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Practice and Thinking on the construction of the employment market of Henan Province medical graduates

Author: LiJie ZhangJie WangZuo From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-26 15:36:20 Read:
[Keywords]     job market; employment situation; medical and health
[Abstract] in Henan province in recent years, organized by the Henan urban construction, medical and health, education and other comprehensive, professional job fairs, on this basis, established professional graduates employment fair employment market, this paper unifies the Henan province graduate employment market of medical health types of market construction and our employment situation, the strategic measures for the construction of graduate employment market is proposed.
Speech handsome Minister Zhou Ji conference in 2006 national ordinary university graduates employment work on explicitly pointed out: "we must vigorously develop and cultivate the market, build a more unified, standardized, and orderly employment market system."The construction of the employment market for college graduates in China already has a prototype after recent years of development, are experiencing a never norms to regulate, from immature to mature process, the employment market of tangible and intangible multi-level graduates start.Now our school Henan province graduate employment market of medical and health condition of market construction, development situation and our school in the last few years the work of graduate employment, explore communication with colleagues, please peer criticism.
1 Henan province graduate employment market of medical health class divided market construction and operation of
1.1 market building relaxation refers to do [2006]22 document, approved the establishment of the "Henan province graduate employment market medical health market" in our school, and puts forward the hope: to strengthen the management, perfect the system, standardize procedures, improve service, give full play to Henan province graduate employment market of medical health division of the role of the market, efforts to promote medical college graduates employment, and make due contributions to the province's economic and social development.
1.2 market purposes and positioning of the Provincial Department of Education under the leadership of Henan Province, graduate employment market of medical health market always adhere to the scientific outlook on development, to "graduate school services, service, service unit" for the purpose, in order to promote the employment of graduates for the purpose, to medical and health specialty characteristics, based on our school, for Henan, the national radiation, integrated service platform construction set information, instruction, training in one.
1.3 the operation of the market situation in March 25, 2006 our school first hosted hosted by the Henan Provincial Education Department, the health department of Henan Province, Henan province food and Drug Administration of the province, with the school of 8 medical colleges in Henan province and the student employment service center "in 2006 Henan Province medicine health college graduates employment two-way selection meeting".Creates a new situation of medicine industry in Henan Province Supply and demand meeting.In 2006 L2 month 24 days "in 2007, Henan Province medical college graduates employment two-way choice fair" and "Henan province graduate employment market medical health market award ceremony" was held successfully.Opened a new chapter in Henan province graduate employment market medical health class divided market.Henan province in April 7, 2007 graduate employment market medical health market successfully held the "health of Medical College in Henan Province in 2007 (spring) graduates employment two-way selection meeting".In December 1, 2007 in Henan Province health medical graduates (winter 2008) job fair was held successfully, effectively promote the employment of students.In three years, our school has hosted the 4 field medical health class special recruitment, all graduates of about 25000 people, the cumulative participating employer nearly 1000, with remarkable results.
2 Henan province graduate employment market medical health class divided market construction and development thought of
The development goal of college graduates employment market 2.1 market should think school, graduates and employers for the purpose of service; employment market construction of provincial public welfare, demonstration, professional standing medical graduates as the goal; to construct the campus market based, improve college graduates employment market system, to provide fast, effective, comprehensive, high quality service for the employment of college graduates; actively play the basic role of the market in resource allocation of the graduates, strive to become the bridge and link of the school, graduates and contact between the employing units, make system of college graduates employment market leading market, the provincial graduates employment training centers and information service center.
The construction of the employment market system construction and operation mechanism of health medical main function and operation of co-ordination in Henan Province graduates 2.2 market, and gradually formed an effective market service system and perfect operation mechanism. regularly held various types and special graduate recruitment and daily double activities, provide permanent professional, public employment market for graduates.Each other through implementation of graduate employment market and the talent market, labor market.The national publicity and relevant in our province graduate employment policy, employment recommendation, carry out employment guidance and policy advisory services.The collection and dissemination of information graduates demand, complementary and employment information network, combined market tangible and intangible market.The development of graduates' occupation skill training and employment guidance staff training.
The measures and effect of employment of the graduates of our school 3
The 3.1 leadership, sound institutions, the employment work in the school the important agenda school has always attached great importance to the work of graduate employment, set up to the school party secretary, the president as head, small group leader of Xinxiang Medical University graduate employment vice president in charge of deputy secretary, deputy team leader, employment in the school work agenda, the College (Department) also have correspondingly established graduate employment work leading group.Constantly improve the work system, revised the "rules for the implementation of the employment of graduates of Xinxiang Medical University", further defined the various departments in the work of graduates' employment work duties, forming the joint management situation.
3.2 to take a variety of forms, strengthen their ideological education and employment guidance education
Taking employment as a leader, the ideal and faith education as the core, carries on the analysis, combs the hot issues of the majority of the students, continue to strengthen graduates ideological education and employment guidance, to improve the pertinence and effectiveness of ideological education.Combined with the graduates ideological reality, take up employment guidance course, organized special reports or lectures, guidance and counseling, discussion and talk, and learning materials, carry out various forms of employment guidance education activities.Strengthening the employment of staff training, appoint part-time employment personnel to the national occupation refers to teacher training, selection of employment of staff to participate in Henan Province, graduate employment training staff, formed the backbone of the employment guidance education, improve the theoretical level of my school career guidance staff, to lay the foundation for the construction of a teacher noble, excellent quality, structure optimization, innovative employment guidance teachers
3.3 build a employment platform, constructs the multi-level graduates to meet the supply and demand will be in 2003 I the school put forward and seriously organize the implementation in the two season, with the combination of centralized and decentralized, comprehensive professional phase to meet the employment supply and demand model.2006 application in my school set up Henan province graduate employment market medical health market, two years held a total of health Henan medical supply recruitment of 5 games, all graduates of about 25000 people, the cumulative participating employer nearly 900, effectively promote our province medical health graduates' employment work, to promote the graduates employment, improve the health of our province especially in primary lack of medical health personnel.
3.4 mobile phone SMS as employment rose, the graduates enter the "thumb" era of relative to other students, medical students has its own specialty, practice, the students practical ability and practical ability of the higher.In the five year of clinical teaching practice, students in Henan province and outside dozens of teaching hospital, school is difficult to get employment information to the hands of the graduates, graduates and non-school graduates into the "information asymmetry" embarrassing state.Employment guidance center by mobile phone SMS information distortion degree is small, the characteristics of quick time, cooperation with China Mobile Company, to build Xinxiang Medical University mobile phone SMS employment services platform, through the short message way so that students in the first time in a timely manner to grasp each kind of effective information.
3.5 pay attention to and strengthen the construction of information network, build employment service network platform for medical students clinical practice stage, not in the school's characteristic, we should strengthen the Xinxiang college graduates employment information network construction, make full use of cyber source supplying and releasing information network, launched an online employment service, to build the network management service platform actively; online double activities, develop online job market, and strive to achieve with the release of employment information channels, three-dimensional online collection, using two-way interaction between employers and graduates.
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