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Analysis of Jiangsu Province, the development of service industries concentrated Studies

Author: MeiQiang ZhaoXiaoWei From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-27 02:35:20 Read:
Paper Keywords: science and technology industrial agglomeration area of ??modern service industry innovation Jiangsu
Abstract: Technology services sector is an important part of the modern service industry, to speed up its development is conducive to the overall promotion of the innovation capacity of regional innovation system. From the definition of technology services, classification and start to explore the need for the development of science and technology service industries concentrated. Combined with the Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology statistics, the departure from the status quo of the scientific and technological development of the services sector, and put forward policy recommendations to speed up the development of Jiangsu Science and Technology service industries concentrated.
1 Overview of technology services
1.1 definition of technology services
Technology services in China has just started, theoretical research is still in the exploratory stage, there is no consensus yet. Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Information Institute of Science and Technology Statistics, technology services was defined as follows: "based on technology and knowledge of the technology services industry to provide services to the community, service means the technology and knowledge, the target is the various sectors of society. It also pointed out that the technology services belong to the scope of the tertiary industry is a branch of the tertiary industry, is one of the foundations of all primary and secondary industries and modern service industry to achieve rapid development.
1.2 Classification of the technology services
Technology services business covered a very wide range, with reference to the Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Services Survey Rules Industry Classification method, I believe that it should include the following organizations and their activities: (1) scientific research and experimental development ; (2) Technology Extension Service; (3) science and technology intermediary services; (4) other technology services.
Can be drawn in accordance with the coverage of technology services, technology services sub-sectors: R & D and design industry, science and technology consulting industry, science and technology information services, technology trade services, science and technology incubator industry, technology promotion industry, science and technology venture capital industry, technical supervision services, intellectual property services and other technical services.
1.3 Services sector characteristics.
(1) service principal widespread. Technology services are different from the general social service agencies serving specific industry, but also from market intermediaries serve the market players (Enterprise). The previous definition has been clear of the particularity of its services (services in various sectors of society), including government agencies, universities, research institutions and science and technology enterprises, trying to set up from a bridge between them.
(2) systemic services. In the process of technological innovation and technology diffusion, technology services play a linking role, which determines the services provided throughout. From technology development, dissemination, technology services is an all-round, multi-angle, systematic knowledge and technology-based services.
(3) professional services. Service technology services mainly targeted at universities, research institutions and science and technology enterprises. They are the mainstay of technological innovation, a high level of scientific research and high-technology services professional requirements. Different types and ways of innovation, technological innovation, the main innovation, the different stages of the innovation process required services, technology services provided by the specific requirements of professional services is not the same.
(4) The knowledge-intensive. Technology services is typical of a knowledge-based services, it is mainly through the intellectual labor of employees to obtain benefits. Technology services serve the subject and it has the characteristics of specialization, determine its high knowledge content. The same time, technology services has become an important part of the technological innovation system, its services throughout the whole process of technological innovation and technology diffusion. Therefore, the first capital of the scientific and technological development of the services sector is human capital, the first resource is the human resource, the first element is the knowledge elements.
The need for technology services cluster development
(1) gathering is conducive to enhance industrial competitiveness. The gathering collection space industry value chain carrier and production organization, resource sharing mechanisms and business interaction mechanism. In this sense, it can also become effective organization of scientific and technological development of the services sector, will help enhance the competitiveness of the industry as a whole.
(2) gathering is conducive to promoting the effective supply and demand of technology services. The large gathering area related services, the fierce competition between enterprises, which not only greatly increased the supply of services products, but also to ensure the quality of service products also improve the reputation of the service enterprises so concentrated area of ??service products more attractive to customers. When cluster development to a certain extent also the formation of the "brand effect", higher market acceptance, and to further promote the market demand for its services products. Gathering area, at the same time, the internal culture of cooperation and integrity will help improve the efficiency of business transactions. This will undoubtedly increase the effective supply and demand of the service products, thereby inducing technology services to accelerate the development.
(3) gathering is conducive to the rapid growth and development of the technology services. In this industry gathering area ecological environment,, close industry association, shared resource elements, rich in social capital, effective competition mechanism, the formation of a strong external agglomeration advantages, to achieve economies of scale and economies of scope, reduce transaction costs, the formation of innovation network, enabling it to attract more technology services into clusters. The same time, the development of agglomeration is also conducive to the formation of industrial co-evolutionary mechanism. For example, a single large enterprises may be subject to asset specificity problem, industry exit sunk costs, but not rapid industrial transformation. But agglomeration can be through synergies, to form a common evolutionary mechanism similar biomes or ecosystems. Enterprises through mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances, business integration, value chain activities spatial division the industry constantly upgrading industrial restructuring in a timely manner in order to maintain the sustainable development of the industry.
(4) the concentration is conducive to enhancing the innovation capacity of the technology services agencies in the region. Technology and Services cluster development is conducive to technology, management and exchange of knowledge and training of human resources and utilization. In industrial agglomeration area, innovative technology, scientific management methods to be used, it is easy to other companies nearest to learn, imitate, which spread rapidly. The same time, it is also to promote the rational flow of talent and labor, to create the conditions for the enhancement of the capability of independent innovation of technology services in the region.
Jiangsu Province, the development status of technology services
3.1 Basic
Preliminary statistics, in 2006, Jiangsu Technology Services has all kinds of technology services to about 093, with a total income of nearly 150 million, the number of employees reached more than 55,000 people, the formation of a complete range of complementary development pattern, public institutions and non-governmental organizations. Technology services industry begun to take shape, the initial formation of a number of key units, science and technology industrial park and economic and technological development zones have become the most active base of scientific and technological development of the service industry.
(1) Technology Service industrialization has begun to take shape. According to the survey, the province's 2006 Technology Services total income of 14.973 billion yuan, accounting for the province's GDP accounted for 0.68%. Highest Nanjing 2.57% in other regions apart from Lianyungang 1.17%, are not more than 1%. Although the technology services has begun to take shape, but there is still much room for development.
(2) type of technology services is more complete. Existing types of technology services in the province can be divided into research and experimental development, technical extension services, and science and technology intermediary service class, four other technology services 18 subcategories. , 218 scientific research institutes, technology promotion agencies 319, Productivity Promotion Center 64, the SBSTA 173, 52 science and technology information services, science and technology innovation mechanism 75, more than 30 patent service agencies, industry associations 18 home, technical oversight body 29.
(3) the rapid development of technology services, functional system is becoming more diverse. Technology services of the province is developing rapidly, and gradually increase the overall quality of the backbone of the technology services unit. Technical innovation service system, provincial, municipal and county levels, productivity promotion center has nearly a thousand employees, assets of 330 million yuan, 140 million yuan revenue in 2006; in technology entrepreneurs service system, in addition to comprehensive incubator, Overseas Students Pioneer Park, Hi-tech Innovation Service Center, as well as integrated circuits professional incubator; technical advisory services system, all kinds of scientific and technological information agencies, engineering consulting organizations relying on the rich information resources and technological advantages, market information resources of development continue to explore, and achieved good results. Various types of technology services agencies in the integration of resources, technology promotion and transfer is playing an increasingly important role. 3.2 Problems
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