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Regional Innovation System in SME innovation service system failures

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Author: Zhu Xiaoxia Li Hai ultra TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT

Paper Keywords: regional innovation system innovation service system for SMEs
Abstract: Through a sample survey of nearly 100 small and medium enterprises across the country, all levels of government to provide innovative services as the first important task of promoting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, innovative services effective but not satisfactory for , articles in defining innovation service system efficiency under the premise, in-depth analysis of the reasons for failure of the object and content of the SME innovation service system, the establishment of economic intermediaries as the main body of the innovation service system, and color from the government to dilute the innovative services and the strengthening of innovation service system, and other aspects of the proposal to establish a market-oriented innovation service system.

In recent years, China's SMEs in stimulating economic growth in the region and solve the employment shows great vitality aroused wide attention from society, and how to promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises has also become the focus of attention by the current government. Countries "research project" and "technical innovation projects, the provinces and cities have set up the Engineering Research Center, the technology market, business service center, the Productivity Center and other institutions, technology, capital and venue for the innovation activities of SMEs and other support, the budget also increased efforts to support, in 2006 alone, the central government arranged SME Innovation Fund reached 7.4288 trillion yuan.
However, despite all levels of government to provide innovative services as the first major task to promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, innovative services, the actual effect is not satisfactory. Sample survey of nearly 100 small and medium enterprises across the country, 81% of enterprises believe that the lack of support for external innovation services engaged in the process of technological innovation, 42 percent were very dissatisfied current innovative services, 67% of companies believe that The current innovation service system need to be major changes. In response to the problem. In the research process, we conducted in-depth analysis and research.

First, the definition of innovation service system efficiency

In general, a comprehensive innovation service system consists of a core layer, loose layer, derivative layer and government. The core layer includes incubators, universities, research institutions, technology and trading institutions, science and technology consultation and evaluation institutions, technology brokers, services focused on the technical level. The loose layer includes things lawyers, accounting firms, management consulting firms, training institutions, financial institutions and other professional service providers, and provide the necessary information, capital, personnel, management, market development and other ancillary services in the innovation process. These two levels by an independent intermediary enterprises. Derivative layer is derived by the enterprise on two levels, institutions, businesses providing services shall be those services. Government as a special subject in the innovation service system to direct distribution of resources and indirect policy interventions are two ways to play a role.
In the survey of the research design, from innovative service delivery process to proceed, to define the efficiency of the system from the perspective of innovative services is recognized by the main innovation. Main innovation recognition of innovative services in two ways: First, there is the demand for innovative services enterprise services, service enterprises can effectively promote its innovative. To meet these two innovative services can be said to be effective. Otherwise it is invalid.
Found in the research process, the regional innovation system, for SMEs innovation service system there are two failure: enterprise services than most in need of support enterprises, known as the effectiveness of object: business service is not on its most significant contribution to innovation activities, known as the effectiveness of content.

SME innovation service system object failure reason

From the point of view of efficiency of resource allocation, the object of choice of innovative services should meet two criteria: First, the target should be the innovation activities of the economy which is mainly responsible for enterprise: the contribution rate of innovative services for corporate innovation activities.
Innovation Fund to invest in large enterprises. If we do not consider the specific characteristics of the industry, business strategy, only in accordance with the size of the scale is divided into two types of large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises, then, you will find the current innovative services in our country the main flow of the large enterprises. Financing services, for example, new loans of domestic enterprises 90% concentrated in about 10% of high-quality large enterprises, concentrated funds to large enterprises and projects, big cities trend is clear. In the choice of the type of business, the bank is always "big" as the first. For a long time, due to China's specific national conditions, anti-risk ability of large enterprises with high technological content has become the consensus of the commercial banks. In this business philosophy driven, under normal circumstances, commercial banks regard the listed company as a loan marketing preferred, because most of the listed companies Chinese enterprises Big Brother, the best representative of the Enterprise Group. On the operating system, the implementation of modern enterprise management mode. And under the supervision of the investors; operating efficiency are the local taxpayer, the government attaches to nurture; risk prevention, due to the large size of the business, strength. Has a strong ability to resist risks. Innovation Fund for SMEs Although the eligibility requirements is not conducive to small businesses, such as requiring a good corporate results of operations, asset-liability ratio not exceeding 70% per year for research and development of high-tech products , not less than 5% of sales, and so on, these standards are difficult to achieve for most SMEs in its infancy. Because of this, the beneficiaries of the Innovation Fund, the true sense of the small and medium enterprises are not many.
2, the internal driving force of innovation SMEs. The main provider of innovative services to large enterprises whether it is reasonable? It depends on big business and small businesses who have a greater role in technological innovation, and who need more innovative services, the triple helix theory, the enterprise group theory and the importance of network new forms of industrial organization of regional innovation network theory also stressed that small and medium-sized enterprises, especially in technology-based SMEs in the region to enhance the competitiveness of the role. In fact, the network of universities and regional innovation network theory triple helix theory is not the main regional innovation genuine regional main innovation is a knowledge, technology and talent-intensive, and to pursue innovation as the core of the business entity , High-tech SMEs. Large enterprises in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, plays an important role, accounting for a large investment, but it is not dominant in number. With the increasing number of scientific and technological achievements, small and medium high-tech commercialization, industrialization of the increasing role. A large number of small and medium-sized enterprises in the number of first able to accommodate a large number of scientific and technological achievements, followed by their response to the market more sensitive, also has a strong ability to withstand the failure. It is due to science and technology SMEs do not have the advantage of economies of scale and funded, the weaker its own power and boost their competitive market before deciding they have to constantly technological innovation through a variety of ways. And technological innovation achievements into practical productive forces. In order to maintain the survival and development.
3, small business is not only the main innovation in the economy which, need more external than large enterprises innovative services. Large enterprises in the market which already has a certain foundation, funds, personnel, external relations, as well as R & D systems have been a virtuous circle, the the external innovative services to its role played by just icing on the cake. The ability of small businesses missing items are often very serious, is a timely help the external innovative services its ability to obtain the support of innovative services to a large extent affect the success or failure of these enterprises innovation and future development. The view from the innovative services to invest in small and medium-sized SMEs should be the main target of the innovative services of innovative services to large enterprises tilt occurred on the service object dislocation. A small number of large enterprises, innovative services to its marginal contribution: the number of small and medium-sized enterprises. The marginal contribution of innovative services. Innovative services to a small number of high-quality large enterprises tilt will reduce the risk of innovative services institutions, but reduces the efficiency of the allocation of the innovative services, resulting in a large number of small and medium-sized SMEs in urgent need of innovative services are not required for innovative services. Third, the reasons for failure of SME innovation services
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