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On the use of enterprise financial funds into the government procurement

Author: JinHouTing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-26 13:30:05 Read:

Abstract: as everyone knows, the implementation of the government at all levels of administrative units, institutions, social organizations use financial capital procurement must accept government procurement, in order to improve the utilization efficiency of financial funds, and with the implementation of the procurement of fiscal fund business unit is also in the light of the provisions of the government procurement the implementation of government procurement.Here, I talk about their own views.

Keywords: social group
used administrative units and institutions of government procurement funds business unit
Existence of financial funds implementation using , enterprises Procurement problem in

The efficiency of finite, procurement project quality using 1 in fiscal funds is not high phenomenon.In practice, many enterprises in the receipt of funds, and the implementation of some project procurement, the procurement process and not as their government procurement procedures that careful, serious, specification, agency personnel level of purchasing operation as well as government procurement agency professionals, procurement activities are not constrained complete internal control system, coupled with the purchase funds and not their own pocket, therefore, their efficiency in the use of fiscal funds and pay little attention to the procurement, project quality is not professional personage to strictly control or supervision, so often there will be some quality problems.
2 of the funds appropriated not dedicated, extravagance and waste more serious phenomena such as.As everyone knows, the financial independence of enterprises is very strong, with complete autonomy, and the financial behavior of external management and supervision of the opportunity is few, the direct result of a few enterprises to some special finance department to arrange the allocation and not strictly implement "dedicated" principle, misappropriation and waste phenomena often occur.Such as, some money is allocated to enterprises for environmental protection and the implementation of new technology development, and special grant funds once the financial sector to the enterprise, some enterprises will be used for daily financial expenditure or diverted to other areas, serious loss of fiscal funds special use value.
3, all kinds of black-box operations, corruption and other problems often occur.It is due to the nature of enterprise units of the special constraints, resulting in the use of fiscal funds procurement behavior implemented almost no by the relevant laws and regulations, especially for some financial subsidy funds, and self-financing unit joint "platter" procurement projects, enterprises and institutions, the operation is free purchase, not bound by the relevant provisions of the law, to standardize administrative institutions purchasing behavior of the "government procurement law", is the sanctions are not them, therefore, accept banquets and gifts, designated suppliers, the implementation of the black-box operation behavior occur from time to time, as a result, even if did not affect the procurement project quality, also caused the bad social effect.
two, the enterprise use of fiscal funds procurement into the necessity of implementing in government procurement
1 because of the financial subsidies on enterprise more projects, the cumulative amount is large, therefore, fiscal funds to implement the specification for purchases by companies to expand the scale of government procurement is one of the factors can not be ignored.We arranged over the years from all levels of government budget, of which there are a lot of projects and capital is assigned to enterprises to use, for example, the budget arrangements for agricultural industrialization, rural spending in rural areas of Luqiao and small water conservancy facilities expenditure etc., assigned to enterprises to use science and technology three expenditures, and in these expenditures, and many are related to the expenditure items to purchase, both goods purchasing, also has a small engineering projects procurement, the expenditure scale, some places can account for more than 8% of the whole fiscal expenditure, some local and centralized government procurement scale be roughly the same, therefore, the government should expand procurement the scale of fiscal expenditure project, cannot put aside the inconspicuous.
2 business units use the financial funds for procurement into the government procurement management, is to standardize the purchasing behavior, the basic need to improve the efficiency in the use of fiscal funds.For each of the use of financial funds of enterprises, they may not be used to finance. Therefore, they feel no need to delve into purchasing knowledge. Or strictly according to legal procedures to implement purchasing operation, therefore, the purchasing manager's level is not high, purchasing operation is too simple, direct cause the use of fiscal funds effect is not ideal.Therefore, the enterprise use financial funds for procurement into the government procurement management, but also to improve the efficiency in the use of fiscal funds need.
3 business units use the financial funds for procurement into the government procurement management. It is the inevitable result of deepening the treasury centralized payment system reform.In recent years, financial departments at all levels are vigorously promoting the reform of financial management system, the centralized treasury payment means has been widely implemented in all parts of the country, most of the funds of financial arrangements. By the financial sector directly to users appropriated to the payee's, so as to reduce the fiscal funds links, improve the use of the efficiency of capital turnover. And prevent all kinds of squandering Lavishment, impropriated, behavior, this is the fiscal reform goals and objectives.Therefore, the use of financial resources of enterprises, in the independent implementation and arrange project procurement, as long as it relates to one of financial expenditure, to be paid directly by the Treasury, the South financial departments direct financial arrangement funds paid to the supplier, the inevitable result is that fiscal system reform and requirements.
three, for enterprise use financial funds for the implementation of procurement, into the basic principle of government procurement management
The actual situation from enterprise units of fiscal fund implementation of the procurement, some project's procurement funds is the financial subsidy funds; some projects of the purchase funds, both financial capital, also have the unit's own funds (the class project, hereinafter referred to as the "platter" procurement projects), and in these assorted procurement projects, some fiscal funds accounted for a majority of proportion of the purchase funds. Some units of self-financing accounted for a large proportion of the purchase funds.Therefore, the use of fiscal funds for the implementation of the procurement of enterprise units. Can not lump together into the government procurement management, and to distinguish between the actual situation, respectively, do not interfere with these units operating autonomy.But the use of fiscal funds to implement the purchase of enterprises, whether it should be included in the government procurement management.The author thinks that there are two basic judgment and management principles: one is the proportion of funds. If the project procurement funds, funds occupy more than half of the project, then, must be included in the scope of government procurement: two is to look at the financial capital amount. If you use a procurement project finance funds the larger amount, such as hundreds of thousands of dollars, even hundreds of million. Then, it shall require the enterprise to the implementation of government procurement of the project.
four, the enterprise use financial funds for procurement into basic measure of government procurement management
1 on the fiscal funds accounted for more than 50% of the purchase funds the project procurement, should be included in the scope of government procurement.Enterprise financial has its independence, and financial departments should strengthen supervision and management, the use of funds appropriated for this, on the general "platter" procurement projects, if the fiscal capital ratio more than the total procurement funds 50%. It requires enterprises will be incorporated into the whole platter procurement project to government procurement management, the implementation of government procurement operation, the enterprise unit, they will also be sincerely convinced to accept the government procurement management and supervision.
2 of the financial fund for the entire procurement funds.Ratio below 50%, but from the absolute amount of public money point of view, the amount is relatively large. Should also be required to be incorporated into the government procurement management.Because of financial capital is the taxpayer's hard-earned money, is an important responsibility of the financial department make good use of the funds, the financial sector has the responsibility, have the duty to supervise the financial expenditure behavior of large.Therefore, for some platter procurement project. Although fiscal funds accounted for the entire procurement funds ratio below 50%, but.As long as the absolute amount of financial capital is greater. The financial departments should also require the procuring entity will be incorporated into the platter procurement to the government procurement management.
3 on the other types of assorted procurement projects, shall be borne by the enterprises themselves to implement. But the financial sector from the business and management guidance and care.The financial department is the administrative law enforcement departments of governments at all levels. In the administrative process of concrete. "The government should strictly follow the principle of" separate, not in the name of financial funds allocated intervention. Or interfere with business units of specific procurement operations. But the financial sector as the government procurement supervision and administration department, technology and experience, have full-time procurement network and places, therefore, as long as the enterprise unit need, financial departments have the responsibility and obligation of enterprise purchasing activities
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