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To improve the method of salary system in Chinese Enterprises

Author: WengGuangLian From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-27 04:43:26 Read:
Abstract: with the globalization of the world economy, to speed up the integration process, a large number of foreign enterprises to enter the Chinese market.In the face of a new round of the competition for talent, how to maintain the competitiveness of enterprises in the market, how to retain talent has become an urgent problem to be solved, and establishing a reasonable salary system is the key of keeping the talent.In view of our country current salary system, combined with the management idea, advanced ideas and methods, and put forward a set of suitable for the actual design of the compensation system and distribution plan, perfect and hope to help enterprise salary system.
Keywords: compensation system of enterprise in our country to improve the method of

The twenty-first Century is the era of opportunities and challenges, the human resources management is the key to competition, and the important content of human resource management -- compensation management, is a powerful tool to promote the realization of the strategic goal of enterprise, is an important part of enterprise incentive mechanism.The perfect salary system plays an important role in the decision of enterprise employees job satisfaction, work motivation, stimulate staff and strengthen the cohesion of the enterprise and competitiveness.However, with the development of our market economy, the traditional salary system is difficult to meet the need of modern enterprise management, generally appear insufficient incentive function, constraint function is weak, egalitarianism and distribution behavior was not standardized.So, how can we make our enterprise salary system more perfect? Should be improved from the following aspects:

1 make the enterprises pay the principles and Strategies of

Whether the salary system of the enterprise or the staff recruitment, training and other human resources management work, its purpose is to help the enterprise to realize its strategic target.Therefore, before the salary system design, it is necessary to analyze and think from a strategic level, to determine the compensation principles and strategies, so as to ensure the compensation system design in the compensation strategy under the guidance of the is suitable for the enterprise, not just the "advanced" or "reasonable".The compensation strategy is based on a series of compensation center to help enterprises gain and keep competitive advantage, so the compensation system should be established in a set of overall compensation strategy.

2 Analysis of

Job analysis is a process of collecting system using scientific methods related to the work of information related to a particular job, salary system design starting point.It has an important role in two aspects: one is compensation decisions are the similarities and differences between different to clear job content, in order to clear the rights and responsibilities of each position, and the data collected by the final finishing work description, namely the job description, the similarities and differences to define each post.Two is to contribute to the establishment of the internal structure of equal work.Job analysis is a large inventory of existing enterprise post, is the process of scientific design on the job.Through the analysis, if the content is the same, so the compensation is likely to be equal.If there is a difference of working content, so these differences and competitors to pay market pay rates, are the theoretical basis for salary differences caused because of different, and lay the foundation for job evaluation.

3 job evaluation

Job evaluation (assessment) is a part of the salary structure process, focusing on the issue of fairness in solving compensation.The concern is how much salary structure size and the different between the salary level differential internal salary level, which requires the system to determine the relative value of each position.On the basis of job analysis, post types divided, according to job description, job content, knowledge of the skills required, value to the organization, organizational culture and external market as the foundation, comprehensive evaluation of post.It has two purposes: one is the relative importance of the various positions within enterprise compare, obtains the position rank, job level, determine the post wage coefficient, and provide the quantitative basis for determine the distribution difference.Two is to carry out compensation survey establish job evaluation standard, to eliminate the enterprise due to job title, job difficulty differences or job title is same and the actual job requirements and job content of different causes, enable comparability between different jobs, and lay the foundation to ensure the fairness of the distribution of wages.

4 salary structure design

The salary structure refers to the same or different skills in different positions within the organization pay level arrangement, it determines how much salary grade, salary difference between different size grade, and decided to pay differentials.Design salary structure must conform to the principle of fairness, that decides the compensation process to be fair, the actual results to justice.Secondly, considering the customs, economic environment, policy and laws and regulations, organizational strategy, design of internal and external factors.Determine the staff wages, to consider three factors: one is the position level; two is the staff skills and qualifications; three is the performance of employees.In the wage structure on the corresponding are salary, skill salary and performance salary.Salary is determining the payment according to the post, it is based on the content of the work, including the behavior and the results of the work required to complete the task, the organization's expected to determine the level of wages.Skill wage is person-based, is concerned about the employees have the skills or knowledge.The performance salary is the embodiment of employee performance, is the foundation of salary structure.It play a key role in the design and management, and the need for a set of complete and scientific performance evaluation system, can a fair will pay and performance, guide and inspire the employee behavior.
5 salary survey

Under the condition of market economy, has become one of the important factors affecting the salary system design of external competitiveness, it emphasizes the relationship between pay and external organizations pay, is relative, is compared with the competition and get compensation.Salary competitiveness is by selecting the above, below or equal to competitive salary level to implement in practice, and this choice is determined based on salary survey.Salary survey is the acquisition, analysis of competitors to pay salary level, it can provide design and competitive salary strategy required data, and put the strategy into the salary level and salary structure in practical operation.

6 compensation positioning

In the salary data analysis in the same industry, need to do is to choose different salary level according to the status of the company.Most enterprises through the investigation of other competitors pay rate was established in the market competitive compensation rate, and based on the comprehensive consideration of the product market, labor market and organizational factors, application of market survey results, to take the lead, follow, delay or mixed strategies to locate your salary.These payment decision-making is different in different enterprises, even is also different in the same enterprise in different categories.

7 salary system correction and adjustment of

When the external environment of enterprise changed, changes with the adjustment, the technical level of the staff positions, will influence and damage has been established compensation system balance.At this point, we must once again to evaluate and staff skills and ability, thus the adjustment or amendment of the salary structure, thus to achieve internal consistency.In addition, the salary level of inflation, industry or area change, the competition status change and the enterprise competition strategy adjustment, can also cause constantly adjust the salary level.But the need to pay adjustment based on new salary survey, adjustment steps and design a set of new compensation system is similar.This requires enterprises to establish a salary survey system, set up a special person to collect salary level changes in the labor market, as the basis of salary adjustment.The salary adjustment, should pay attention to after adjustment for several times, often causes the salary structure for enterprise previously set of component proportion are no longer consistent with the original idea.Therefore, unless this change conforms to the enterprise expectations.Otherwise, in order to maintain the relative stability of each part of compensation, enterprises also need to regularly carry out a revision of its.
In short, the salary system of the enterprise is a complicated and huge engineering, only in many aspects, the salary system of the full range of design, in order to ensure the fairness of compensation and the scientific nature, give full play to the role of compensation incentive and restraint mechanism, the salary has become a complete organizational objectives and powerful tool for.Therefore, we in the establishment of compensation system, must be combined with the actual situation of enterprises, to continue to explore and gradually establish and perfect the compensation management system of enterprises with the characteristics of exploration.
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