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"Perspective" talent, talent evaluation of institutions

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[Abstract] the talent evaluation for institutions "perspective" talent, and provides an objective standard, objective, fair assessment for talent, talent identification.Talent assessment can guarantee the accuracy of institutions of human resource decisions, so as to effectively develop the institutions of the human resources, optimize the allocation of human resources of institutions.
[keyword] institutions; talent assessment

With the rapid development of modern economy and society from all walks of life, the increasingly fierce competition, as an organic part of harmonious society institutions how to keep up with the pace of development? How to occupy a space for one person in the complex competition,, sustainable development? The author thinks that the selection and appointment of personnel is the key, to establish a set of scientific authority business unit personnel assessment system, give full scope to the talents, abilities, which is the key to the sustainable development of institutions.

1 "perspective" talent, the institutions shall establish the system of personnel evaluation

Have both ability and political integrity is the "talent".In the institution, concept of talents is not only applicable talents who have both ability and political integrity, is working in the appropriate position be conscientious and do one's best the outstanding achievements of the workers.Talent is the soft power of the competition and the development of institutions.Give full scope to the talents, use is fundamental institutions of survival and development, how to make correct assessment of talent, improve the selection, with the success rate of the establishment of talent, scientific evaluation system is the inevitable requirement of the internal organs and institutions.
So, what is the talent evaluation? "The talent evaluation refers to the measurement and evaluation through a series of scientific means and methods of basic quality of talent and performance activities", namely according to the quality index evaluation rule for a series of people, in nature and form quantization.On the basis of quantitative description and determine the quality of talent combined, assessment of its value and quality assessment, to our talent more exact reference.Specifically, the quality of talents including physical quality (physical and psychological quality (energy), intelligence and non intelligence quality), social (cultural, moral quality, adaptability etc.).Talent assessment for comprehensive evaluation of the quality of all aspects of comprehensive, so as to reach a scientific conclusion.
In the actual operation of personnel assessment in institutions is very important.On the one hand, talent recruitment agencies and institutions, to combine with the demand, provides the basis for the selection of scientific, objective.At the same time, in the human resources management, objective, impartial evaluation of talent, talent identification, can guarantee the accuracy of institutions of human resource decisions, so as to effectively develop the institutions of the human resources, optimize the allocation of human resources of institutions.On the other hand, the institutions can also pass through the personnel assessment to dynamically control the quality and ability of the employees and its development potential, which is beneficial to the personnel selection and utilization of human resources, effective management to achieve.At the same time, talent assessment to meet the current institutions "up and down" the personnel reform in the form of equity, also provides the quality and ability of objective standard for organs and institutions of staff, incentive institutions staff actively compare, identify gaps, and constantly remind ourselves and through on-the-job training, learning "charging" and other forms to enhance their ability and their own quality and standard.

How to carry out the talent assessment
2 institutions

For institutions, standardized management system has a set of talent assessment, can make their own employees to give full scope to the talents, to maximize their potential, to promote the human resources optimized combination, to ensure efficiency.How to carry out the talent evaluation institutions? In the selection of personnel and the selection of personnel, the general should first occupation development potential and professional test for the candidates, candidates test qualified structured interviews were conducted, and then through the occupation tendency test match.Selection of cadres, a reference work performance, work ability, on the other hand, require appropriate assessment of his moral.
Specifically, the institutions shall carry out the following: first, the quality of personnel evaluation aspects: political quality, dedication, integrity, the concept, life style, energy, physical strength, observation (detailed, profound), image thinking ability, sensitivity and whether it can draw extensively on the opinions of others, good advice etc..Second, knowledge: the professional knowledge in certain depth, broad knowledge, for knowledge and learning attitude.Third, ability: ability to work, find the sensitivity of the issue, and independent opinion expression ability, thinking ability, writing ability, comprehensive analysis ability, cooperation ability, strain ability, innovation ability etc..Fourth, performance measurement: work, work performance and benefit etc..In fact, form and content, methods, personnel assessment is varied, as institutions, method and content of talent assessment should be assessed according to the job requirements.3 how to correctly treat the institutions of the talent assessment

In the development and management of human resources, how to recruit to fit the talent, talent, realize talent-post matching, to targeted training to employees, is a difficult problem in the public in front.Throughout the development process of many domestic institutions, personnel assessment plays an important role in the development and management of human resources.Although, talent assessment has increasingly been the institutions concerned, more and more units began to use human evaluation.Talent evaluation institutions "perspective" talent, and provides an objective standard, offer the decision basis for human resources development and management, but people are complex, to the quality, capacity and the potential for accurate, scientific evaluation is not easy.
Personnel assessment is a science, a new discipline, applied to institutions still need to improve the relevant personnel management system, more attention should be paid to, on one hand we hiring talent evaluation is the objective basis, selecting talents, and on the other hand, we also should be based on the selection of the appropriate personnel, for the jobs, which is in the recruitment, selection should be flexible, mobile.The difference and the plasticity of the people is great, testing of all individual is certainly not a talent evaluation model.Personnel assessment of how to correctly treat the institutions, should be the objective reality talent assessment institutions put in this unit, the positions, combined with the comprehensive ability, talent selection, talent selection.
To sum up, the talent evaluation for institutions "perspective" talent, and provides an objective standard, objective, fair assessment for talent, talent identification.Personnel assessment is knowing, eloquence, the talent-post matching, effective incentive, provides a scientific basis for the development of talent, to ensure the accuracy of decision of human resource management of institutions, so as to effectively develop the institutions of the human resources, optimize the allocation of human resources of institutions.Therefore establish the inevitable requirement of personnel assessment system of scientific and public institutions.

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