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Psychological measurement technology in enterprise human resources management

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Abstract: with the development of psychological measurement technology, each field of psychological measurement has been widely used in modern life.In this paper, based on the current development trend of the enterprise human resources management, introduces the present situation of application in the field of psychological measurement.
Keywords: Psychological Health Measurement Technology Evaluation Center
The west after the industrial revolution, the need for labor increases sharply, the division of labor is increasingly sophisticated, the need for personnel training, personnel selection and increase the occupation guidance.At the same time, identification of retarded children's psychiatric practice and education practice, all of these have become a psychometric reality requires vigorous development.In 1904, Binet and Simon developed the world's first intelligence test scale -- the Binet Simon scale for children, test and identification of mental retardation, and scientific psychological measurement start and rapid development.Different fields of psychological measurement has been widely used in modern life.In this paper, based on the current development trend of the enterprise human resources management, introduces the present situation of application in the field of psychological measurement.

The concept of 1 psychological measurement and characteristics of

Psychological measurement is based on a theory of psychology, through certain procedures, on the individual's ability, personality and mental health of psychological or behavioral identified a number of value.Psychological measurement is a science, it has its own set of rigorous, systematic and scientific research method.The psychological test is a kind of specific methods and means of psychological measurement, it is the use of scale, a means for the measurement of a particular individual quality.A scientific and effective psychological test, must have high reliability and validity.
Some characteristics of psychological measurement is the following:
(1) the psychological measurement of the indirect
Psychological characteristics and objective physical phenomenon of the different psychological characteristics, invisible, intangible, so we cannot make direct measurement of psychological, to measure only psychology is an indirect measurement.According to psychology trait theory, some internal can not be directly measured traits, can be expressed as a series of interrelated explicit behavior.Therefore, psychological measurement is measured behavioral responses of one of the test items, psychologists to make inferences on the measurement results, and thus indirectly understand the psychological attribute of man.
(2) the psychological measurement of relative
Comparison of human psychology and behavior, there is no absolute standard, but only from others in the group as a standard.So the psychometric results usually refer to each person in a group in position, and the position is relative.For example, measure a person's level of intelligence, is the overall human intelligence standard in comparison.At the same time, the standard is not immutable and frozen.
the objectivity of psychological measurement
Objectivity is a basic requirement for all measurements.Measurement of objectivity is actually the test standard.Psychological measurement is a science, therefore its measurement results should be objective.Every step of it, either with the selected item collection, reliability and validity test, test process, processing and result interpretation of data, in accordance with the standard procedures for the.

The classification of
2 psychological measurement

Usually in a psychometric function classification of
ability test
From the psychological point of view, can be divided into practical ability and potential ability.Practical ability is the knowledge, experience and skills on behalf of man, is the result of learning.Potential ability is given some learning opportunities, its behavior can reach the level of.Usually measure the potential psychological test called the aptitude test.Ability test can be divided into the common ability and special ability test.The general ability test is usually said the intelligence test.For example, "Raven reasoning test", "the Standford Binet scale", "Wechsler Intelligence Scale", etc..Special ability test is the ability to measure in a particular area.
2) achievement test
Used for testing individual in receive after learning the knowledge and skills of a master degree.Test subjects school for example, or some kind of standardized certification exam.Achievement tests are compared to determine the measurement plan or situation (e.g. school) in structure of learning.
personality test
Personality test is mainly used for the individual psychological characteristics of personality, temperament, interest measurement, attitude, motivation, etc..Personality tests can be divided into self-report scale, scale and projection test.For example: Essen Ke personality questionnaire, MMPI, 16PF, the Rorschach Inkblot Test, thematic apperception test etc..3 enterprise human resources management in the psychological measurement of

In the modern enterprise management, especially in human resource management, psychological measurement techniques have been widely used.For example:
(1) applied psychological measurement
in the choice of occupation
American psychologist Strong had on the relationship between interest and occupation on the achievement made an interesting analogy.He said: "the relationship between the motor and the driver's ability and interest relationship is similar to that of the motorboat.The motor is equivalent to the ability, which determines the speed boat, the driver is the equivalent of interest, he decided the direction of the boat.The boat moved distance is the achievement.Success is determined by the comprehensive effect of the motor and driver.Interest and behavior together, has become the promotion strength."
Based on this, he published in 1927 for the world's first occupation interest test "Strong occupation interest scale".After Strong, Campbell presided over the revision of the scale of the renamed "Strong Campbell interest questionnaire".The scale is a widely used occupation interest scale, can not only provide occupation direction for people, but also provide a reference for occupation and occupation development.The test results can be compared norm type, with different character of different occupation groups, in order to understand their interest in various types of work, occupation interest, training and other aspects of the degree, clear their occupation interest and success in the field of possible.
(2) in recruitment as the selection and recruitment of test tool
Psychological test can accurately understand the character, a person's ability and other psychological characteristics of personality in a short period of time, to provide an objective measurement for staff recruitment, the recruitment evaluation results comparable.In twentieth Century 40 to 50 years, the enterprise human resources management began to pay more and more attention to human job match problem, so the psychologists began to seek ways of assessing candidates "post-fit".
In order to achieve this goal, psychologists conducted a series of paper and pencil test for candidates, usually including psychological questionnaire, aptitude test, projective test.According to the different needs of occupation selection, selection of suitable surveying psychologists from psychological test.Such as verbal test of Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale can be used as managers and sales personnel speech understanding and interpersonal communication ability measure tool.Using projective tests, such as the Thematic Apperception Test on the candidate's work motivation and work related to attitude of life.Using a variety of personality questionnaire, such as Cattell 16PF test, Essen personality questionnaire EPQ, personality measurement candidates, as occupation matching basis.
(3) the assessment center (Assessment Center, AC) used in the evaluation of the quality of the staff.
Since 1952, Att Corporation first use of assessment center technology and achieved ideal effect, this technology has been applied more and more widely in the modern enterprise human resources management.It emphasizes the integrated use of a variety of psychological test technology, using different types of work situation simulation technology selection of personnel, training personnel, aims to create a more realistic simulated work environment, study object from multiple angles.The main technology evaluation center of in-basket test, leaderless group discussion, interview simulation, cosplay, management game etc..
Among them, the in-basket test is to simulate the pencil and paper test event work of document processing, used for the evaluation of comprehensive analysis, overall planning, decision-making ability, information processing ability.Leaderless group discussion mainly by team interaction evaluation, evaluation of interpersonal communication, organization and coordination, team cooperation, influence, language expression and interpersonal skills.Cosplay and management game is through allow candidates to play a management role or simulate a work event, the objective is to reflect real environment of candidates, candidates understand the individual psychological characteristics and quality.
4) psychological test in mental health staff in the application of
A prominent trend of modern human resource management in modern enterprises, more and more attention to the mental health status of employees, and the mental health test various widely used.Mental health questionnaire widely used are: -SCL90 self-rating scale, self-rating anxiety scale, self-rating depression scale, Connell Medical Index (CPI), psychological adaptability scale, life event scale and so on a series of mental health scale.Modern enterprise employees because of work pressure, the pressure of life and all kinds of bad habits, resulting in different degrees of psychological problems, serious impact on the employee's work efficiency and the physical and mental health, and even lead to employee Dutch act events.Application of psychological health questionnaire to be able to discover the adverse psychological state employees, timely intervention.
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