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To improve the validity of the recruitment of enterprises

Author: HuaXiaoYan From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-26 16:35:19 Read:
With the advent of knowledge economy, enterprise competition has already transformed the competition for talent, talent as an important resource of the enterprise, the enterprise more and more attention, recruitment has been an important part of human resource management.According to the investigation of the present situation of the enterprise, the introduction of a considerable number of enterprises to the more casual, more is a kind of emergency measures instead of enterprise strategy.Recruitment of channels as the enterprises to obtain talents, its result will affect the survival and development of enterprises.
Effective recruitment is mainly refers to the enterprise for many job seekers are screened, choose to suit their own needs of enterprises, and shall guarantee the screening, selection of effective corresponding, namely enterprise can pass the test of recruitment to meet enterprise development and the needs of the people.Experience shows that, enterprises began to recruit and hire what people have the significant relationship to retain people, began in the earliest stages of effectively retain the best tactics of the excellent and suitable staff shall be from employee in the recruitment stage.
Recent studies demonstrated that [1], the loss of staff recruitment and almost 80% mistakes, effective recruitment is to control the brain drain source.As the recruitment, training and the replacement cost is very high, this just called in shortly after the loss to the enterprise a great loss, but for the employee entered the left flow is also a kind of loss.Therefore, the effective recruitment is the first step for the enterprise human resources and talents and continuous development.
And investigation shows that [2], as a measure of effective recruitment, different enterprises have different standards.There are 67.87% effective enterprise with new staff quality this index to measure the recruitment, 67.02% of the enterprises with the staff turnover rate to evaluate the effectiveness of recruitment, assessment of satisfaction with the Department Manager 61.91% enterprise recruitment effectiveness, 51.70% of the enterprises in the recruitment cycle or to evaluate the effectiveness of recruitment, 28.72% of the enterprises with the recruitment cost evaluation a single employee recruitment effectiveness, 21.70% of the enterprises with the recruitment budget and actual cost to evaluate the effectiveness of recruitment, 16.60% of the enterprises with the candidates for recruitment feedback evaluation of the effectiveness of recruitment, standard evaluation of its effectiveness by other means another 3.62% of the enterprises.
The number of papers to study the effective recruitment statistics can be found, in 2000 before the study of effective recruitment trend is not obvious, research articles are very limited, and even almost No.But since 2000, the study on effective recruitment of the trend of increasing year by year.This trend shows clearly that, in recent years the effective recruitment of more and more attention from the academic and business, how to recruit and how to carry on the effective recruitment with the continuous development of human resources management has become the focus of attention, has already begun to think about using the tools and methods of scientific management to the traditional way of thinking and improvement, to recruitment therefore, the study on effective recruitment gained more and more attention.

Analysis of [3]
1 mistakes of effective recruitment for enterprises

1.1 deliberately raise recruitment standards
The company recruitment conditions and requirements of the gap.In the skill requirements, companies require applicants need to have higher educational qualifications and skills, and the actual position is some simple repetitive work."High threshold" phenomenon is widespread, some enterprises recruitment conditions improve, beautify the image of the company as the identity of the means; some enterprises blindly follow, that senior talent dry low-level jobs can improve work efficiency.As expected, the company used to give job seekers high expectations, or are extremely vague promises, talk ambiguously in wages and incentives, in practical work, the staff bigger drop.
1.2 ignore job seekers the values of [4] and
Companies in the recruitment of staff, mainly to see the candidates qualifications, knowledge level, professional skills, work experience and other aspects, there are few companies take care of job seekers values, whether the core idea, into the company's corporate culture, character is well adapted to a particular position.If a job seeker asked about the company's corporate culture, training system, incentive measures when the candidate, employers will be very surprisedly will you shut sb., as you mentioned that only began to work on my own observation and experience.In enterprise management practice, when you find the company initiated by the values you want to far, regret for the time spent in the time and effort; recruitment enterprises also pay advertisement fee, the recruitment of personnel salary, examination, interview, training fees, it said that this is not a vicious spiral?

Analysis of the causes of 2 due to effective recruitment errors of the

(1) the lack of human resources planning and correct positioning is not accurate, departments of many enterprise human resources manager failed to find out the family property in their own human resources under the condition of the planning process, the so-called, the result is either inaccurate forecast, or will result in the waste of resources.Many enterprises to existing and future needs comprehensive evaluation is not accurate, measurement is not a shortage of human resources, not with the future of the supply of human resources together, not to draw up action plan.Practice has proved, no human resource planning, unable to conduct normal recruitment procedures.Leadership is part of the enterprise fails to recognize the human resources management is the enterprise resource center and management center, measure of the lack of human resources cost budget and work efficiency in the process of effective recruitment of the important link, causes the enterprise human resources departments do not understand much of what resources effective recruitment needs to invest, or make no exception for many effective recruitment methods, that the input is a high return; or do not know which to choose a suitable enterprise effective recruitment, simply all give up, unable to recruit.
(2) arranged properly, the error of psychological effect of
Many enterprises often have many defects in the recruitment organizations.Talent Exchange Conference "passive" and others, the advertisement such as "high, high welfare" and unrealistic promises, just above the interviewer caused by "two recruitment" of the enterprise introduction to not seek truth from facts or miss the point, will dampen the applicant's confidence to the enterprise, on the enterprise recruitment or doubt, may make enterprise lose good people.
Because of the subjective factors, the interviewer will make mistakes psychological effect.First, the first effect.The interviewer was hired by initial stage performance, preconceptions and does not pay attention to the whole process of performance.Second, the halo effect.A prominent feature of the applicants to examiners noticed, and other quality of the information provided is ignored.Thirdly, the analogy effect.The interviewer used to put the candidates and he once dated a man simply analogy, and evaluated the.Fourth, contrast effects.The interviewer in the evaluation of candidates, will be affected by the previous candidates.Apply when a potential general is arranged in a poor candidates after the interview, get high evaluation.
The 2.3 requirement is not clear, understand the candidates are not [5]

Many enterprises in the recruitment, often without the enterprise personnel integrated test evaluation, no in-depth analysis, not developed to a reasonable use plan, including the necessary personnel structure, levels, types, requirements and conditions, and the number and the order of priority.Not clear what is the enterprise urgently needed personnel, which is the enterprise potential demand for personnel, is often the immediate light long-term, heavy color to light potential talent.

3 effective recruitment principle [6]

The 3.1 principle of the application of
Enterprises need to apply the principles of selecting talents, to the people in place to do the right job.Excellent talents in the recruitment process, not because the department or post request is not appropriate and eliminated, just put the right person in the right position.
3.2 and the enterprise personnel policy matching principle and
3.3 and the enterprise culture to adapt the principle of
The specific culture of an enterprise may have a profound impact on employee's work, life, this influence includes both positive and negative, so, do the strategic analysis of work in the recruitment of enterprises should be, key definitions of success in specific enterprise culture to the su.The success of these factors are the ideal candidate to build a job profile, he can not only outstanding in the post, but can also maintain the employment relationship lasting and enterprise.
3.4 open, fair principles of

4 key points of effective recruitment of [7]

The clear target, job analysis;

According to the choice of recruitment channels enterprises;

To pay attention to the corporate image design and promotion;

The rational organization of the interviewer, and the authorization and division;

It is necessary to interview skills training to the interviewer, improve the effect of
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