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A review of the studies on the evaluation of domestic and foreign regional innovation ability

Author: LiuWenZuo WangJianMing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-26 18:19:35 Read:
Keywords paper: regional innovation evaluation index
Abstract: report at the 17th Party Congress, improve the capability of independent innovation, building an innovation-oriented country.This is the core of national development strategy, is the key to improving the overall national strength.A brief summary on the recent related literature at home and abroad, to tease out some methods of evaluation of the ability of independent innovation and the mode of index system, and summarizes the current situation of Jiangsu region, the ability of independent innovation, in order to provide help for further study.

1 foreign evaluation of regional innovation capability of

1.1 regional innovation capability of
Patrick Rond 'e and Caroline Hussler believes that when an area more influential enterprises have a certain capacity, innovation seems to begin.But because most departments make a profit from their neighbors in industrial innovation ability, so to reduce the level of industry difference areas.So the research target a deeper level should be tools and methods to better identify support this interactive process.
Some scholars according to the position of the mechanism, the knowledge flow of knowledge in the form of cooperation and promote regional cluster system factors of three kinds of features to distinguish three types of Norway: national innovation system, regional innovation network, including the territory of Regional Networked Innovation System and regional, that how to use the global, national and regional innovation process in the company (local) resources of different aspects of cluster is different.
Slavo Radosevic points out that the regional innovation system has 4 factors: first the national factors: privatization, R& D system: the Department characteristics: demand factors, market, technology, funds; the factors of microscopic characteristics: participants, connection, ability; the regional factors: local endowment, social capital.
David Doloreux, Saeed Parto believes that regional characteristic of system, knowledge infrastructure and knowledge transfer system, the company's strategy and performance, a symbol of all basic conditions and the promotion of innovation activities to stimulate.The arrangement of regional institutions and regional system, should be identified and basis levels, grading and classification system.

1.2 regional innovation capability evaluation of
The evaluation research be quite different, different scholars.Scholars have innovation ability evaluation index of various classification.
According to the spatial form of traditional innovation, summarizes the determinants of innovation from two angles of input and output.Input indicators are: R& D funding, the learning process, technology knowledge spillover, technology innovation, other determinants, other economic and human factors.Output indicators are: patents, utility models, scientific publications.Other indicators are: new ideas of ordinary: other innovation, production use of invented; technology development, productivity increase and economic growth.Nizar Becheikh.ReieanLandry and Nabil Amara according to the degree of innovation index is divided into two types, indirect indicators are: R& D, patent data.Direct index are: innovation, including the innovation of data from various channels, such as new product release, professional journals, databases and so on; the enterprise based on the investigation, investigation provided by enterprises.
Because of these indicators can not reflect the interaction of many factors, evaluation index of innovation so researchers began to use their own.Porter, Michael E.Scott Stern believes that innovation depends on the common innovation infrastructure support strength, cluster innovation environment conditions and the strength of the interaction between.Specifically included in the research and development of human resources, investment in research and development of the financial resources, on international investment openness, the protection level of intellectual property, education investment level and per capita GDP; investment in research and development of industrial strength: research and development of University level.
Nizar Becheikh, Re 'jeanLandry and Nabil Amara technology innovation includes product innovation and process innovation, through to the 1993 to 2003 review of the literature found that 37% of the wide attention of product innovation; 43% both concern; 13% articles to study through the patent data, and not to distinguish these picture data belong to the product innovation or belongs to the process of innovation; type 6% research does not distinguish between innovation.Mita Bhattacharya and Harry Bloch proposed a new research emphasis should be placed on the determinants of various industries, such as the demand, technology, opportunities and exclusive environment.Some scholars believe that the variable evaluation of innovation is rarely used in practice, because there is no corresponding data.Evaluation of the importance of innovation, novelty and enterprise expected rate of return is more difficult.
In general, evaluation of Inpet economic theory innovation based on innovation ability contains a lot of uncertainty.Therefore, the empirical study in many cases mixed difficulties method.

2 the evaluation of regional independent innovation ability of

index evaluation of the 2.1 regional independent innovation ability
According to the regional innovation capacity index connotation division, including resources, environment, carrier capability, capacity, brand competence ability results.Scholars have made a detailed analysis of the 5 indexes.Resources include human, financial and material resources, and the investment in basic research as an important index to measure the resource capacity; according to the three basic forms of the innovation vector (enterprise, University and research institutions), the national key discipline, national key laboratories and engineering technology research center as a consideration of carrier ability index, level the use of foreign capital as independent innovation capability formation conditions.Because the results are reflected in the papers, books, patents, proprietary technology and other forms, so will the number of papers is an important index to measure the results of ability.The basic principle of Liu Fengzhao put forward evaluation in view of the above indicators are: comprehensive evaluation and partial evaluation of the combination, analysis and mechanism analysis of mathematical combination, condition evaluation and trend of combining ability, and evaluation of construction design combining.
According to the systematic, operable, validity, comparability, dynamic principle, China Science and technology development strategy research group "of regional innovation capability of China report" in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, with 5 indexes compared to the independent innovation ability of Shandong and other provinces and cities: knowledge creation, knowledge acquisition, enterprise innovation, innovation environment, innovation performance.Wu Liangzheng's explanation on the above indexes.Determinants of knowledge creation is funding, personnel input and process management.The knowledge acquisition depends on each department can make very good knowledge cooperation, sharing of knowledge, such as production, learning and research, cooperation.The enterprise innovation: innovation is the essence of a kind of economic activity; the basic organizational innovation is enterprise implementation unit.The innovation environment: the market level, infrastructure, the quality of the laborers, the size of financial support for enterprise innovation ability, the local entrepreneurial levels are all important factors restricting innovation.The innovation performance: the level of economic development determines the ability of innovation, innovative and effective activities to promote economic prosperity.
Two indicators of this system are the knowledge creation: research and development investment, papers and patents, technology input-output ratio index; the knowledge acquisition: Science and technology cooperation, technology transfer, foreign direct investment; technological innovation ability of the enterprise: research and development of large and medium-sized enterprises in investment, design, manufacturing and production capacity, innovation output; the innovation environment: infrastructure, market demand level, labor quality level, financial environment, the level of Entrepreneurship: the economic performance: macro economy, the optimization of the industrial structure, international competitiveness, industry of citizen income and employment.
Most of the literature using the above two kinds of evaluation index system, but also have a few other system.Zou Xueru, Sun Huifen, Chen Haibo refers to the domestic and foreign research on regional innovation ability, including selection of regional innovation capability of enterprise technology innovation strength, area, environment and regional innovation performance is consist of 4 first class factors, factor analysis and clustering analysis.Jiao Xiaosong, Yang Qian, Cao Yingqi according to the general rules and characteristics of the science and technology activities, taking into account the availability of data, the design of R& D direct investment, technology introduction and technology spillover, economic foundation and the education level, R& several indicators of D direct output."China City independent innovation in science" from the foundation of the innovation ability evaluation, application
Three aspects of innovation and brand innovation ability comprehensive evaluation.Specific indicators mainly focus on four aspects: the behavior subject of innovation; integration of resources; comprehensive embodiment of innovation, innovation and diffusion of innovation and a series of ability: comprehensive embodiment of the innovation ability and ability of innovation cluster.Zhu Hai will form the regional innovation ability is divided into three: innovation ability, the network enterprise innovation capability, innovation environment, they will be as the first index.Two indicators based on input, output design.
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