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In condition of globalization of liberal democracy crisis -- Analysis from the relationship between capital and the country's perspective

Author: WangZuo HuJianHong From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-27 03:43:58 Read:

Abstract: Based on freedom, equality freedom and democracy to maintain stability and continuity is the capital and the national two forces the result of balanced development.The coming of globalization means the operation of capital beyond national borders.Gradually formed with the establishment of the world market, breaking the balance between the capital and the country, breaking the balance of freedom and equality, challenges and crises to Western liberal democracy.In the world the remodeling of freedom and equality and balance between capital and the power of the state, is a possible way to solve the crisis.
Keywords: the globalized free democratic nation state

With freedom, equality for the modern democratic value since its birth has been considered with capitalism together.In capitalist society, democracy is a system arrangement is a form of value.Japanese American Fukuyama (FrancisFukuyama) in < the end of history > think of a book, common sense of Western liberal democracy as the final form of human rule, is the best choice of human politics.Free and democratic idea has unmatched, evolution process has been completed.But in the contemporary capitalist society, globalization has brought the opportunity to the western nation to the formation of the impact of liberal democracy.This paper attempts in the globalization background, from the state and capital relations perspective to analyze the cause of National Liberal Democracy crisis appeared in the West and its possible solutions.
The , economic globalization and political democratization
Continuous deep economic globalization has stimulated the development of the political globalization, the political globalization in a democracy as the symbol of the reform movement led.In the 2O century after 1O years, with the disintegration of the bipolar confrontation of cold war system, in the end, no longer exist confrontation in ideological field, the implementation of the market economy in the global scope, capital ever more rapidly in the global flow.To break the barrier of economy and ideology that liberal democracy has spread in the world, national countries generally establish democracy, "the third wave" is raging.The idea of democracy in addition to widely accepted within the national state, has been widely recognized in international relations.Huntington in his book < the third wave of democratization in the late -- > 2O century; said, "the total number of countries in human history to adopt a democratic government in the world the first accounted for more than half"; he also asserted: "now is the time to establish democratic international".When human beings entered the twenty-first Century, democracy has become not only recognized by the majority of countries in the world system and values, and no longer is the act of one's own free will to strive for the goal.International affairs with international and public, the needs of a variety of power subject to cooperate, so at every level of problem solving are required to take the principles of democracy.Maintenance, promotion of democracy has become an international movement, regional and world to maintain, promote democracy for the purpose of the international organizations have to appear and play a role, the democratization of international relations has become an important issue.
The democratization of international relations can achieve is to bring democratic challenges in the era of globalization.Democracy in international relations and some of the basic value of democracy to question the fundamental: who is the main source of legitimacy democracy? Where? How democracy reflects the permissions? In what way can best achieve democracy? Because the nature of things change, some international affairs is not the individual country can bear therefore, there are some international public affairs management subject.Multi-National Corporation across borders organization operation is achieved by completely different units.In these units, the national political legitimacy and common interests, the value of equality does not apply.Fritz Sharpf in the < across the political democracy in > about this problem.Across the political, legal certification is not the majority principle.The European Union is called "regulatory state", as long as is strictly limited to the protection of the right of economic freedom and full competition rules, so the legitimacy of democracy is not essential to the certification.The democratization of international relations is not the most democratic system, made it to a limited extent through values consistent and professional authority and a legal expert responsibility system: legal negotiation system gives, the guidelines are all participants must agree, the lack of other negotiating partners agree to pursue their priority right impassable barriers; do not need to add other legitimate certification, as long as the interests of all parties to negotiate whether in fact have the opportunity to exercise the veto, and the agreement is binding.
From the political point of view, the rule is because legitimacy recognized; from the perspective of sociology, the rule is because recognized gained legitimacy.If from the sociological research, negotiation system actually giving this across the legitimacy of political democracy.
two, for freedom and democracy, the inherent logic of globalization challenge
The democratization of international relationship between offered by globalization, is the ability to form democratic original deficiency due to changes in the Democratic field of operation to expand and the scope of application of the crisis.This is only one aspect of a challenge to democracy, more serious is brought the crisis of globalization to inherent development logic of Western liberal democracy.The democratization of international relations, the development of global democratization and the western democracy because of the arrival of the era of globalization and suffer: or provide the opportunity, or challenge, or crisis, or have both at the same time.
The experience of Western Democracy: Freedom -- constitutional Liberalism -- freedom and democracy.Freedom is the cornerstone of Western values of freedom and democracy, built in the value orientation of the liberal democracy, to personal freedom and rights as the center, believes that the individual rights and freedoms supreme, sovereignty state power belongs to the people.Because of fears that the country is distorted and abuse of power, the most important thing is to restrict the power of the state.In the use of checks and balances to the power of the state is limited at the same time, not only to avoid the conflict between individual rights and the authority of the state, but also to protect the individual rights and freedom.With the continuous development of history, the concept of free democracy deepening.Politics is to balance the various interests, national emphasis on public interest, and personal interests and desire infinite has become a major obstacle of democratic politics.Freedom is an important principle of democracy, but not simply focus on the freedom and equality, must be linked together.For the protection of freedom, equality, more and more attention, followed by the corresponding system improvement and development, universal suffrage universal establishment.Freedom and democracy, both in value and in the system or in the actual operation has been consolidated and developed.If the foundation of freedom and democracy is freedom and equality, in the establishment of the national basic values, for equal rights, citizenship, participation, material security and social equality have positive progress, and the establishment of practical system in basic values and order on the basis of the principle to the further development of.
Democracy has three levels: one is the social life in the western democracy, the two is as the management level of democracy, the three is the political democracy.Political democracy is democracy part, its development is only one aspect of democracy.In the economic and social fields, democracy also plays an important role, and more and more deeply rooted social, social, represents a kind of system, management mode and a value.
Jo Sartori's argument is: social democracy refers to "the national spirit requires its members that they have equal social status in society".In the economy, democratic orientation in the policy to the redistribution of wealth and economic opportunity equalization."Democracy of people in addition to civil liberties and rights of political participation in the decision-making process and social welfare participation right and benefit right."Democracy in the contemporary capitalist society, more performance for the existence of a public life and a kind of social, economic, social, covering industry organizations and cultural fields.Let us from the perspective of the development of logic of modern history of free and democratic development of.
First of all, freedom is the capital requirement.Capital is the essence of value-added, is the pursuit of high profits, and the realization of this goal to let free capital, to the free flow of capital to provide methods to achieve capital appreciation.And the capital dominates the development of modern western society, is the axis of this period of history, affect the properties of all other organizations and institutions, determines the social nature, so one of the social capital is the freedom, the freedom of capital show their strong conquest, expansion and control.From history we can see bring capital without restraint free competitive consequences: in free competition entirely non-binding, capital in rapid appreciation, and the "free" spread to every corner of it through."If the capital increase rapidly, the competition among growth more rapidly, that is to say, capital
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