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Regional core competence analysis and Cultivation Approach

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[Key words] regional competitiveness of industrial cluster brand   knowledge alliance; regional innovation
[Abstract] based on the concept of regional core competitiveness, discusses the elements of regional core competitiveness, finally proposed the ways to promote the regional core competitiveness.The implementation of industrial cluster brand, knowledge alliance, and vigorously promote the regional innovation.

1 core competitiveness of regional overview of

1.1 regional core competitiveness definition of
For the regional competitiveness, domestic and foreign scholars have no uniform definition, Swiss Lausanne International Institute for management development which is defined as the ability of a country or an enterprise than its competitors gain more wealth in the world market; world economic forum is defined as a country can obtain economic (as measured by per capita GNP) capacity sustained rapid growth.
According to the core competence theory of Prahalad and Hamel put forward the concept of regional core competitiveness, given, namely regional core competence refers to the exclusive use of a region, the region is the key ability in one or several industry leading enterprises rely on the continued leadership, is the organic synthesis of transforming resource area the unique competitive advantage of a group of policy, technical knowledge or skill, but has not the regional resources and endowments.

1.2 regional core competitive elements
Regional core competence is based on comparative advantage and regional competitive advantage region, a complex chaotic system formed by the regional innovation system.Comparative advantage and resource, refers to the area with in the economic and development of production resources and favorable conditions.Focus on competitive advantage and is a national and regional endogenous capacity, especially in innovation.Compared to the comparative advantage, competitive advantage have more development, mainly because it is based on science and technology and economic development trends, highlights the importance of a national and regional endogenous capacity; at the same time, content involves many aspects of politics, economy, science and technology, finance, culture and so on, is the reflection of the comprehensive strength of a country or a region.Therefore, to create a regional core competitiveness should use unique comparative advantage, as a base, vigorously develop the competition advantage, realize the combination of the two organic.

2 the construction of regional core competitiveness of the premise of

Core competence exists in the basis of comparison advantage, but do not have the core competitiveness has a comparative advantage in the region, an area of core competence in general should have the following conditions:

2.1 regional location advantages of
Mainly includes two aspects: one is the basis of competitive ability of regional economy.Includes road, bridge, transportation, power, communication network, water conservancy and various municipal construction level.Two is the influence of radiation on the surrounding areas of the region for each of the.Refers to the market as the link, realize the sharing of resources, rational division of labor, benefits and win-win target, region and the surrounding region's economic, cultural and other aspects of mutual connection, mutual tolerance, mutual penetration, and the surrounding area formed by the radiation force and the centripetal force.

2.2 regional innovation ability of
One is the regional science and technology innovation ability.Science and technology is the first productivity, the future regional economic competition is the competition of science and technology strength, increase high-tech R & D investment, take the lead in the development of high-tech industrial clusters, regional core competence exists inherent power and the continuation of.The two is the regional innovation ability of enterprises.Regional technological innovation capability of enterprises is one of the region's ability of innovation of science and technology into a reflect the actual results, the innovation of science and technology will eventually by the enterprise R& D into productive forces.This requires enterprises related to a region on which to invest a lot of money, realize the transformation from knowledge to physical form, regional innovation ability is the external performance of regional core competence.

2.3 regional resource aggregation ability of
It refers to the regional various internal and external resources to attract regional inherent strengths with use, and use.One is the regional industrial competitiveness, reflect the development level of the regional industry and industry organization structure and fine or not, is the key of economy of a region's sustainable development, but also attract and utilize industry platform for all kinds of resources.The two is the competitiveness of human resources, a regional economic competitiveness, the key lies in whether has a number of talents, whether for all levels of talent to attract regional economic development needs.Three is a good financial environment, including the regional investment and financing system, financing tools, the level of financial market.

2.4 harmonious regional environment
Harmonious environment includes the entire area of the social order, the regional government management ability, the level of opening up, legal system, culture and education level.These are the soft environment of regional core competitiveness is the whole region, harmonious and sustainable development of lubricant, is invisible foundation of regional core competitiveness.

3 the cultivation of regional core competitiveness way

Regional core competence is the ability of a region has to participate in international and domestic competition in order to promote the regional core competitiveness, proposes the following ways:

3.1 to establish good industrial cluster brand
From the microcosmic economics perspective, the brand is the enterprise commercial credit symbol, it will lock the target customers to buy into their own selling points, to reduce the cost of their choices and emotional resonance with them; at the same time, to brand owners to bring sustained market returns.
Effective ways of the industrial cluster brand as a region to accelerate the economic development, with the general regional brand in common: one is regional, generally within a region or a city range, with strong regional characteristics; the two is the brand effect, often represent the body of a local industrial products and image.Industrial cluster is the cluster as a whole brand management, is the enrichment and extraction of clusters brand essence.

3.2 reasonable in-depth use of knowledge alliance
Knowledge alliance is the body of knowledge in order to learn other knowledge or cooperation to create knowledge and form the contractual relationship with the organization.Knowledge alliance can be divided into three types: one is the knowledge alliance between enterprises; two is the knowledge alliance of research institutions, enterprises and universities.Three is between universities, research institutes of the knowledge alliance.
Because of the fierce competition, increasing the technology development costs and risks of research, technology exchange, technical enterprise alliance has become the best enterprise strategy.On the regional and Kyrgyzstan, knowledge alliance provides a platform for the participants, the original achievements in science and technology, science and technology information, technology and equipment, scientific and technical personnel can be fully utilized, to achieve the purpose of sharing resources.At the same time, open the results into the channel, so that the region can make full use of inside and outside the region science and technology resources, optimize the science and technology resources, greatly improve the utilization rate of science and technology resources, improve the scientific and technological achievements of the output rate and conversion rate.

3.3, vigorously promote the regional innovation
Regional innovation is to enhance the core competitiveness as the goal, through innovation, based on the prominent comparative advantage, reform the mode of operation and the mode of growth, vigorously develop the regional economy's endogenous capacity, promote regional economy from quantity expansion and upgrading the general level of change to the competitiveness of the whole.
The basic level of regional innovation is technology innovation, the key is to establish an independent technology system, the creation of independent intellectual property rights, enhance the ability of sustainable development of new technology and new products.Technology innovation should be to enhance the competence, at the same time to actively serve the regional economic transformation and upgrading.Therefore, technological innovation should focus on strategic issues, focusing on the development of regional core competence and the overall capacity and series of products.
To make a long story short, the original region less competitive areas, it is necessary to choose the appropriate way.The first way is to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, which from the first has a comparative advantage in resource processing finishing started, promote investment, technology development and personnel training, and then gradually to the economic development needs
Multiple factors innovation direction of expansion; the second kind of way is step by step, namely the use of conditional factor developed regions have, as a growth pole, guide and promote the surrounding not developed area development innovation, and finally improve the regional factor endowment purposes.
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