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The experience of constructing innovative country of Korea and Its Enlightenment to Jiaxing

Author: GuZuoShan YuXiJun From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-26 02:46:20 Read:
Keywords: the economic growth mode combination of regional innovation system in South Korea of innovative country
Abstract: from the definition of innovative country obtains, pointed out the four basic characteristics of innovative country should have, then analyzes four features an innovative country in South korea.Based on analyzing the construction of innovative country of Korea, preliminary study on Jiaxing constructing innovative city is discussed in this paper.
South Korea is from a backward country into a successful example of innovative country.In 1962, South Korea's per capita GDP is only $82, and China was approximately the same level.In 2005, South Korea reached US $12000, equal to l0 times in China, South Korea has a population of only 47000000 people now, economic gross is roughly equivalent to our country 40%.In many fields of semiconductor, automotive, steel, electronics, information, communication, although South Korea than in China started late, but the technology capability and international competitiveness has come to the front of us.In the past few decades, South Korea has always adhered to the will of the state as the guide, to innovation as the main body, take the market demand as the guidance, the industry for the purpose of application, to the transformation of government functions is the key of the technology innovation mode, increasing investment in science and technology, to enhance the capability of independent innovation, the successful implementation of the the transition from an economy is very backward agricultural country to an innovative country is located in the forefront of world, have set up a kind of developing countries to catch up with the developed countries in the west of the science and technology innovation strategy model for the vast number of developing countries, also provide inspiration and reference for the construction of innovative city of Jiaxing.
The main features of
1 Korea innovative country
International the science and technology innovation as a basic strategy, greatly improve the ability of technological innovation, the formation of increasingly powerful competitive advantage for the country known as the innovative country.As an innovative country, should at least have the following 4 basic characteristics: one is the innovation capital investment must reach a certain standard.An innovative country at present, the research and development funds accounted for the proportion of gross national product in more than 2%.Two is the innovation of science and technology must become the dominant strategy for the development of the country, innovation index must be significantly higher than that of other countries.Three is the must have strong ability of self innovation.An innovative country at present, the introduction of technology dependence is below 30%.Four is the innovation output high.The total number of invention patents 20 innovative country recognized in the world have accounted for 99%if] of the whole world.According to the release of the Swiss International Management Development Institute data, South Korea's scientific competitiveness ranked nineteenth from 2004 to 2006 rose twelfth.The national technology competitiveness in 2004 from L9 up to the sixth place in 2006.Korea has become an innovation-oriented country in the OECD and internationally recognized.
In the construction of innovative country, South Korea is taking the typical government model of science and technology development, the South Korean government to encourage foreign investment and technology introduction to the development of high-tech industry, through the "government research collaborative technology development" behavior, enhance the level and efficiency of enterprise technology R & D, the regional innovation system in South Korea has make a spurt of progress, the eye-catching performance.South Korea as an innovative country, the main character:
I.1 increase the innovation funds
South Korea's science and technology funds has remained quite high level, since 80, the South Korean government every year to increase the budget for research, R& D accounted for the proportion of GDP has been showed increasing trend, in 2005 as an example, the total amount of R & D South Korea 2005 domestic (including the government, the public sector and the folk) 24.15 trillion won, up GDP 2.99%, ranking seventh in the world, R & D investment is higher than that of the United States (2.68%), Germany (2.49%), France (2.16%) and other major developed countries.From 2005 to 2006 increased by 14.2% over the same period, 5.9% of the total budget.The government has also stepped on technology innovation fund support, mainly in the form of policy financial support and technology development fund and other forms of financial policies, including government funding and policy loans.
The 1.2 scientific and technological innovation has become the leading strategy for the development of the country
The South Korean government attaches great importance to technology development, the establishment of "from 1982 start technology establishs a country" strategy, the president presided over a quarterly time "the revitalization of the General Assembly" science and technology, science and technology policy formulation and adjustment.In 1999, the government passed the "scientific and technological innovation of special law", decided to set up a national science and Technology Council headed by the president, are proposed to be responsible for the coordination of government departments to strengthen the scientific research plan, national leadership in science and technology.After entering the new century, in order to cope with the increasingly fierce international competition in science and technology pattern, South Korea made substantial adjustment of the innovation system of science and technology and science and technology development strategy, put forward "second technological nation" slogan, and conducted a series of reform from the national science and technology development strategy, the macro management system of science and technology, research and development of science and technology investment system, and vigorously promote the South Korean technology promotion policy.
1.3 has a strong ability to innovate
From the beginning of the 2O century 8O in the late 1990s, Korean companies have set up Institute of technology, strengthen the development of independent research and original technology and product core technology.Not only the technology research firm attached by the early nineteen eighties 47 soared to 4121 in 1999, business researchers increased to nearly 90000 people by the thousands of people; enterprise R& D invested about $13300000000 from about $2800000000 in 1989 to 1997, the total investment of the country in the proportion of every year since since the 90's reached more than 80%, more than the United States, Japan, Germany etc..South Korea's large enterprises is the main force in technology research and development, technology research and development investment in large enterprises accounted for 83.1%, the proportion of small and medium-sized enterprises is relatively small, 16.9%.However, technology research and development investment in small and medium enterprises accounted for 2.61% of its sales, higher than the big enterprise in the proportion of 1.98%.And in the technical development of small and medium-sized enterprises, 70.2% independent development, 22.9% for cooperation and development.It indicated that the small and medium-sized enterprise independent technology research and development activities have become increasingly active.
The 1.4 innovation output high
A remarkable characteristic of innovation of science and technology R & D and production of South Korea is not out of line.According to the needs of the market determine the R & D project, concentrating on the pulling effect of economic and market potential of the science and technology, do something to do, what not to do.According to statistics, South Korea's new technology into productive cycle is one of the world's fastest.At present, some of the indicators in the research and development of South Korea has reached the level of developed countries, ranking first in the world in 2002 researchers enterprises registered patent number per thousand people.Due to the increased investment in research and development, in 2006 South Korea Science and technology workers according to the "Patent Cooperation Treaty (PET)" proposed by international patent applications for 4747, ranked sixth world.In 2005, the number of South Korean scientists the global science citation ranking fourteenth in the world (23048).In 2005 South Korea because of the improvement of product quality to stimulate overseas for the South Korean technology needs, Korea technology exports reached US $1620000000, the annual growth of l4.7%.
the main experience of 2 South Korean construction innovation country
2.1 strong government policy support
South Korea is taking the "introduction of digestion and absorption of the development road of a innovation", which the South Korean government has played an irreplaceable role, it attaches great importance to grasp from the macro level and the regulation of the development of science and technology system, and fully guarantee the continuity and speed of Korea Science and technology development.To sum up, the South Korean government to improve the national science and technology innovation ability of the policy measures:
A moderate, pay attention to introduction of digestion and absorption of policy.In the introduction of advanced technology at the same time, technical force is developing their own, and constantly develop proprietary technology, improve the overall technical ability and creative ability.In the technical introduction way, strictly prohibit the introduction of complete sets of technology and equipment package of practices, encourage enterprises to selectively introduced some key technology, equipment.
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