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The rational use of different selection methods in the recruitment of

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[Abstract] this paper summarizes three elements of the recruitment selection, professional skills, the ability to relate to others and personality factors; the main content and then introduce several commonly used selection means and its role in the rational combination of different positions; then analysis required selection means; and finally put forward some suggestions for the selection decision standard enterprise.
[keyword] recruitment; selection; selection decision

1 commonly used to select the means and effect of

As the saying goes: "time tries all."This shows fully understand a person very difficult, take time.In a few days or even a few hours to make the right personnel decision? Essential for effective selection methods and reasonable combination.Commonly used selection means: the application analysis, written examination, interview, evaluation, work sampling center, resume investigation, physical examination.The application analysis, survey and physical examination record in various recruitment can be done earlier or later screening purposes, which resume investigation in the selection of middle-level management or technical personnel must be.The three kind of method is simple and clear, do not do here, unit according to the actual situation of specific selection.
The recruitment and selection process focuses on three factors: one is the professional skills; two is the ability to relate to others, including intelligence, management ability, creativity, interpersonal skills; three is the personality factors, including values, honesty, occupation interest.
The ability to measure one or several elements can be written, the work sampling, interview, evaluation center four selection means respectively.The following on the four selection means one one to be introduced.

1 selection means

1.1 written examination: popular in the selection of personnel.It can measure not only the professional skills, but also can be used to measure intelligence, creativity, can also be measured honesty, values and personality factors such as occupation interest.In addition to professional skills and professional written by the relevant questions, the psychology test scale and other written using the standard, the reliability and validity of the scale must meet the relevant requirements can use.Research shows that, in industrial organization, intelligence test, space and mechanical ability test, perceptual accuracy test and performance test has some validity to predict many half - Technical and non-technical work.For those who need the cognitive complexity of the work, the intelligence test is proved to be a good predictor of [1].However, for the written criticism also never discontinuous, namely the IQ and other test index phase decoupling and actual performance from working in a certain extent, so it is often used in combination with other means.
1.2 work sampling: the methods used by professional skills test.Reducing the sample it to applicants with a job, let the candidates to complete the job of one or more core tasks.Because the job analysis data obtained after sampling is designed based on the title, so it's almost always produce than perception, personality and intelligence, written better validity.Work sampling. There are two: one is that it applies only to the technical staff selection of skilled, but not suitable for selection of training potential; two is it can only individual test, time and cost are relatively high [2].
1.3 interview: interview is a personnel selection means using the most wide and validity of the most unstable.With greater validity of interview to determine candidate intelligence, motivation and interpersonal skills.It helps to see, hear, ask by means of comprehensive collection of information.Research has shown that, in the information conveyed in words, tone accounted for 7%, accounted for 38%, body language is as high as 55%.Therefore, language behavior during the interview, the examiner should plan to directly observe the applicant and nonverbal behavior.
If not be well organized and carried out according to a standardized way, the interview may be latent prejudices and barriers.Structured interview well organized its validity after the assessment center in various selection methods.Structured interview analysis to determine the interview project based on in-depth post; in the development of behavioral problems (for example, investigation should be modified to ask: if your superior frequent over-grade distribution without realizing it, you how the loss of its image under the condition of changing this situation?); interview assessment standard scale.
Prejudices and barriers common interview: A. examiner tend to support his or her hold the same attitude of candidates; B. applicant accepts the interview order will impact assessment; C. reverse information will get more attention; D. initial effect, the interviewer on the candidate's first impression effect is very big, in the interview the first few minutes made for the judgement of whether or not [3].
1.4: Evaluation Center assessment center is especially suitable for the evaluation of candidate management potential, it is generally used for the selection of managers.It is composed of straight line managers, supervisors and trained psychologists consists of an assessment team, simulation to design some practical problems, to observe the candidate in the simulated situation under the pressure of psychology, behavior and work performance, evaluate their management abilities from.The evaluation technology assessment center including the in-basket test, management game, leaderless group discussion, case analysis, used in the selection of three kinds of most of the in-basket test, case analysis, leaderless group discussion.The assessment center is the tallest of the validity of various selection methods, but also the design of the most difficult.It is affected by many factors, such as the simulated situation choice, quality, evaluation of project evaluation of selection.Any of these factors will make the evaluation validity carelessly, greatly reduced, resulting in a large number of waste of inputs.Reasonable combination of
2 selection means

Through the above analysis, we find that every selection method has both advantages and disadvantages, so every means for managers to make personnel decisions are only of limited value, only for a reasonable combination to achieve the ideal effect.I think that the different positions the selection means has the following kinds of combination is more effective.As shown in table 1.

Validity: click here from 5 (highest) to 1 (lowest) measure.

3 on the selection decision criterion is proposed for

Selection is a forecasting behavior, it tries to anticipate hiring which applicants will ensure success.The selection process will produce four kinds of possible results, results two explanations for the correct decision; the other two shows decision error.As shown in figure 1.

In the "rejected later performance can not be measured, but there were some of the two theoretical results.If the selection means the validity in the required range, so the correct decision-making accounted for a large proportion, and false accept and reject errors are very small proportion.In this way, three kinds of decision of distribution proportion can be approximated as a normal distribution, false rejection and false acceptance are located at both ends of a small region distribution, the correct decision in the middle of the distribution, the vast region.The question now is, reduce the possibility of making false rejection and false acceptance to the constant in the selection means validity conditions.I think at the same time, reduce the two can not be.The reason is based on two kinds of statistical decision error (and false) theory, when the decision criteria to improve, false rejection increases with false accept

Fig. 1 the results of
selection decision
Reduce; when the decision criteria is reduced, the wrong refuses to reduce and accept errors increase two times, changes in the opposite direction.Organization of the selection is to select the appropriate personnel (i.e., the correct decision), to avoid the wrong (or false acceptance).In view of this, the organization should be appropriate to raise the decision criteria in the recruitment, to reduce the false acceptance probability, reduce tissue by choosing the wrong person and the possible loss.As for the false rejection increased, can be solved by expanding the scope of recruitment.

[1] [America] Stephen ? P? Robbins. Organizational behavior (Tenth Edition) [M]. Sun Jianmin, translated by Li Yuan. Beijing: Renmin University of China press, 2001: 536
[2] Yang Jie, the effective recruiting [M]. Beijing:
China Textile Press, 2003:287-288

[3] Sheng Qing. How to make the interview more effective [J]. human resources development in China, 2006, (8): 53
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