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Current situation of human resources in Institutions of disease prevention and control in Zhengzhou

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With the implementation of national debt project and yen loan projects, disease prevention and control institutions have made great progress in infrastructure and hardware facilities, greatly improving the working ability and level.But the capacity for Disease Control of the overall increase, more importantly depends on disease control agencies to improve the human resource ability.In this paper, through the analysis of 2008 that my staff: the allocation of human resources is not reasonable, improve the allocation of human resources, strengthen human capacity building, is a pressing matter of the moment.

The status of human resource of.1

Zhengzhou City Center for Disease Control and prevention in 2002 February by the Zhengzhou city health and epidemic prevention station changed its name to, in 2003 April and City Health Supervision Bureau complete separation.Work control assume 6 area, 6 County, 6800000 of the population.The present situation of personnel are as follows.
1.1 the number of staff: to 2008 December, the city of CDC altogether has the staff 247 people, of which 78 retirees.In-service personnel 169 people, 2 people in the back, 167 people.On guard personnel actually engaged in the health professional and technical personnel 135 people, accounting for only 80% of the staff.Engaged in the management staff of 14 people, accounting for 8% of the staff.Worker 20 people, accounted for 11% of staff.From the city CDC staff situation (see Table 1):

The above data is not difficult to see.
The number 1.2 is relatively saturated, county CDC staff of 611 people, it is on-the-job 1026 people, personnel is relatively saturated, resulting in the center for disease control to increase, new recruits difficulty.
The 1.3 major forms of discomfort, position offset gravity center for Disease Control and prevention work required to preventive medicine, health inspection and clinical medical professionals are less, only 767 people, accounted for only 74%, non medical professional and non professional personnel of high amounts to 74 people, accounted for 7%.At the same time workers reached 18%, the proportion of high, (see Table 2).1.4 degrees: the first degree in the workforce,: Undergraduate 100 people, accounts for the ĒŠ 9.7%; college 355, accounting for 34.6%; secondary 282, accounting for 27.5%; other education and high school 289 people, accounted for 28.1%.
The 1.5 Title: in-service personnel, with professional technical title personnel 767 people.One senior title 24 people, accounted for 3.1%; intermediate 237 people, accounting for 30%; 387 primary; and not accounted for 50%.Other title personnel 119 people, accounting for 15.5%.

2 human resource problem of

Highly educated personnel is low, the lack of young cadre.At present, the low proportion of public health professionals with high academic qualifications is lack of highly educated personnel.The quality of professional personnel generally decline.

3 countermeasures and suggestions

The historical causes of disease prevention and control institutions relatively saturated, age, professional and non-professional personnel imbalance old problems, real economic factors lead to the serious loss of talent shortage, new contradiction.With the development of society, people's health needs more and more widely, more and more high quality requirements, without the need of high-quality personnel to support.To improve the allocation of human resources, strengthen human capacity building, is a pressing matter of the moment.
3.1 scientific Shegang, re - allocation within the administrative departments, emphasizing comprehensive, coordinated and complementary functions; business section of the set, to demand business trends and social development as the basis, scientific, effective, strict control of administrative personnel quantity, improve the professional and technical personnel proportion.
3.2, deepen the reform of the personnel system, establish the new mechanism of personnel and smooth for special disease control work of professional and strong, the local government to give special policy, to solve the historical causes of human resource allocation problem.At the same time, strict access standards and regulations, high-quality professional talent introduction of disease control work needed, improve young professional talent shortage situation.
3.3 the reform of distribution system, improve the benefit incentive mechanism in accordance with the "giving priority to efficiency, giving consideration to fairness" principle, all posts posts set scientific and reasonable assessment of the job position, relative value, according to Kong payment according to payment, duty, fully embodies the responsibility and obligations, rights and interests of equivalence.Realization of titles evaluation separately, the archival work and the reality of separation, incentive talent talent showing itself.
3.4 create a learning organization, establishing long-effect mechanism for the training of the face of shoulder disease control institutions of social responsibility, the establishment of "learning organization", construct the lifelong education system, establish the concept of lifelong learning in all worker; according to the CDC's own reality, scientifically formulate long-term planning and short-term goals of individual learning and team learning; learning, learning and training with the integration of multiple forms, multi-level in learning, improve the overall quality of personnel, the "expert".
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