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Analysis of the problem of employment of graduates of Higher Vocational Education in our hospital perspective and Countermeasures

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Author: Li Lei Yuan Xiaowen Hu Jun Hao Lingling Abstract: in recent years, the employment problem of graduates has become a concern of the whole society, but also the party and the government efforts to solve the problem.But more is the focus of attention of graduates employment problem of a large number of.This paper from the graduates of Higher Vocational Colleges in recent years the employment situation, and combined with the analysis of other colleges in recent college graduates employment status of brothers, points out that this part of the graduates encountered in employment in the process of society, school, family and oneself and a series of vacancy and understanding deviation problem, and from the employment point of view, put forward the model the reform of professional setting, strengthening occupation skill training, countermeasures to change their employment concept, strengthen students' entrepreneurship awareness is feasible, in order to provide useful comments and suggestions for the government and relevant departments of the decision.
Keywords: Higher Vocational Graduates Employment Problems and Countermeasures

In 1999 the policy of higher education enrollment, making China's higher education scale rapid expansion, education in Higher Vocational College is also be just unfolding potential.Among them, education of vocational college to promote China's higher education into the popular stage play a decisive role.The Ministry of education put forward in "action plan" for the twenty-first Century education to "actively and steadily development of higher education, especially to developing higher occupation education".At present, the scale of higher vocational education has accounted for half of the country of higher education in China, and policies and regulations, after incremental higher education is mainly composed of higher vocational colleges to complete.At the same time, their employment situation is not and undergraduate college graduates.At present the College of graduate employment statistics, compared with the same period last year, the employment rate of graduates has declined.Coupled with China's economic growth and the overall slowdown, "conduction winter theory" in a number of real estate industry, the Internet, household appliances industry, IT industry and the employment problem of college students, in the persistent, can use "the house leaks and rain" to describe.Especially the graduates in Higher Vocational Colleges under the employment pressure is very heavy.From 2009 until February, higher vocational graduates practical and relevant units signed only 20%, the graduates employment in severe has caused great anxiety for students, even has affected the normal teaching order many higher vocational colleges.In view of this, we think, quality of vocational college graduates employment work, affecting not only the survival and development of a college, more important is whether the healthy development of Higher Vocational education.From the school itself, must save, according to the development orientation of the tight employment situation and the future of the school, always implement the employment as the guide idea, really do the characters of the higher vocational institutes.

1 current college graduates employment status of

Higher vocational education in our college diploma education began in 2000, in order to meet the needs of the society, on the basis of investigation and reasonable arrangements for existing teachers, has opened 31 higher vocational professional application.With the enrollment of students has increased year by year, the number of graduates is gradually rising trend.School has attached great importance to higher vocational college students employment.Established a full-time departments, equipped with specialized staff, the allocation of special funds, actively engaged in employment related publicity, guidance and promotion work.Both inside and outside the province to establish a number of employment practice base, signed cooperation with many well-known enterprises, commissioned training agreement.On one hand the cultivation quality, on one hand the job market.According to the Provincial Department of Education issued by authority figures, from 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, four years, 94.85%, 97.39%, 93.44%, up to 97.40% higher vocational students' employment rate.According to the survey, employment of graduates of Higher Vocational Colleges in our hospital mainly includes the following aspects: the party and government organs, institutions accounted for 6% (including to civil servants and participate in agriculture, education, health and poverty, nearly 60% of which is to the county and county); state-owned enterprises employment proportion is 7%; obtain the and study abroad accounted for about 6% of the college, in other types of enterprises and urban and rural grass-roots social service jobs graduates accounted for about 75%, independent business graduates accounted for only 0.3%.More than 10000 students four years of graduate employment rate has remained at a high level in the province of similar institutions.But the current severe employment situation based on, we must not let down, we must pay more attention to the employment of the new features, especially to the employment of higher vocational graduates attention under the new situation, study the new situation, find new problems, new contradictions are solved.From a long-term point of view, timely adjust, update student training program, actively carry out various countermeasures.

2 existing problems in the employment of graduates of Higher Vocational Colleges

Current and future a period, the number of college graduates will continue to increase, the impact of the international financial crisis, the enterprise of new labor demand, the employment situation is more severe.Students' pressure, parental pressure, the government is also great pressure.Combining our college and other colleges in recent years, the employment situation analysis, we think, cause of the higher vocational graduates employment difficulties are in many aspects:
2.1.1 graduates employment channels are sluggish, the institutional barriers still exist.On the one hand, the current employment of university graduates in China is by the education department director, account management by the public security department, the talent market is managed by the personnel and labor departments, these departments communicate with each other is not sufficient, some problems brought to the graduates employment effect.On the other hand, the graduates to non-public enterprises employment channel is not smooth.Restricted by the current household registration, personnel file management, social insurance, cadre identity system of university graduates, there are a lot of difficulties from the non-public enterprises to the state-owned enterprises, institutions of the flow, the graduates to non-public enterprises job enthusiasm is not high.Some small and medium-sized enterprise management was not standardized, the system is not perfect, it is difficult to attract and retain College graduates.Part of graduates is influenced by the traditional concept of employment, is not willing to non-public enterprises.Urban and rural areas have greater demand for college graduates, but due to the related policy and system is not perfect, the employment of College Students under the channel also needs to be further clear.
All kinds of recruitment of 2.1.2 to the graduate held ineffective, the urgent need to improve recruitment form.Graduates from colleges in recent years recruitment will be held situation, focused recruitment form of this program type is not really helps to solve the employment problem of College students.A large number of graduates once again from all over flocked to hold on-site job fairs, see the young graduates and their countless have the same idea, everyone in order to get the same job come in great numbers, the recruitment unit front, very exaggerated to sell yourself.However, some people are often in sending out dozens of resumes, even a formal interview didn't get, not to talk about the recruitment will find an ideal job.This program type talent recruitment will waste a lot of manpower, material resources, financial resources.Therefore, to innovation, to play an intermediary role, also play an active network platform for power.
2.1.3 employer blind talent high consumption.Some employers do not correct talent view of consumption, is also an important cause of the current graduates employment.Some units do not proceed from the reality, the units employing standard blindly raise, the pursuit of higher education, the pursuit of talent high consumption, comparisons between the education level of staff recruitment unit, leads to do originally college students must have an undergraduate, undergraduate students can do to master students.This blindly raise employment standard practice, resulting in a large waste of talent, but also increase the considerable difficulty for the employment of graduates of Higher Vocational colleges.There are some employers lack of talent training mechanism, only consider the problem from the angle of maximum benefits, hope to move into an employee, we can immediately play a role, can create high value to the unit.These employers really value work experience, that the graduates have only book knowledge, hands-on ability, experience and weak, they don't want to spend time in the graduate training, therefore, actively receiving graduates is not high.
> effect of
Their own quality problems of 2.2.1 graduates.In recent years, with the accelerating pace of college enrollment, college students are more and more.However, students also have high base.For higher vocational colleges, itself bears the popularization of higher education and the cultivation of high-quality service
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