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Discussion on human resource management in geological prospecting units

Author: LiuMingHong From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-26 16:30:02 Read:
In the era of knowledge economy, the increasingly fierce competition for talent, talent has become the most important and scarce resources, the core of competition to the competition of talents.How to manage and develop the resource, is the key of modern geological prospecting industry human resource management.But in actual operation, many unit leaders may be more concerned about the financial and market issues, what is the present situation of the geological prospecting units in the human resources management, how should we respond?

1 geological units of human resources management present situation of

(1) the geological prospecting units from the planned economy to the increasingly mature market economy, but due to the traditional concept of the impact of the long-term, salary distribution system is not reasonable.Compensation incentive is very important, every objective, fair, reasonable return to make contributions for enterprise employees, ensures that employees get economic, psychological satisfaction from salary, but also conducive to the development of enterprises.
(2) the geological prospecting industry as a traditional industry, the unit has a long-term work experience, has all kinds of professional and technical personnel proficiency in a particular line, because the unit affected all aspects of the constraints, in the short term can not significantly improve the treatment of all kinds of professional and technical personnel, make a lot of useful talents outflow, serious impact on the production and management of geological prospecting units leadership, become one of difficult problems.In the talent outflow at the same time, some have nothing to do with the need to reduce redundant personnel, units also appeared to be inadequate, unable to make snap to cut the redundant personnel.
(3) human resource management personnel quality is not high, management concepts backward, weak management awareness.High quality human resource management mechanism and the team is the basis for human resource management.At present some geological team did not set the human resource management of specialized agencies, many despite a set of human resource management of specialized institutions, but the human resources management department is responsible for labor, archives work, rarely involved in human resources planning, analysis, performance assessment and training, not to combine these functions with the recruitment, promotion, welfare etc..
(4) because of the current geological prospecting units position classification line too thick, the unit system evaluation standards, the evaluation standards are not standardized, not quantitative, practical evaluation is difficult to operate, the evaluation results of accuracy is not high.Evaluation on objective formalistic; second is in the concrete implementation process unit personnel evaluation, many units do not have to use the combination evaluation method, but adopt the evaluation methods of single evaluation method, the single leadership assessment, may have led to subordinate personnel, only do leaders see specious writing, but neglect colleagues and the demands of the masses, not do solid work; many units of an excellent grades and promotion no open class appraisal, but due to various reasons can not seek truth from facts to confirm "incompetent" order, the unit staff is competent a grade, not really play incentive effect appraisal.

2 on the strengthening of the geological prospecting units of human resources development and the management thinking of

(1) retain talent is an important prerequisite for the development and management of human resources.A unit of the start-up, operation and development, rely on the first is talent.Unable to retain talent, the development of human resources will become an empty promise.If not strengthen development and management of human resources in geological prospecting units, do not pay attention to create all kinds of favourable conditions to absorb talents, it will cause a brain drain, make the unit put into the all one's efforts wasted.Light culture talent is not enough, but also has the ability to retain them.
(2) the use of talent is a good basis for the development and management of human resources.The talent's value lies in its ability to play, where to maximize its ability, where is the best location of talent.In the use of people, as long as the director of personnel, to avoid the short, can show their.
(3) encourage the employees to actively participate in the transformation of ideas.Because the active participation of workers is important weights of success in business units, units of production process, issued before any decisions of production management mode, should be widely solicited opinions to workers, the workers congress system, encourage the free airing of views, listen to their opinions and suggestions, so as to improve and improvement of the decision scheme.Let the staff know: unit leader and employee relationship is definitely not the "boss" and "man" and "employment" and "being employed" relationship, but the unit is their "home", the unit of each one is a member of the "home".A unit of energy, not in its organizational structure, but in the value of all staff's appeal lies in the staff, the values of identity.(4) the talent innovation is the soul of the development of geological prospecting units.In the final analysis, is any enterprise soul, units of the competition is the competition of talents.Open a newspaper, everywhere "high salary" signs, but also shows the employers thirst after talents state, and the talent? People go there? Hewlett-Packard Co founder Bill Hewlett's belief is: I believe that men and women all want to get the job done, be creative, as long as they are to provide a proper environment, they all will become a reality talent.
(5) the right people in the right positions, reasonable configuration.People from the character, temperament, interest to the professional has a great difference, some people might fit for office work, some people may be adapted to engage in productive work, and some people can play its expertise in management positions; if all do their best, for the development of unit are obviously advantageous, on the other hand, is unable to complete the business objectives unit, and will make the employee discontent, thereby reducing the efficiency of the company.To solve this problem that requires a reasonable allocation.Through the double measure of the post and person, to the right people in the right jobs, which is the realization of the rational allocation of talent, in real life, some units often pay great attention to the talents of practical abilities while ignoring the potential ability of talents.Pay attention to practical ability has a great advantage, is "to the war", the so-called recruiting senior management is important to emphasize the practical ability.The respected position, a substantial salary expectation is one of the power of each employee to work hard, and hired from outside is shattered internal staff expectations, leading to imbalance in psychological, produce a kind of sense of deprivation, the enthusiasm to reduce.
(6) motivate talents are effective measures of human resource development and management.After do relatively reasonable configuration, should be considered in the management is how to motivate staff, to create greater value for the unit.A mechanism called motivation is to stimulate people's behavior motivation.Is to provide a kind of pursuit and the means to achieve the goals for each employee, the objective will be to meet the needs of his own.The unit adopts a strict management system, such as expected, workers are paid a "due diligence", the unit still have the harvest, but at the same time, there is no good way to deal with time phenomenon.Hook pure and money, can only make the worker heart finds and enterprise units for pure contractual relationship, to how much money, how much work.When there are other changes, such as other business units to provide higher wages, workers will proceed without hesitation to join, but, even if the enterprise unit can wage increases continuously, still cannot guarantee the enthusiasm of workers.
(7) to mobilize the enthusiasm of staff.Mobilize the enthusiasm of employees must also be efforts from society, psychology.Hawthorne proved the positive work efficiency depends mainly on workers, depends on the human family and social life and in the organization.The previous management incentives as the only incentive off the hands, and Hawthorne is found in the experiment that required to meet the workers, money is just one part, most of the needs is a comfort, security and a sense of belonging.Therefore the new leader should be able to improve employee satisfaction, listen to their opinions, make the formal group and informal group economy needs social need to balance.
(8) trust is to meet the social needs and respect the important means of employee needs.Most people are willing to get the management of trust, is willing to listen to the management of their interpretation of the various policies and development direction.The operator should fully trust their employees to work, and create conditions for the staff, to achieve staff work should be sure, and reward and remuneration according to the actual performance.So that employees understand if they cooperation, will himself give units, the overall benefit will be units to improve.
Human resources development is a long-term strategic, related to the survival and development of geological prospecting units.We must set up the correct view of talent, talent identification in the fair competition, cultivate talents innovation in practice, the talent pool in the development of the cause of love in the work, in the production of new situation of talent, talent development work to create a multi-level, all-round, systematic, and strive to create a rational structure, the level of rich, excellent technology, geological exploration team of excellent style.
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