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Scientific outlook on development positive effect into the reform of personnel distribution system in hospital

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[Abstract] the scientific outlook on development into the hospital reform of personnel and distribution system, can promote the hospital in the personnel management system, salary system and performance interaction creates a suitable for the development and reform of the perfect, has made remarkable achievements in innovation.In order to confirm the hospital relies on the development of reform, reform to promote the harmonious development of hospital and continuous improvement.
[keyword] Scientific Outlook on development; integration; personnel management; distribution system; reform; effect of

30 years of reform and opening up, China from exploration to the enterprise; from the pragmatic innovation; from development to improve, through beautifully hard road.Is the correct guidance of the Party Central Committee, is a good policy support and guidance, so that the masses to emancipate the mind, bold reform, forge ahead in a pioneering spirit, has realized the historical development of Chinese contemporary transition, Chinese fate of this change, social transformation began.Enter the effective period of substantive in the reform and opening up, the Party Central Committee once again to profoundly expounded the theory of scientific outlook on development, which is bound to the stability of social order, promoting economic development, improving people's life quality and meet the market demand will have an important role in promoting.With the changes of the times and the current situation, the people of the "adhere to the people-oriented, establishing comprehensive, coordinated, sustainable development of science development view of understanding theory from the higher level thinking and cognitive its application performance, and it has important effects on the fruit and the society.Especially around people and development of these two themes, to further consolidate the reform and open to the society from all walks of life to bring the material wealth and spiritual food rich, to mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, and promote social harmony and progress, economic coordination and orderly a healthy and stable development of.The scientific outlook on development theory in the role and impact of entrepreneurship and business development for the society in the spirit, and made to support contribution and age verification, be comprehended and accepted by the broad masses of the people, in the historical sense is a milepost.At the same time it is a sign of the times.This will encourage us to do all the work, and in the new situation, in the face of the international financial crisis, we should keep clear, eye telescope, target distance, the formation and development of fully aware of the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics is through repeated practice, repeated exploration, constantly sum up, looking for a scientific basis by law.Reform is the route one must take rich, strong and prosperous China.In order to achieve the development aspirations of people with diverse needs.The purpose of reform is to better promote the economic and social development and improve.As the reform and innovation, the pursuit of perfect hospital personnel distribution system reform is the forerunner of the reform of public service industry.The necessity of the reform is to promote the hospital to upgrade the overall public image, improve the doctor-patient relationship, strengthen hospital internal mechanism.The effect is to mobilize the staff has set a good personal qualities and face the social occupation moral.The scientific outlook on development as the guiding ideology, promote the harmonious development of the theme of the activities in the society, continue to perform to the masses as the center, improve the public medical service quality, improve the standardization of effective measures, has become the focus of work in the hospital.Health care reform is the need of social development.Is our commitment to society; on patient and responsible; contribution to society.This is an important task which cannot shirk the responsibility.Is to improve the public welfare social requirements.

1 Scientific Outlook on development theory to the reform of personnel management system has been rapid

People-oriented, comprehensive, coordinated, sustainable economic and social development, in our hospital is entered the orderly development and stability of deepening the compass.From the practice of the scientific outlook on development into the hospital personnel distribution system reform, also need to link theory with practice, through the master, use, a deep understanding of its connotation and basic requirements: must take economic construction as the center, concentrate one's attention on construction, undivided attention to seek development.We must on the basis of economic development, promote coordinated development of socialist material civilization and spiritual civilization.Must be of high quality of economic growth, efforts to achieve the speed and structure, quality and benefits.The realization of economic development and social stability, health, civilization of coordination, maintain and enhance the sustainability of development.It must adhere to the principle of linking theory with practice, deep run through the work to go to work, to serve the purpose of. to establish a "four sense" people-oriented concept, economic concept, to protect the patient rights and obligations concept, the promotion of human and social harmony.As a comprehensive nonprofit public hospitals, the nature of public welfare.The service object is the social medical patients.To cure for a long time due to the social environment and the planned economy period of bad service concept, thoroughly patients to reverse the passive doctor look at the doctor's work style and overcome the doctor-patient along lag ditch thought.First of all to find a way out from the source, the research of the reform of personnel distribution system suitable for the actual situation and development needs of the scheme.In a clear, effective method proposed before, innovation and the effective use of scientific service mode of hospital development space and survival, to promote the construction of medical ethics, a harmonious relationship between doctors and patients and healthy benign circulation, promote the optimization of environment.Our institute is the first in 2002 for the reform of personnel distribution system in hospital.So far only a persist comprehensive two A-level hospitals.The existing health technical personnel 624 people, accounting for the total number of Hospital of the 79.80%.(the total number of temporary workers without logistics), intermediate above title 300 people, (Senior 62) accounted for 48.08% of the total number of health technical personnel.Reform on the personnel management system, the main aspects are: (1) the knowledge talented person a thorough reform of the past by the national plan of the control system.The independent recruitment hospital.In the study, a good choice, preferred employ; persist due to setting the position, not the person Shegang, appoint people on their merit, not appoint people by favouritism.Recruitment procedure implemented sunshine project, take cover, unit test, integrated test after the relevant departments to identify candidates for appointment.Recruitment by this form of personnel, to the maximum effect is satisfied: for the candidate's personal image and level of professional theory.Have a real understanding of the interviewees confidence and moral. directly reflects the professional theory the candidate expression ability and thinking ability to reflect.The hospital early to recruit talent had the preliminary understanding.This has fully demonstrated that only through reform, to enhance the overall strength of the hospital, a solid foundation for the future to improve the medical technology level and quality of service.At the same time, but also to strengthen the communication between people.So far, the hospital has been the recruitment of new staff 318 people.All of the protocols employed personnel management.

The scientific development view theory of learning is to improve the ability of reform and innovation, accelerate the improvement of function transformation and upgrading, give full play to the value orientation of personnel work.And the purpose of reform is to make the staff knowledge, skills, attitudes are improved, to achieve the maximum of efficiency.
Therefore, the development is the hard truth, reform is a pressing matter of the moment.In our hospital for 2 years after the reform of personnel distribution system reform in 2004, the formal implementation of the salary system and performance pay.Due to the specific situation of workers, the old methods to implement the "hospital, the specific steps the new new way", both older workers the full enjoyment of hospital reform of wage.The new staff after admission according to individual academic qualifications and titles enjoy discount wage hospital, 2 years after the reform of the distribution system in accordance with the provisions for personnel of the hospital, evaluation and comprehensive evaluation of new outstanding employees in charge of functional departments and the central group examination of the grass-roots departments recommend the theory and skills of business, to the hospital the requirements for publicity, determine whether to receive full pay.Who was named outstanding new workers can enjoy the priority of various hospital treatment.In carrying out the sunshine project, first out of fairness and justice, make no exception principle.Secondly, in the establishment of a sound internal wage distribution scheme and constraint mechanism, basic contact and combined with the hospital reality and effectiveness reflect, scientific post setting, personnel quota and evaluation, in order to achieve the post salary.In the formulation of salary wage, institutions set base to develop the personnel department of Zhejiang province technology level of each post salary standard as the basis, the average value measured at each post grades as hospital reform of the wages of post wage.With the title, seniority, salary composition of hospital reform of wage.The performance salary by the central macro-control departments, two level distribution.Scheme jointly formulated by the Institute and the department according to the actual situation.Review the operation of 7 years, the general is feasible.At the same time also got the vast vast actively cooperate with and recognised by most workers.But also need to continuously improve in the summary.
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