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Study on the evaluation index system of regional innovation capability of China

Author: WanYong WenHao From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-26 11:32:06 Read:
Keywords: the construction of evaluation index system of regional innovation capability selection
Abstract: regional innovation ability of reflects the overall level of regional technology innovation.The establishment of a comprehensive, objective, accurate Chinese regional innovation ability evaluation index system, on the one hand to the index system and model reference at home and abroad, absorbing advanced experience, on the other hand, to consider the difference between the actual situation of our country and the regional statistical indices.The indicator selection process, to follow the science and maneuverability, combined with parallel, system and open representative and comparable synchronous principle.Regional innovation capability evaluation index system, from the regional innovation input, four aspects of regional innovation output, technology diffusion and regional innovation environment to build.
, the introduction and literature review
Regional innovation ability is one of the decisive factors of the regional competitiveness, embodies the specific regional technical innovation efficiency of regional innovation function, is the symbol of the degree of.Regional innovation ability evaluation index system, it develops from single index system to the comprehensive index system.After the Second World War until twentieth Century six, seventy time, most researchers believe that technological innovation is the development of a linear process (as shown in Figure 1), that increase scientific research investment can promote innovation and new technology in the lower.The linear model of attention evoked the innovation function, support the use of a single index assessment method, such as the use of R& D expenditure, the number of researchers to measure the level of innovative activities.

With the in-depth study, people gradually abandoned the linear model of innovation process, also gradually abandoned the single index evaluation method.This is because people discovery, research and development is not a necessary condition for innovation; the use of a single index often encounter such as statistics, national differences, technology etc..Then, some scholars put forward the non-linear innovation model and other more complex models.Considered the nonlinear model of innovation, technology innovation because of discontinuous, improper learning process and the lack of learning process is interrupted, their contribution to economic growth is bound to disappear, so the innovation is not a simple linear process, but a complex feedback, multi-sector model.On the changes of innovation process knowledge leads to the evaluation index system of innovative change, then the comprehensive index system.
The comprehensive evaluation index system is a kind of comprehensive evaluation, is an innovation in the academic circles relatively common.Nelson (Ne1son, 2002) has designed a set of index system for comprehensive evaluation of national innovation capability, index including R& D funding sources, R& D allocation of funds, the role of the University, support and influence of government policy innovation".Fu and an& Haves (2004) that the comprehensive index system should contact including innovation infrastructure, industry cluster innovation environment, science and technology and industrial departments of quality.In 2005 the European Union and the Joint Research Centre (JointResearchCentre1 proposed a comprehensive index system, a new assessment of EU innovation ability is the European Innovation Scoreboard (Eur0pea11InnovationScoreboard), the European innovation indicators divided into innovation, enterprise innovation, intellectual property rights, knowledge creation, technological application of a total of 5, science and engineering graduates 20 ~ 29 years old population proportion, broadband penetration, enterprise R& D spending in the proportion of GDP 26 index [with.Comprehensive index system because of the influence factors of innovation to grasp more comprehensive evaluation, and thus more convincing.
In recent years, made valuable exploration some domestic scholars evaluation on regional innovation capacity, has achieved certain achievement.As Yin Yinhe Liang Liang (2001) short-term assessment on regional innovation ability of mendelevium, Wan Yong (2009) using the factor analysis method to study the regional innovation ability and the distribution in China at the present stage, the other "a report of Chinese regional innovation capacity (2o05~2o06)" think, Chinese regional innovation capability evaluation index system the knowledge creation, knowledge acquisition, the enterprise innovation capability, innovation environment and innovation of the economic benefits of five parts.
A careful analysis of the comprehensive index system at home and abroad, it is not difficult to find, the existing research is to put forward a complete index system, but not explicitly put forward ideas and principles of index system, at the same time, nor on the index system construction principles to explain.More importantly, the existing literature basically no characterization of objects of each index in the index system emphasizes, namely not specify characteristics of regional innovation capacity index reflects the.This shows, index system research remains to be further in-depth evaluation of regional innovation capability.In order to overcome these defects, the second part expounds the regional innovation ability of our ideas and principles of evaluation design, the third part points out the constructing principle and overall structure of the index system, the fourth part puts forward a complete index system, and emphasizes the representation of objects of each index.
ideas and principles of two, the regional innovation ability evaluation index design
(a) index design
Regional innovation ability evaluation index system to establish a set of scientific, systematic, regional innovation ability to accurately judge China's level, is an arduous work.The author thinks, to complete this work, must make full use of the experience at home and abroad, absorb the relevant aspects of the experts and scholars, scientists and science and technology policy management advice, from reality, from the scientific perspective.The construction of the index system, to carry out, along the way is: on the one hand, to the index system and model reference at home and abroad, absorbing advanced experience.Only based on comprehensive and draw lessons from domestic and foreign experts and scholars on the basis of the view, the index system to explain.
Therefore attention should be paid to the adequacy of literature, listen, draw lessons from domestic each expert opinion.Of course, due to the "evaluation research about national innovation capacity abroad, either from theory or from practice, are more advanced, not only focus on the advanced nature of theory, and pay attention to the feasibility of operation, pay more attention to the credibility of the results.The theoretical and empirical aspects are still insufficient.Therefore, constructing the evaluation index system of regional innovation science, first of all to follow the current international advanced index system, in the full grasp of basic index system of representative international, to absorb the essence of.On the other hand, because the index is mainly used to measure the various regions of China (mainly on China's provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions) of the innovation ability, therefore, should fully consider the actual conditions of our country, considering the regional differences of statistical index.Therefore, from the current technological innovation and economic development of the reality of our country to optimize the index system, the index selection, attention should be paid to the selection of the regional common indicators, and consistent in terms of statistical index and application scope.
(two) principle of index design
Index selection process should follow the scientific and maneuverability, combined with parallel, system and open representative and comparable synchronous principle.
(1) science and effectiveness of parallel principle.Science is in the process of determining index of regional innovation ability evaluation, to make the index system to reflect the regional innovation ability of our country's real condition.To select scientific evaluation indicators, the evaluation method is scientific and reasonable, reduce errors, the evaluation result is objective.Interoperability refers to the choice of indicators to finally can not be used, better use as the basis, statistics data to be used in China can be obtained to measure regional innovation ability.At present, China's economic and social development indicators data from the statistical yearbook and other authoritative national statistical literature, so the index selection as close as possible to the authority of the national statistical literature, to ensure that the index has a strong operability.
Science and effectiveness of parallel is required in the design of evaluation index, should follow the scientific principles, the index design reflects the truth of the thing, but also achieve easy to learn and use, the purpose of easy operation.
(2) system and open principle.The system is the establishment of the index system must take into account all aspects of requirements, not only should include research education and manpower, financial resources, innovation, innovation environment and policy, technology diffusion, but also consider the innovative economic indicator, the corresponding index to reflect the promoting effect on the social and economic development, in order to ensure objective and the system of index selection.Index system from macroscopic to microscopic layers of depth, to form a complete evaluation system, reflecting the different regions of different levels of innovation ability.Each index should be independent of each other, and are connected with each other, together constitute an organic whole.The establishment of openness index system of forward-looking and flexibility, that is to say on the one hand to meet the requirements of present technology, economic and social development, but also the proper attention to the technical and economic requirements, the development of society.Therefore, it may be appropriate to increase the index selection for the future development of the elastic, leave some space
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