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The human resource management of enterprises

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For the electric power enterprises to knowledge as the main source of competitive advantage, how to promote knowledge absorption, creation, accumulation and maintenance, is undoubtedly the most important management activities.However, knowledge itself is intangible, so knowledge management activities should focus on human resource, because the human resource strategy for the organization of the core, tacit knowledge is all its own, explicit knowledge can be through the information system to storage and management, plays a very important role in the human resource management in knowledge management.
Human resources management, in the past called personnel management, because now the enterprise more attention to the organization of human resources and human resources management, and the work is no longer confined to the traditional personnel administration, in a passive, subject status, now with the enterprise human capital becomes more important, the manager of human resource, but should enhance their role, positioning in the strategy the provider of the service role, organization strategy with the initiative, planning and activities of human resource management.

There are 1 traditional personnel management problems of

(1) the personnel management has always been a "will", with formal and rigid tend to lack of consciousness, mechanism of human resource development and use of talents and emerging in the competition.
(2) the traditional personnel management basically is a kind of business management.Play the role of it only in the enterprise "need", such as the lack of manpower, the recruitment of staff, usually compensation and management of labor insurance and welfare.
(3) the traditional personnel management mainly focus on the current, such as personnel, training staff to grasp the operation technology, resolve the current labor disputes.Therefore, the personnel management department is a "pure consumption" department, personnel expenditure is as much as possible to reduce the cost.
(4) only in the recruitment of staff time to meet the enterprise to reduce the cost, flexible employment and other short-term needs, no long-term planning.
(5) the major decision-making personnel are concentrated in the government administrative departments, enterprises in the organization, appointment of cadres, workers, salary standard import aspects of insufficient power.
Therefore, personnel work to achieve the adjustment of personnel management system of the traditional to the human resources management system compatible with the socialist market economy; the traditional personnel management to human resources development overall.

2 of the current human resource management and effective measures of

(1) the establishment of a new type of personnel management system.First, the leader should change idea, improve knowledge, to establish the human resource is the enterprise resource concept, pay great attention to the talents from the thought.Secondly, we should change the traditional personnel management system, improve the strategic position of human resource management, liberate human resource management from operation, administrative affairs, more strategic work in human resources, dosomethinpreviouslyunreleased in human resource planning, occupation career design.It must be pointed out is, should be thoroughly broken "be promoted according to status" in the personnel system, introducing the "survival of the fittest" with competition mechanism, establish "mechanism on one center, sage, workers in the use of" amount, optimize team structure.The so-called sage refers to the leadership should be the sage, make decisions, with people."One center" is the middle management personnel must be able.The most difficult enterprise management is the middle management staff, so the marginal effect of many management, lies in the upper and middle connection point."Home" is that of professional and technical personnel to first-line, these people are our precious wealth, should put them in the most can play a role in the post.
(2) to deepen the reform of the income distribution, to establish incentive and restraint mechanisms of science.Material treatment, income is always the basic measures to attract talents, because the five kinds of basic human needs to leave money means.Under the condition of market economy, salary and welfare is the labor force market price.The reform of salary system, is an important content in relation to the development of enterprises effectively, is the key link of human resources management activities.The new salary system to break the traditional system of linear compensation system does not adapt to the development of productive forces, to establish a performance appraisal is the core, distribution according to work is the basis of the "positive incentives" mechanism.A good way of function pay is to solve the problem of income distribution.The functions of the remuneration system is based on the post the undertaker complete ability and the work responsibility size, technical difficulty, complexity of determining remuneration.It includes compensation, insurance, training treatment and suitable working and living conditions.
The incentive and restraint mechanism of modern enterprise scientific, should include the following three points: one is the encouragement and restriction.No incentive, like a car without an engine, management will not have any effect; no constraint, power is not restricted, the effectiveness of management also fail to maximize.State-owned enterprise traditional plain award general penalty, penalty or punishment not award not improper, are not correctly handle the incentive and constraint relations performance.Two is the difference of the incentive and restraint.Not the same, but the demand to distinguish the management object, the implementation of the difference of the talent management strategy.The three is the diversification incentive means.In the method, to Chinese and western, neither give up the traditional means, and pay attention to innovation.
(3) to adjust the structure of human resources, including professional structure, hierarchical structure, quantity structure, age structure.Realize the rational allocation of human resources, the rational use of strengthening human resources for the construction of the system.Actively promote the reform of human resources management, reform such as endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, housing, employment, household registration system, such as identity boundaries.Speed up the transformation of government functions, perfecting market system, especially the labor market system, establish and perfect the talent agency, the implementation of the training of human resources, evaluation, flow, employment guidance, exchange of personnel, labor supervision, labor arbitration management.
(4) no organization and no management.For enterprises, the most important is to do a good job in the business and organizational issues, so as to select the appropriate operating system, leadership system and business management system, the design of management information system.They add or update, including recruitment, examination, selecting new staff, arrange old or not suitable for tasks that require the organization staff retirement and dismissal.Do a good job of staff education, training, development, including ideological and occupation moral education, culture and education, pre-service training, in-service training and development.In the aspect of salary, reward and punishment management, determine each post salary standard, and determine the quotas according to established policies and employee performance, reward or punishment, to achieve the purpose of incentives.
(5) establishment of self-reliance, innovation, team culture.According to the theory of hierarchy of needs, in addition to physiological and safety needs, social needs, including esteem needs and self-actualization needs.Good physical condition can well satisfy the physiological needs and safety needs, but the need for love, friendship, respect and a sense of achievement and other spiritual is difficult to work.And these need more needed to achieve through the good enterprise culture.As the talent self-fulfilling entities, state-owned enterprises should strive to create a relaxed, self development and humanistic environment, to provide a development to create a stage, so that they can maximize their value in the enterprise, realize the cause of the pursuit of.In order to establish team friendship for the heavy corporate culture, so that employees feel that the work itself is a kind of enjoyment.
The future of the world is the era of knowledge economy, talent is the wealth and capital, is the fundamental enterprise development.Modern enterprises want to remain invincible in the competition in the future, it is necessary to establish a scientific human resource management mode of modern as soon as possible, with the strategic, the vision of development, talent selection, appointment and management, to curb the loss of talent, give full play to the potential of human resources.
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