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Construction of science and technology innovation talents evaluation index system of Shanxi

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Author: Kun Xia Niu Chonghuai Li Qiuxia
[Abstract] the era of knowledge economy, technological innovation talent has increasingly become a strong driving force for economic development.As a big province of coal resources in Shanxi, the overall strength is not strong, requiring a high level of technological innovation talents and optimize the allocation of resources to accelerate the rapid development of Shanxi's economy.How to correctly evaluate and rational use of technological innovation talents become urgent to solve the problem of Shanxi.Based on the technological innovation talents connotation, combined with the characteristics of the development of Shanxi, the Shanxi Provincial Construction of technological innovation talents evaluation index system.
[keyword] technological innovation talents; evaluation index; talent management

1 Introduction

Technological innovation talents is the main carrier of science and technology to create, is a key scientific and technological level of development.The correct evaluation on technological innovation talents is found, [1] selection and rational use of science and technology innovation talents.Shanxi province is a major coal province, scientific and technological strength is not strong.Therefore, according to the characteristics of the development of Shanxi, construct reasonable Shanxi science and technology innovation talents evaluation index system of selection, the use of technological innovation talents, promote the progress of science and technology is very important in Shanxi.

2 technological innovation talents definition

Construction of the evaluation index system of Shanxi province science and technology innovation talents must be clear what is the technological innovation talents.Yue Xiaodong [2] believes the innovative talents with innovative consciousness, innovative thinking, innovative skills, creative emotion and creative personality; Zhu Yongxin [3] advocate the use of creative talents instead of innovative talents, he believes that the creative talents = creative thinking and creative personality; Liu Zeshuang [4] so that the creative talents refers to in a specific area, playing rules as the old one, make a breakthrough innovation, which has its own innovation consciousness, innovation spirit, has a large number of theoretical or practical experience; Hu Siying [5] argues that creative talents refers to the accumulated knowledge foundation, has to change their existing state and environment consciousness, put forward a field encountered in work or more fields and developed new ideas, new technology to promote the development and progress of the human reality.Simply have the innovation consciousness and ability of the people.Visible, the innovative talents lively debate altar, no uniform definition, but they all thought of innovative talents with innovative thinking and innovative technology.
The author thinks that the technological innovation talents not only has the structure of knowledge innovation thinking, the extraordinary innovation, extensive, also should have good moral quality and health.

the construction of 3 Shanxi province science and technology innovation talents evaluation index system

Principle 3.1: design evaluation system of evaluation index is the basis for the establishment of the evaluation index system of technology innovation talents, which is the most important link, the scientific index system directly restricts the validity and reliability of [6] evaluation.Construction of science and technology innovation talents index system of Shanxi should be based on the following basis and principle:
(1) science.The index system design should follow the rule of scientific research work, reflect the technological innovation talents of the actual.
(2) system.The evaluation index should be comprehensive, system, fully reflect the overall situation of evaluation objects, and has high generalization, can reflect the most essential, the most important performance.
(3) operable.The design of evaluation index meaning clear, relatively independent, and can be expressed with objective numerical or subjective scoring index system, so that the whole has a high use value and maneuverability.
(4) qualitative and quantitative indicators.Qualitative evaluation index cannot be used for accurate data description and expression, can only reflect the current situation and trend of [7], with uncertainty.The quantitative method of quantitative evaluation index, the evaluation result is always limited.The qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the combination, can make up for their shortcomings, to achieve better effect of [8] evaluation.
Construction of the 3.2 Shanxi provincial science and technology innovation talents evaluation index system.The basic idea of constructing science and technology innovation talents evaluation index system of Shanxi: through the analysis of the connotation of technological innovation talents, a design framework of indicator system by experts, and then according to the characteristics of the development of Shanxi, adopted the questionnaire way, by the Shanxi science and technology management which index can correctly evaluate the Shanxi science and technology innovation talents, and in the process of gradually correct, perfect.According to the idea of constructing route, physical, moral character, knowledge, ability and performance is composed of 5 basic elements of the Shanxi province science and technology innovation talents evaluation index system of indicators hierarchy.(Figure 1) 3.2.1 Constitution: Constitution refers to the technological innovation talents health, including physical health and mental health.Human health play of talent ability has a direct influence on [9], without good health, there is no sufficient strength and energy, will reduce the efficiency of work.
3.2.2: refers to a person's moral character moral, including the moral and occupation moral two index.
(1) the ideological and moral.Reflect the technological innovation talents ideological quality, reflected in the three aspects of political performance, discipline and team spirit.Political performance requirements of technological innovation talents who love the motherland, support the leadership of the party, has the correct world outlook, outlook on life, values, and has a strong sense of social responsibility, concern for the interests of the state; organizational discipline required technological innovation talents to fulfill their duties, hard solid, excellence, innovation; team spirit is to require more technology the overall situation of innovative talents, able to correctly treat personal interests.The good thought quality is the personality of the show, more is the cornerstone of the influence of work.
(2) occupation moral.Embodied technological innovation talents is dedication, devotion, whether in performance with a sense of responsibility and a strong heart.
3.2.3 knowledge: knowledge of this index is mainly reflected in the technological innovation talents knowledge level, including the level of education, knowledge breadth, professional and technical knowledge and foreign language, computer level.Education reflects the level of education; knowledge breadth reflects the technological innovation talents in all aspects of knowledge; professional and technical knowledge embodied technological innovation talents are in a certain area is deep; and foreign language, computer level requirements of innovation of science and technology to master a foreign language, and can skilled use of commonly used computer software.In short, technological innovation talents to Bo and designed, so as to innovate in a field.

Fig. 1 the Shanxi province science and technology innovation talents evaluation index system of
Ability: ability to work, including the 3.2.4 two index of learning ability.
(1) the ability to work.Reflect the technological innovation talents work efficiency, it is embodied in five aspects of scientific research ability, problem solving ability, innovation ability, organization and guidance ability and its development potential.The ability of scientific research is innovation of science and technology type can according to the need of the development trend of disciplines and countries, not only can the selected has important academic significance and application value of the subject, and propose effective solutions; the ability of solving practical problems ability embodied technological innovation talents to solve the key problem in scientific research; innovation ability of science and technology innovation talents of clear thinking, open-minded, strong sense of innovation, identity, generate ideas, new ideas and methods; the ability to organize guidance command, motivation, allocation of organization members, requirements of technological innovation talents good at mobilizing all positive factors, organization and guidance of the research in the field of scientific research group; development potential indicates whether the innovation of science and technology talents with one aspect of the potential, whether it is necessary to continue to cultivate.
(2) learning ability.Mainly refers to the ability to update the technological innovation talents knowledge.Technological innovation talents are experts in a certain domain, has the solid specialized knowledge, but the knowledge with the development of economy, progress of technology constantly updated, need technological innovation talent constantly learning, update the knowledge inherent, otherwise they will be eliminated by the times.Technological innovation talent learning ability is stronger, the renewal of knowledge capability is stronger, more can be integrated into the trend of the times, make contribution more
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