the relationship between the work of anti-corruption and building strong human resources country.

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Abstract: the university is the training base of high-level personnel, is a social leader, college graduates and far-reaching influence on the whole society quality.This paper attempts to main content from the anti-corruption construction in universities special status in the whole society, the construction of anti-corruption in universities and the construction of anti-corruption role and status and its influence on the growth of college students, the anti-corruption in building a powerful country of human resources in such aspects as described, strengthen anti-corruption construction in Universities is the necessary content construction a country rich in human resources.
Keywords: University anti-corruption building strong human resources country

The 17th National Congress of the CPC pointed out, to further strengthen the construction of anti-corruption, must be resolutely punishing corruption at the same time, pay more attention to effect a permanent cure, pay more attention to the prevention of, pay more attention to the system construction, efforts to expand the prevention and control of corruption from the source areas of work, and earnestly do a good job in establishing the prevention and punishment of corruption in the implementation of the implementation of the outline of the system, and provide a powerful guarantee that the major policy decisions and the strategic plan to realize the 17th CPC National congress.
Universities as the main task of training high-level talents and both scientific research and social service function of educational institutions, due to its particularity in the social organism's educational function and to the society as a whole in anti-corruption and the power of human resources construction in an important position.

1 University anti-corruption construction special status of
in the whole society in the construction of anti-corruption.

As a special social organization in Colleges and universities, is the main base for training high-level socialist builders and successors of the training in Colleges and universities, the talent is the party and government organs, enterprises and institutions and industry leader, the main source of management and technical force, coordinated and sustainable development of all types of Higher Education, conveying the hundreds of millions of high-quality workers and a large number of talents for the modernization construction of all walks of life.Leader University or society, plays a behavior model and the spirit of radiation effects on the whole society, members of the university time to its image and a variety of ways to the public from other social organizations have far more influence and appeal.In addition, because the received higher education generally have higher ability and comprehensive quality, the university graduates form the group also became the largest part of the impact of the comprehensive quality of all levels of society, economic actual strength is the strongest, the highest social.
Corruption and consequences of other industry, can usually be much money, money, material to be measured, and the negative the corruption has many relevant to students or affect the vital interests of students, it will pollute and poison the mind of students, distorts their views on society, influence the formation of students correct world outlook, the outlook on life, values, a serious threat to the healthy growth of students.During the period of school students have distorted by corruption in Colleges and universities of the world outlook, outlook on life, values directly into the society, and embodied in the work and the life, will undoubtedly have a major influence on the style of the party, the government and the improvement of social morality construction.
Thus, the unique social responsibility determines the construction of anti-corruption, not only related to the healthy development of itself, but also related to the future and hope of a country, plays a basic and catalytic role in the whole society in the construction of anti-corruption.From the global anti-corruption strategy, anti-corruption construction in universities is under the leadership of the party, to the faculty and students as the main body, the teaching and administrative staff of anti-corruption and clean government culture of students education as the focus, through the establishment of a sound anti-corruption system, to improve the university staff and students practice integrity level and occupation consciousness task.It is the basis of all social anti-corruption construction part, the basic goal is to improve the staff's anti-corruption construction, to provide a powerful guarantee for the implementation of school policy and strategic deployment; fundamental goal is the development of comprehensive training, with strong honesty and self-awareness of qualified builders of socialism, to promote other social the anti-corruption organization, so as to ensure that the strategic goal of our party and government to achieve smooth.

The main contents of the 2 anti-corruption construction in universities and its influence on the growth of college students and

According to the spirit of the relevant documents spirit of the 17th CPC National Congress and the Ministry of education, the main contents of strengthening the construction of anti-corruption is to establish and perfect the corruption prevention and punishment system as the center, to strengthen the research and education of incorrupt government culture as the focus, strengthen democratic supervision and system construction, the construction of anti-corruption into the benign development track as soon as possible.
2.1, strengthen the cultural education is an important lesson for
process of the growth of College Students
The culture is the total of the knowledge, beliefs, norms, values and behavior patterns, social evaluation.It expressed the people to the honest, honest business, honest people and abhorrence of corruption, anti-corruption work is continuing in-depth development of cultural support.Strengthening the cultural construction of honest and clean government is to the socialist core value system as the basic content, and guide the cadres and teachers and students learning the theory and policy of the party, a correct understanding of anti-corruption of the development of the socialist market economy, of great significance to the prosperity of socialist culture, to form the correct world outlook, outlook on life, values, enhance consciousness of self-discipline, to resist corruption anti-corruption; is to broaden the field of education, the construction of a clean government culture as an important part of the construction of campus culture and education into the school, classroom, into the mind, to create "Jing Lian Chong Jie" cultural atmosphere in the school, set up the "honest pride, a good habit to greed ashamed", the formation of "Jing Lian Chong Jie" value judgment, enrich all cadres and teachers' and students' spiritual world of upward, honest and clean culture with health.The students to clear the purpose of study, establish the value of labor, honest business concept and service concept of society, is undoubtedly a good knowledge and atmosphere; must strengthen honest culture in the specific practice of all cadres and teachers and students daily work and study life.
2.2, strengthen the system construction is the important guarantee of
cultivation of College Students' legal consciousness
A good system is more reliable than a good leader.The construction of the system, perfect and execution, is the foundation of strengthening the Party style and clean government and anti-corruption struggle in Colleges and universities, is the first firewall to effectively prevent and punish corruption.In Colleges and universities with the punishment and prevention system construction as the key point of the construction of the anti-corruption system, combined with the development and construction of the actual, according to establish and improve the system for punishing and preventing corruption requirements, to people, property, fabric, management is the basic content, to the cadre selection and appointment and supervision as the breakthrough point, the punishment and prevention the construction of system requirements into throughout the school reform and development of the system, the system construction each link and each job of anti-corruption construction in teaching research and management, to establish the school constitution as the core, perfect feasible, organic corruption prevention system.Both system's vertical change retention, publicity and education also has the system, more in front of system execution supervision of equality and time-varying feedback.The good atmosphere formation according to the law, by the system of tubes, so that students can influence character by environment to enhance the legal awareness is very important.
2.3, strengthen the democratic supervision is the practice opportunity
the cultivation of political consciousness and ability of College Students
Power without supervision will lead to corruption.And the best supervision is the process of no power reservation made public, accept masses to examine and question.Therefore, the innovation of supervision mechanism, is to "get it, scientific configuration, operation of open, exercising, supervision in place" requirement, establish and improve the decision-making power, executive power, supervision power mutually restricting the power structure and operation mechanism and coordination, depth of the general public, protect the people's right to know, participation right, supervision right and the right of expression, to make the whole process of power operation are disclosed to teachers and students, to curb the democratic supervision mechanism of power corruption.The students will book knowledge and reality combination, cultivating democratic rights consciousness, consciousness of supervision, enhance the ability of political participation, it will be a good opportunity to practice.
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