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Discussion on HR outsourcing in the transformation in the role of personnel department

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[Abstract] the times of economic globalization and world economic integration as the features of the new economic era, the product life cycle is getting shorter and shorter, change rapidly, enterprises are facing increasingly fierce competition.In order to adapt the technology revolution more quickly, to meet the challenge of knowledge economy, actively participate in the world competition, many enterprises have developed a new development strategy and competitive strategy, the organization strategic adjustment at the same time, have actively carried out the reform and innovation of organization structure and management style, and strive toward flexible, flat, virtualization the direction of development.In the transformation process, occupies a central position in the organization of the personnel department should realize the transformation from a traditional, affairs administrative department into strategic partnership and cooperation of the organization.How to achieve this transformation, practice has proved, HR outsourcing is the promotion of the personnel department for effective transformation of the "catalyst", through the HR outsourcing, can help enterprises to "thin", improve the mode of operation, improve the operating efficiency of enterprises, to win the competitive advantage.HR outsourcing is the inevitable product of the development of information technology and the social and economic integration, global division of labor, it will appear on a new era of enterprise development to bring the new management mode, and also puts forward new requirements for the personnel engaged in the personnel management.This article from the present situation of human resource management, personnel outsourcing, HR outsourcing advantages, HR outsourcing risk aversion and personnel department transition requirement analysis of the five aspects of human resource outsourcing, which is a new management mode for a full explanation.
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1 enterprise human resources management present situation of

Human resources management the term as an "exotic", since the introduction of China, on China's personnel management work to bring great idea impact.As if between one night, each enterprise is responsible for personnel management work "personnel", "integration", "political" and so on the decades-old traditional names were changed to "human resources", began with the world "standards", but for years after it was found, we only realize the concept on the "standards", the actual content has been "derailment", many of the human resources department still work ideas and methods of the past, endlessly doing recruitment, archives management, staff training, salary and other traditional, affairs of complicated work, day in and day out, year after year, bustling about, but little, feel no sense of achievement, even the leaders are not satisfied, are employees, engaged in the work of the staff also feel wronged, do a lot of work is not recognized, affected the work enthusiasm.

2 hr outsourcing is an effective way to promote the transformation of
the personnel department

How to get rid of the plight of the human resources department, realize the real world, fully embodies the value of human resources management, the author thinks that the principle of "delete complicated Jane", namely, to solve this problem by "outsourcing" can.HR outsourcing mechanism of non-core business routine, transactional HR outsourcing is human resources management in the work of professional management, the personnel outsourcing, enterprises do not have a competitive advantage to divest non-core business, core business focus resources development has the "comparative advantage", so that personnel can go to the battle-front without any burden, special development of human resources development, enhance corporate value and strategic work, to realize their own "transformation", so as to reduce the labor cost, realize the benefit maximization objective.
Early in the last century 70's, the United States is the emergence of a large number of professional PEO (Professional Employer Organization) company, the company is the United manager of company, the client company responsible for payment of wages, pay insurance, employee records, recruitment, training and daily management work, dedicated to provide services for the enterprise personnel aspects.After years of development, personnel outsourcing the business in the western developed countries has been relatively mature, while in China has just started, but the good momentum of development, some enterprises have already started to cooperate with HR outsourcing mechanism, and achieved significant results.At present, the main content of our HR outsourcing includes: shall responsible for labor contract or labor contract review, sign, dissolution and termination of related matters; the staff responsible for calculation and payment of wages; responsible for social insurance and housing fund storage service; assist clients handle injury, fatality; employing units commissioned recruitment dispatch the job required talents; cooperate with customer training base of employees.

The advantage of
3 hr outsourcing

In recent years, HR outsourcing business is more and more recognized by society, practice has proved, through HR outsourcing can do:
One can help the human resource department free out from the heavy repetitive affairs, strategic work focusing on the core, so as to improve the human resources management level and core competitiveness.
Two can reduce manpower cost, effectively reduce the direct costs and indirect costs of personnel management.HR outsourcing to help enterprises to choose the more appropriate and cost-effective professional services, and may let the enterprise to run the information of more advanced system with very low input, personnel management more efficient, reduce the cost of personnel management.At the same time, HR outsourcing services by virtue of its size effect, can reduce the operation cost of unit personnel, to provide effective service economy suitable for the enterprise.
Three standardized personnel management, effectively avoid the risk of employment.After joining the WTO, China will speed up with the pace of the world, the relevant labor laws and regulations continue to improve and perfect, it requires enterprises in personnel management to strictly abide by the laws and regulations of the state, the daily management to institutionalization, legalization and standardization, so as not to cause unnecessary labor disputes and the government sanctions, influence the development of enterprises.Perfect personnel outsourcing service can help enterprises to quickly and correctly handle various business, to provide advisory services, effectively avoid various risks.
Four can simplify work flow, improve work efficiency.Professional personnel outsourcing can provide "one-stop" services for enterprises, and provide clear and perfect work report.Relationship between the representatives of enterprises in coordination with external agencies and units, to handle daily affairs.This can greatly simplify the enterprise personnel work flow, personnel department, only needs to carry on the overall planning and quality supervision, to have more energy into the human resources strategy.
Five can improve the satisfaction and loyalty of employees.In the system of advisory services personnel outsourcing services on behalf of enterprises to provide a legal professional staff and enterprise, coordinate the relationship between the enterprise and the staff and maintain their interest, bring about comprehensive and thoughtful service for the staff, let employees feel the company care, relieve worries, enhance their sense of ownership of enterprise, improve employee loyalty, inspire the potential of employees, creating more value for the enterprise.
Six can make the structure more simple, more flexibility, improve the ability of risk enterprises.HR outsourcing, can promote the reform of the organization structure, make the organization more flat, flat organizational structure can effectively improve the enterprise internal information transmission speed, improve execution, thereby enhancing the enterprises to cope with the changes in the outside world and the ability to resist risks.

4 hr outsourcing risk aversion

For many domestic enterprises, human resource outsourcing is a new thing, is still in the exploratory stage of development, because of its development is not perfect, so the business benefits at the same time to the enterprise, also there is a potential risk.Mainly displays in: such as the inappropriate choice of outsourcing service providers, will cause the leakage of trade secrets risks; such as the calculation error, will cause the human resource management cost does not fall instead increases the risk of outsourcing content; such as improper selection, will cause unnecessary trouble to the enterprise management; such as propaganda is not enough, will cause psychological panic the risk.
To avoid this risk, the enterprise in the development of HR outsourcing business, should prepare early, save, do feasibility analysis, reduce the risk of.The specific measures are as follows:
One is to choose outsourcing services.Outsourcing service provider selection is a very important link in the process of HR outsourcing management.In the choice of outsourcing services, to focus on the agency qualification, reputation, size, degree of specialization, work experience, and understand their true information to the agency's customer service, select those legitimate, good reputation, high degree of specialization, has rich experience in agencies for the long term partnership.
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