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Research on the human resources management and innovation development

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Abstract: This paper analyzes the characteristics of human resources in Colleges and universities and the existing problems, and puts forward the research development of innovative ideas, is to establish a people-oriented concept of personnel management, from the mandatory management to the development train of thought in management.
Keywords: management of human resources in colleges innovative development of

The so-called human resources, refers to an organization has used to manufacture products or provide services in human.In other words, with different knowledge, skills and ability of an organization's human resources are the individuals within the organization, they are engaged in various activities to achieve the objectives of the organization.Human resources management, which is in terms of acquisition, development, maintaining and utilizing human resources plan, organization, command and control activities, is through the people and things between organization and coordination of social labor and work with people, to the full development of human resources, and tap the potential of people, to mobilize the enthusiasm of people, improve work efficiency, the theory, methods, tools and techniques to achieve organizational goals.The traditional personnel management basically is a kind of business management.Play the role of it in unit only when necessary.As for staff recruitment, management personnel allocation procedures, some low-level cadres appointment, management of personnel files, attendance, retirement, usually the wages and labor insurance welfare and management.
Schultz's "human capital theory" human resources as an investment object, found that human capital is the source of economic growth.And human resources is the essence of human resources in higher cultural level, with more capital, is "to their creative work, excellent group made a great contribution to social development and human progress", it is the core of human resources, it plays a key role to promote scientific and technological progress and economic growth.University is the talents of local colleges and universities, as a qualified social worker training base, to adapt to the objective request of the economic and social development, more attention needed talents, the colleges and universities are sustained and rapid development, make the talent to emerge and can do only lies in the innovation of mechanism.Objective the need for innovation is the development of the market economy for talents development mechanism, but also the requirement of our party "emancipate the mind, seek truth from facts, advance with the times" the ideological line.

1 the university human resources management problem in

1.1 points behind, the unperfect system
Most of the human resources management of the new theory of human resources development and management is also a lack of understanding, not aware of the real key to restrict the development of university is the lack of a high-quality teaching and research staff and modern management thinking of the high level management personnel, to create a good working and living environment to attract talents and the importance of stability the lack of understanding of the.At the same time, most colleges and universities, the lack of long-term planning management and development of human resources effectively, the actual situation in Colleges and universities is not binding in management, training, attracting and retaining talents, blindness, resulting in human resources management can not bear responsibility for the human resources guarantee for the long-term development of colleges and universities.Because of the lack of competition and incentive mechanism is effective and scientific performance appraisal system, so that some teachers complacent, do not seek innovation, lack of occupation crisis due to the feeling, make the talent resources to optimize the allocation and utilization.
1.2 human resource structure is not reasonable
At present, there is relative surplus of human resources in most of universities, total lack of human resources issues.Mainly displays in: the teaching of scientific research personnel, the general teaching scientific research personnel are, master of academic leaders and academic backbone lacking; management, daily management personnel in general and the majority, with modern management thinking of the high level management personnel is less; the rear service and school-run industry personnel, prevails personnel culture the low level, service consciousness is not strong and so on, is the human resources in Colleges and universities, the most serious excess part.At the same time, the age structure of teachers is not reasonable, teachers under 35 years accounted for more than half of full-time teachers, reserves of human resources for the young teacher talent showing itself, but the middle-aged teachers "fault" phenomenon is more prominent, there is a strong connection with the disorder of flow of personnel and unreasonable.Above 51 years old teacher ratio has dropped, but the age of high level of academic leaders and academic backbone larger proportion is also a problem that can not be ignored.In educational structure, the low proportion of high-level human resources, especially doctoral students accounted for the proportion of full-time teachers is lower, or even individual subject no doctoral students.On teacher training, academic structure of teachers in Colleges and universities is not reasonable and the acceleration of the high degree of talent loss and universities do not attach much importance to have inevitable connection.In addition, the status of teachers in Colleges and universities dull structure is still anxious, some colleges and universities around 50% of teachers are there was born, this subject of "inbreeding coefficient" phenomenon, has a great influence on the development of the discipline, academic prosperity and improve the quality of teachers.
1.3 human resources distribution is not reasonable
Our country university human resource distribution, is very uneven, especially in high education, high professional teachers distribution is extremely uneven.Above senior vice titles and a master's degree in eastern provinces and cities in the proportion is far higher than the central and Western regions.In the provincial colleges and universities, different levels of colleges and universities, or between the same level of colleges and universities, these figures are a large gap.The distribution of China's human resources of colleges and universities uneven phenomenon, is a big problem.Especially in recent years, the fierce competition between colleges and universities, the war for talent, Fangxing Miai intensified, makes the problem of uneven distribution of more serious.

1.4 serious loss of high level talents
Affected by the social environment and the international environment, the serious loss of high-level talents in Colleges and universities.1978 to 2000 years, China has 580000 young people to study abroad, only 150000 had returned, and most of them are teachers in Colleges and universities.The review, China has entered the third talent loss peak.In addition, due to lack of supporting the legal measures, the disorderly flow of talent between serious, increased training costs, affecting the normal teaching order.
1.5 is the lack of corresponding security system
The introduction of talent is an important work in the development of human resources in Colleges and universities.Some colleges and universities by the policy restrictions, the corresponding high-level personnel policy measures ineffective, and the management system of the household register, employment management system are supporting the inappropriate, thus limiting the rational flow and effective allocation of talent resources.There are still many problems in the talent introduction work, mainly including: one is the heavy academic level, light ability "education theory", the reason is the lack of evaluation capacity on the level of talent and potential of the University; two is the heavy academic performance, light moral requirements, it is difficult in the talent introduction policy explicitly requirements on the moral level, and the tasks of the university is to cultivate all-round development of talents, as a teacher, be a model for others, imparting knowledge and educating people, the moral level and academic level are equally important; three is the talent introduction work blindly, regardless of whether the school is the foundation condition with the corresponding discipline, as long as the academician, "Yangtze River scholars" no condition introduction.Talent development is the need of the environment, not only need the funds for scientific research, laboratory, equipped with assistant material environment, also needs a foundation, discipline development soft environment such as peer level.Only by establishing the corresponding safeguard mechanism, to introduce the four talents; talent after the door to go out hard, the introduction of talent service period, lack of competition, unqualified person is difficult to be eliminated.

2 the human resources management innovation and development of

2.1 to change the view, establish people-oriented development system of
The concept of transition is the human mind, is completely changed the understanding and view of something.Colleges and universities should establish a correct concept of talent and management concept, establish the correct employment mechanism, people-oriented, the real level, the ability of the teachers can talent showing itself.To change the old concept of human resource management, establish people-oriented thoughts, commodity attribute recognition of human resources, the full development and rational use of personnel use the market mechanism, reasonable flow of talent talent correctly, to allow free access to market.Demand is the main market, evaluation of the main market, talent is the master.Establish a people-oriented thought, the need to respect the dignity of the individual, self-worth and personal, practical difficulties in personal care.To solve the confirm the teachers major issues and concerns, and teachers in public schools share important information, etc..Change talent identification and evaluation standard.Talent identification standard tradition is "simple", the experiential.To establish scientific evaluation system, the quality of talents objectively, fairly, evaluation of comprehensive, into the human resources market, to provide basis for determining the price.
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