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Independent innovation and the cultivation of innovative talents

Author: ChenFengZhen From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-26 16:51:24 Read:
Abstract: in the historical process of building innovative country, talents resources as a strategic resource, as a key factor to enhance the national competitiveness, more and more attention by the people.In this way, the higher schools as the construction innovation country the important support and power, must shoulder the responsibility of training innovative talents.In this era, this paper attempts to cultivate the spirit of innovation, inspire innovative thinking, strengthen innovation consciousness, cultivate innovative culture four aspects breakthrough innovation, to explore how to train innovative talents, has a certain theoretical significance and application value.
Keywords: independent innovation and innovative thinking innovation consciousness of innovative

1 perfect innovation mechanism, cultivate the spirit of innovation and

The key of cultivating creative talents is to improve the independent innovation ability of talents.The system construction to cultivate and enhance the capability of independent innovation plays a fundamental, guiding and long-term function.Masters, talents come forth in large numbers, fruitful, not for instant success of reform measures and administrative commands can be created, but a product of perfecting modern university system.Different living environment of university must according to its own characteristics and advantages, through the construction of new technological innovation mode, scientific and reasonable management system and operation mechanism to protect and encourage innovation.

2 to improve the teaching system, strengthen the sense of innovation and

Colleges and universities shoulder the mission of scientific and technological innovation, basic research is the vanguard of universities and high-tech research, also is the backbone of innovation talents with high level of science and technology culture.Therefore, the innovation must shoulder the task of cultivating innovative talents with innovative consciousness, this requires schools to carry out all the work, to cultivate the students ability of independent innovation in the first place.Teachers in the teaching process, should be good at enlightening and guide the students to think independently, found the problem, from the unique perspective of question, take the initiative to solve the problem actively, encourage students to critical questions about the ready-made conclusion, the traditional view and dare to put forward questions, the former did not reveal things, can come out of the ordinary opinions, dare to new in order to be different to create new styles.The graduation thesis on student writing, teachers should pay more attention to the cultivation of students' ability of independent innovation, teachers should give the correct guide, and valuable for the rational view, teachers should timely affirmed, in the light of its general trend and to help students to further explore, find the crux of the problem, it meets the scientific theory.So, in the teaching practice, we can gradually cultivate the spirit of innovation and ability of the students.In short, in the teaching practice, we must pay attention to the training of students' innovation ability, strengthen students' innovation consciousness.

3 Optimization and innovation atmosphere, foster a culture of innovation and

The so-called innovation culture, is in the process of promoting the scientific evaluation system, incentive system and the personnel management system reform, in the process of optimizing academic environment and talent development environment, build a kind of encourage exploration, tolerance of failure, dare to social atmosphere first.Innovation culture constitutes the university independent innovation environment, nurturing creative talents and academic's most fertile soil.Therefore, optimization and innovation atmosphere, cultivating culture of innovation is crucial.University should strengthen the independent innovation of the sense of mission and sense of responsibility, innovation to create a good cultural ecology, as the source of independent innovation determines the technical innovation, thus to create a painstaking research atmosphere, in order to ensure the effective output original achievement; in personnel training to committed to the cultivation of innovative talents from the cultivation of professional talents.
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