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Improvement of hospital personnel and work with the scientific outlook on Development

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Abstract: the unit's development is inseparable from the efforts of employees, the employees and their thoughts are inseparable.In this paper, through the characteristic analysis of hospital personnel and production reason of letters, with the scientific outlook on development to improve the petition work, establish and perfect the dissolving mechanism of contradiction and prevention, investigation, regulation of worker petition.
Keywords: Scientific Outlook on development of hospital personnel and

With the continuous reform of health system, hospital with the pace of reform development.The hospital's development is inseparable from the efforts of staff and workers.The employees and their thoughts are inseparable.At present, the majority of medical workers in the work pressure and doctor-patient dispute entanglement, burdened with a heavy ideological burden.If these ideological baggage can not be timely relief, is likely to lead to the ideological fluctuations.When the ideological fluctuations, will work to produce bad influence, but also affect the relationship between colleagues and patients.When a person long time burdened with a lot of ideological baggage, it is possible to take letters and other improper means to solve some of the problems.Therefore, to solve the hospital staff's thought and the work of handling letters and visits, to construct harmonious hospital, has very important significance to promote the development of hospital.

1 the current hospital personnel and the classification and characteristics of

(1) the petition issues left over by history.The petition issues left over by history, mainly for personnel relations and personnel archives.Former employees because of historical reasons, resulting in human relations unit in many years before the termination of the punishment and units; and because of historical reasons, the unit did not timely handle the relevant formalities.The processed workers unable to continue pension issues.This problem is complicated, time is earlier, the investigation is difficult, but petitioners desire is generally high, treatment is more difficult.
(2) the petition for retired workers.The worker is retired, have a great relationship with the treatment of the retirement benefits office, in-service period due to due to the face and working relationship, feel shy to the unit to be put forward, after their retirement will take the way of expressing their own ideas.Such problems also have a period of time, may involve a number of policy, departments and personnel, also need to investigate.
(3) the staff complaints.The staff petitions mainly because, between employees and their colleagues and the leadership of the workers wages, employment promotion, etc..The time this kind of problem is not long, but related to job performance of employees and some policy, treatment focuses on doing well the ideological work.

2 letters of

We should adhere to the scientific outlook on development, not blindly to avoid and opposed the petition work; should reason objectively analysis of petition letter problem.
(1) the worker problem did not cause the unit to.Under normal circumstances, workers do not want to take the way.If the workers petition, will have a significant impact on its image, the petition staff concerns more, undertake certain psychological pressure.If workers reflect problems, has failed to arouse the attention of leaders, employees can not see the hope, also can adopt the way.
(2) the worker problem has not been solved effectively.Under normal circumstances, employees do not cause the petition.The purpose is to solve some practical problems.The worker problem may have reflected a period of time to the unit, but has not been solved effectively, they have to use the way.
(3) the ideological and political work unit is not comprehensive enough, failed to understand the ideological status.Under the dual pressure of workers in work and life, thought will produce some fluctuations, workers when thought unstable, to timely resolve, it is easy to produce some irrational behavior.
(4) the communication channels are sluggish.Units do not have clear channels of communication, some ideas and problems of workers can not be timely communicate with the unit, prone to complain, think that the unit did not consider staff, not going to solve the problem for the workers.In fact, this is not the case, but some problem need to process and time.
(5) the unit not to staff care, failed to understand their actual situation.Workers are petitioning, mainly as a unit has abandoned them, don't care about it, don't consider the real life problems of workers, the workers as a money-making machine, the unit lost trust.The leadership of the eyes only leadership, not the people at heart, workers have great dissatisfaction with the unit leadership, due to long-standing grievances, led to a petition.

Construction and development of the 3 hospitals, is inseparable from the staff's efforts, the worker problem, the main problem is the unit.Only workers to solve ideological problems, reduce hospital visits, harmonious and stable maintenance of the hospital, and lay a good foundation for the development of unit.Hospital to implement the scientific development concept to text, and do a good job of hospital personnel and prevention of

(1) to strengthen their ideological and political work.In fact, workers in letters of the many problems, not solve cannot problem, a lot of letters is mainly ideological problems of employees, workers consider the way a little paranoid, leading to a petition.This requires many units do the ideological work, resolve some ideological problems for workers in a timely manner.
(2) regularly check, timely understanding of the ideological status, the workers petition contain in the bud, prevent the occurrence of the event.Some departments should organize should regularly check, understand the situation of staff thought and life, found that workers have the idea, do ideological work in time.
(3) establish a mechanism for mutual assistance, to increase the care.Hospital section office, regularly carry out some activities, strengthening the staff exchanges between, let the employees feel the warmth of the collective.When employees feel the warmth of family units, will not petition.
(4) the scientific and standardized management, administration according to law, eliminate the workers petition source.The unit staff should be objective and impartial to solve some practical problems in work and life for the workers, not prejudiced, treatment must be objective and fair, not to leave any interface for the staff and workers, for no reason and.4 for the harmonious development of hospital, the hospital should implement the scientific outlook on development, strengthening and improving the work of handling letters and visits, establish and perfect the dissolving mechanism of contradiction and prevention, investigation, regulation of worker petition, the petition work timely hospital

(1) height to take seriously, seriously, do a good job in explaining petition and ideological work in time.As we all know, the petition work is no small matter.Because the petition work has its particularity, its propagation speed is very fast, the scope is very wide spread, it is easy to cause adverse impact on the image of the unit.Therefore, the unit must attach great importance to the work of letters, seriously reception each petition, to explain the visitor and ideological work in time, the problem of control in the smallest scope, reduce the adverse effects of the petition problem.
(2) establish working groups, the hospital personnel responsibility, measures are in place.The petition work, is a special work, needs the joint efforts of all.The hospital should establish the petition work team composed of school leadership, personnel, security, letters and visits to departments and other departments.By departments at any time to master the Department staff's ideological status, accomplish early discovery early settlement.The personnel department is responsible for the workers to reflect the problems of coordination and resolution, the security office to defend the monitoring work, leader of the Institute is responsible for the supervision and management of the petition work.Leader of the institute director, individual departments, the accountability system, which level errors, relevant personnel shall be investigated for responsibility.
(3) to the attention of the petition work way and method.Petition mood is very complex, improper handling can easily escalate the conflict, it will bring some difficulties to resolve the petition work.Our letters must have politeness and respect, and the trust.Only in this way can develop and resolve petition work.
(4) the regular inspection, early discovery, early reporting, early settlement.Each department shall regularly check the hidden dangers, timely development of staff and timely signs, leading to the hospital personnel department and Institute report, will solve the problem in the bud.Problems early discovery, will be conducive to resolving the better solution.
(5) focus on investigation, early prevention.The hospital must attach great importance to the focus, on the part of the staff to make early prevention, early to develop solutions.Units should grasp the initiative, to know yourself as well as the enemy, to lay the foundation for solving this kind of petition letter work.
(6) to adhere to the people-oriented, analysis petition events
Specific, practical for the masses to solve practical problems.In does not violate the policy, does not violate the principle, does not damage the interests of the situation, through the efforts can petition to solve practical problems, the unit must take a variety of ways, make the greatest efforts to solve some practical problems for the petition.
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