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On the path choice of promoting regional innovation network construction

Author: ChengRui LiuJian From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-26 00:48:05 Read:
Keywords: the main innovation in regional innovation network path
Abstract: regional innovation network is a new form of industrial organization of regional innovation main body form, is an important system arrangement of regional innovation incentive.This article in view of the existing process of regional innovation network in the development of China's regional innovation network problems, proposed the development work should be from the regional innovation network location, area of the pros and cons of factor analysis, the main function, innovation environment, innovation path creation, the formation mechanism of cultivation and so on to be strengthened.
Regional warehouse hiss of network is a new form of industrial organization of regional innovation main body form, is an important system arrangement of regional innovation incentive.According to the existing regional innovation network development in our country, the author thinks, development work around the regional innovation networks should be from the following several aspects to be strengthened:
Location , given constraints on Innovation: Based on
The first step of constructing regional innovation network is to select a suitable region.This initial location is generally in the existing conditions, still do not involve the existing constraints breakthrough.Not any one region are suitable for constructing regional innovation network.Therefore, any one area must be carefully site before building the regional innovation network, and this location is generally in the given constraint conditions.
Location under the given condition, the first thing to consider is whether it has good industrial basis.Constructing the regional innovation network can not be formed, but to the spirit of "visible" principle, namely, to build a prototype in the bud or place.Industrial cluster is the bud of regional innovation networks or the primary form, therefore, the government policy should be focused on the efforts to strengthen and establish the existing and emerging industrial clusters, rather than trying to create an industry cluster.Because of the industrial cluster has a profound historical and cultural background, a successful industrial cluster are talent showing itself from the existing conditions and on the basis of, can't imagine vacuum it will in no basis in.So, an attempt to create or copy a successful industrial cluster by force, can only be the loss outweighs the gain.In fact, the industrial cluster is independent of the government behavior exists in most cases, it exists because it can withstand the test of the market, and has strong local characteristics.Such as Zhejiang Jiashan wood industry and the Hebei Qinghe cashmere industry, is a historical accident typical factors in the formation of industrial clusters.Top-down government-led construction activities must follow a certain industrial basis, not individual will catch up with the trend, historical experience has shown that, regardless of the actual jump on the bandwagon is doomed to fail.
The second consideration is the location and infrastructure is excellent.Convenient transportation is more conducive to the development of the regional economy, it is an indisputable fact, so there may be some special industries in the mountains and can not be selected as the regional innovation network "woven" object, is also a kind of rational choice.Infrastructure plays an important role in supporting the formation of the regional innovation networks, different economic forms have different requirements for infrastructure.The infrastructure to support industrial economy include traffic facilities, power and energy infrastructure and communication facilities; the infrastructure to support the knowledge economy is a knowledge organization and closely connected with workers in the knowledge network, the constituent elements, it not only contains the information infrastructure, communication facilities, radio and television facilities, but also covers the education and training system, high technical risk system, information network system, social service system etc..In the era of knowledge-based economy and globalization, determinants of people gradually realize that the material basis is not the regional competitive advantage, but intelligent dominate everything, therefore, knowledge infrastructure will become innovation cooperation and exchange, interactive platform for innovation, to provide a wider choice of the space and the main innovation.Therefore, strengthening the knowledge infrastructure construction is the priority among priorities to create a regional innovation environment.
Once again to consider is the regional cultural tradition.This actually is the core content of innovation soft environment.Innovation culture is the soil of knowledge innovation network.Not a culture of innovation, knowledge innovation network is passive water, the wood, there will be no long-term development.The domestic and foreign successful experience shows that regional innovation network, innovative culture region, the spirit of innovation is rooted, cultivate the spirit of innovation is more conducive to a regional innovation network.In short, the formation requires good industrial foundation and foundation of the innovation environment of regional innovation network.
Analysis of advantages of factor two, specific areas: determine the key point of
There are different characteristics of each region.The construction of regional innovation network in a particular area, must clear the area and disadvantages advantages, in order to determine the key point.In the West as an example, the main advantage of the western region is the advantages of natural resources, the main weakness is the ability of resources and talent and achievements on the research of condensation of productivity of reality of serious shortage, and its root lies in the existing system is backward and the awareness of the backward, system and consciousness is the cumulative relationship of mutual penetration, interaction.Visible, the general basis of constructing regional innovation network in the western region is relatively weak.But the western region is not "plane homogeneous", in the backward situation can still be found showing local characteristics such as West high spot, and "agricultural" Silicon Valley of Yangling.Development of a prominent place in the high-tech industry and traditional industry, can the construction of regional innovation network suitable according to its characteristics.Even these outstanding development "highlands", also inevitably have the disadvantage factor mark, therefore, to make regional innovation network practice fundamentally to succeed, we must pay more attention to the cultural innovation and system innovation and construction, so as to widen the constraint conditions, breaking the bottleneck of regional innovation in Western China, excellent environment and create a a constraint minimization for technological innovation, organizational innovation, management innovation and other new forms, so as to promote the various actors self innovation, cooperative innovation and passion of interactive innovation, so as to construct and lay a solid foundation for the region innovation network in the western region of success.
three, improve and optimize the innovation main body function: complete elements
Enterprise, University and scientific research institutions, intermediary service institutions, the government is the main body of the four regional innovation network.These four subjects have different functions in regional innovation networks.The construction of regional innovation network, need to constantly improve and optimize the four main behavior body function.(1) enterprise as innovation subject.Adhere to and establish enterprise innovation main body status, is the objective requirement of market economy, but also the requirement of the regional innovation network.Enterprise's innovation activities, directly related to the achievement of science and technology to industrialization, commercialization, which directly affect the regional innovation capacity and regional competitiveness.Therefore, promoting innovation important foundation lies in the enterprise.(2) University and scientific research institutions is the source of innovation.University and research institutions intensive intellectual resources, whether from domestic or abroad situation, University, scientific research institutions have played an irreplaceable role in the regional innovation.Of course, the direct producers University and research institutions is not material products, the innovation also need through the enterprise can be transformed into practical productive forces, therefore, University, scientific research institution innovation as the supply side, it is only the innovation demand -- the important source of enterprise technology and knowledge base, all R & D activities it must take enterprise the demand as the guidance, take into the real productivity standard.(3) agency is the bridge and link innovation, play a "binder" role in regional innovation network.Intermediary is to provide socialization, professional services for the main innovation, to support and promote innovation activities of the specialized agencies.Although it is not the subject of innovation, but as the main auxiliary innovation activities, in the promotion of innovation subject, innovation and market ask asked knowledge flow and technology transfer, diffusion process, plays an important bridge and link.Therefore, the construction of regional innovation network, we must actively cultivate and perfect intermediary service system.To encourage the transformation of scientific research institution qualified intermediary institutions, and continuously strengthen the service functions, improve service quality, to gradually establish a socialized service network.(4) the government is the organizer and service, is the main body of institutional innovation.The function of the government is autonomy innovation, promote the University and industry within the area of contact.In constructing the regional innovation network, the government should change the function, realize system innovation and management innovation.We should resolutely correct function dislocation, all can be solved through the market mechanism and the science and technology agency problems, not for others; as far as possible to reduce the direct intervention of the enterprises, the focus of our work to make innovation network construction, optimize the environment for innovation, improve policies and regulations system; establish a new administrative concept and the concept of legal system, with equal rights the maintenance of market main body and conducive to innovation, to industry of the fundamental point of administration, standardize administrative practices, provide suitable soil and environment for regional innovation.
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