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Discussion on the establishment of learning regional innovation system based on social capital

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Keywords thesis: social capital regional social capital learning regional innovation system construction of
Abstract: regional social capital is the area in order to obtain the sustainable economic and social development, improve the regional competitive advantage, access to scarce resources to establish social networks, social trust and norms.Encourage regional social capital on learning is the inner support learning regional innovation system unique innovation advantage and competitive ability.The article pointed out that, according to the system theory, the construction of learning society capital of regional innovation system can accumulate process is divided into micro, meso and macro level three the development and.
literature review
According to MichaelWoolcock (2000 of the study, put forward the concept of social capital can be traced back to the earliest Hainifan (L_JHanifan, 1916).In 1988, the famous sociologist Coleman (J.Coleman) in the "SocialCapitalintheCreationofHumanCapital" in an article, put forward clearly "social capital is a responsibility and expectation, information channel and a set of norms and effective restriction, they can restrict or encourage some behavior".Since then, social capital has become one of the most powerful and popular area of research in the Social Sciences, and is widely used to explain many social phenomena and a regional or national economic prosperity.
At present, research on social capital abroad has been mature, formed a relatively standardized system.Different scholars from network organization, values, behavior norms, mutual trust and cooperation actions on different sides of the definition of the concept of social capital.Such as Putnam (R.Pulnamet.a, 1993) in his book "Making DemocracyW ork:CivicTraditionsinModernItaly 'that social capital is" refers to the characteristics of social organization, such as network, norms and trust, they help people in the common interest of coordination and cooperation".Fukuyama (Fukuyama, 1999J is defined as "social capital between group members shared informal values, norms, to promote mutual cooperation between them.If all the members and others will take credible and honest action, so they will be trust each other.Trust is like a lubricant, can make people and groups or organizations more efficient operation".
As for the domestic research status quo, since the nineteen ninties metaphase, the emergence of a large number of introduction, discusses the concept and theory of social capital literature, especially in the analysis of the patterns and causes of regional economic development, social capital has become a powerful analytical tool.However, there is a big difference in social capital to understand, there is no consensus.Wang Lijun (2007) believe that the domestic study on the definition of the concept of social capital can be divided into three kinds: "resources", "relationship network" and "the ability to say".
Learning regional innovation system with learning economy, especially the rise of the concept of learning region, regional education has become a new perspective to study regional warehouse 0 new system under the background of the new development, the research of regional innovation system.Its meaning is refers to the main body of the innovation system (enterprises, universities, scientific research units) actively acquire new knowledge resources through the external knowledge and innovation system, the innovation actors and agencies (government departments, intermediary between) by interactive learning the knowledge transfer, increasing the area of the accumulation of social capital, improve regional innovation ability, develop and maintain the competitive advantage of a regional innovation system.It is basically a learning as the core, with the regional innovation system, strong learning effect, effective, open.
This paper intends to combine the social capital and the theory of regional innovation system, the construction of learning regional innovation system based on social capital, more systematic analysis of the role of social capital in the learning of regional innovation system.
features and connotation of regional social capital of .
(a) the connotation of regional social capital
Based on the previous research, this paper think, regional social capital is the area in order to trust and norms for the sustainable development of economy and society, enhance regional competitive advantage, access to scarce resources to establish social networks, social, it reflects the regional governments, enterprises and other innovative cooperation degree.Embodied in the following aspects:
The direct purpose of developing regional social capital is to have the ability to obtain scarce resources.Through the mobilization of social capital in regional innovation system, can bring a variety of benefits to its, can be both direct economic profits, can also be indirect profit due to reduce some costs.Carrier of regional social capital is the social network.In the regional innovation system, the network of social relations is beneficial to the cooperation between enterprises and trust each other, thereby saving the cost of innovation cooperation, accelerate the spread and diffusion of knowledge resources, create cooperative surplus.
The cornerstone of social capital in regional innovation system is trust.Japanese American scholar Francis Forberg pointed out: "credit is the largest capital of the whole society, if an enterprise, a country without credit relations between people, there would be no mutual trust between person and person, social capital can not be formed, the efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises are unlikely to improve."Trust can make the innovation main body to reduce transaction cost, to obtain more scarce resources.
(two) the characteristics of social capital in regional innovation system in the regional social capital can be summarized as follows:
Invisible.Regional social capital is all innovation actors, relations between such as local government, enterprise, University and scientific research institution, intermediary organizations, financial institutions and formed through formal or informal organization communication and communication network.
Public property.Regional social capital needs of the subject areas of long-term cooperation, interaction to form, need to take collective action "(CollectiveAction)" (Olsen, 1995) to produce.Reciprocity norms to ensure ongoing communication between subjects, the creation of a repeated game situation, help the mutual trust and cooperation, to overcome the "hitchhike" behavior.
Objectivity.Found that people in long-term research and practice, social capital by the representative of the "culture" is not a people's will as the shift of objective existence, can play a great role in the economic and social development.
Plasticity.The formation of social capital in regional innovation system, is a product of conscious or unconscious investment strategy.The formation of the government can guide social capital, use some of the existing social system, through the exchange of all kinds of material or immaterial, make social capital can be established, and continuously self - reproduction.
incentive effect of learning regional social capital on learning regional innovation system.
Encourage regional social capital on learning is the inner support learning regional innovation system unique innovation advantage and competitive ability.Can be said that the regional social capital is an important driving force for regional innovation, it has become the key factor of regional innovation system and strengthen the competitive advantage.The inspiring effect is manifested in the following aspects:
(a) the effect of saving the cost of innovation
Regional social capital especially informal contact social capital exchange of information and knowledge for enterprises in the region and sharing among enterprises and institutions.Regional social capital can effectively reduce the main innovation cost.
First of all, the search costs.Study of geographic proximity, industry cluster and regional innovation system is formed due to the common industry culture, so that enterprises in the region of mutual trust and continue to communicate, which speeds up the diffusion of new ideas, new ideas, information search cost is greatly reduced.Secondly, to reduce the uncertainty of innovation.Enterprises in the region to use social capital to obtain and share and innovation of knowledge, from customers, competitors or suppliers to understand all kinds of production, business information, thereby reducing the uncertainty of innovation.Third, negotiation cost.Culture of trust, cooperation, innovation, open the abundance of social capital in a region so that enterprises in the region to share innovation risk, reorganize the relationship between enterprises, collective action to achieve mutual, it reduces the cost of negotiation.Fourth, the transaction cost.In the incomplete contract under the condition of no cooperation, and does not keep your words were punished eliminated, can reduce the regional innovation subjects asked the transaction cost, to reduce the cost of regional innovation.
(two) and promote the effect of regional learning ability
Learning ability is the key to obtain the region competitive advantage, regional learning ability not only depends on its internal structure and development strategy, but also on some external factors rooted in the region, particularly in the area of social capital factors.Firstly, the regional social capital for the subject to provide all kinds of information and learning resources for learning.These information resources is the main basis of information in the process of learning.Secondly, the regional social capital makes the subject areas through information, technology and personnel free circulation, realize the interaction between learning.Again
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