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Choice of the construction of regional innovation system of Nanchang City -- Taking Jiangxi Province as an example

Author: LiuRongChun ZhangQingLiang YuX From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-25 20:56:41 Read:
Keywords: the regional innovation system and regional innovation system construction path Nanchang
Abstract: with the proposed major strategy of building a new country, all over the country to the national long-term scientific and technological development plan as a guide, to explore the construction of regional innovation system path for the local economic and social development reality.This paper attempts to construct Nanchang regional innovation system as the case, finding a path for the construction of regional innovation system in common everywhere.
1 Nanchang city to establish the significance of regional innovation system
The construction of innovation system is a product of modern technology and economy make a spurt of progress.Along with the rapid economic development of Nanchang City, will face the strategic adjustment of economic structure, regional urgent task to develop the regional characteristic economy and promote social sustainable development of science and technology innovation, also put forward higher and more urgent request for.Regional innovation system, refers to a region, the new combination of regional economic elements of new or these elements into regional economic system, promoting system innovation organization network.Its function is to promote regional new technology, the production of new knowledge, flow, renewal and transformation, the creation of a new, more effective resource allocation mode, realize the new system functions, make the regional economic resources will be more effective utilization, thereby improving the regional innovation capacity, promote the upgrading of the industrial structure, the formation of the regional competitive advantage, promoting regional economic development.The regional innovation system's goal is to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.Regional innovation system is generally divided into regional knowledge innovation system, regional innovation system, regional science and technology service system, regional environmental support systems and technology investment and financing system.
The local science and technology management departments should give full play to their own advantages, grasp the new trend, the domestic and foreign development, focusing on the needs of economic and social development of Nanchang City, and provide scientific basis for the government's macroeconomic policy.The research of the regional innovation system as an important part of the local science and technology and economic development strategy and planning, more rational and scientific understanding of the important role of science and technology innovation in economic and social development in the region, the construction of regional innovation system as the direction and focus on promoting the work of Science and technology nanchang.
As to promote "Nanchang City Innovation Network", the regional innovation system is mainly composed of two elements: one is the organizational elements.Mainly includes: enterprise, public research institutions, education and training institutions, government agencies, financial institutions, intermediary organization and infrastructure, which is the main carrier of innovation; two is the policy system factor.Including the government innovation strategy, institutional framework and innovation related (such as the intellectual property system, evaluation system of science and technology, government subsidies policy), participation in government regulation, technology market, these factors mainly by the relevant provisions of the law of government science and technology plan form on organizational innovation elements, is the main means and tools regulation innovation activities.
Nanchang city although high-tech industry has maintained rapid growth rate, but compared with coastal and economically developed cities, the gap in development, there are total amount and rate of development, the overall scale is small; second, high technology content of the famous products, which have more effect in the imported project third, less; the organic combination of technology and economy is not solved fundamentally.Science and technology innovation in system of Nanchang city problems are also very obvious: (1) direct activities of science and technology output has a direct impact on the competitiveness of enterprises in the patents, invention patents per million population less, integrated science and technology consciousness is weak.(2) the enterprise innovation power insufficient, between enterprises and universities and scientific research units, research and development of cooperation is weak, most enterprises do not have the R& D activities, the majority of large and medium-sized enterprises without technology development institutions.(3) science and technology resources scattered, low level of cooperation between scientific research institutions and universities, sealing strong, scientific research institutions and universities to research projects between schools and enterprises, scientific research institutions, cooperation is not fully.(4) infrastructure construction lags behind, the scientific research foundation is weak.(5) the degree of informatization of social life is low, which directly hinders the flow of information, technology transfer and absorption.(6) technology and economic "two pieces of skin" is still not resolved, high level of R & D capability and potential is not associated with economic growth.
The construction of regional innovation system of Nanchang city must be based on the regional innovation system and mechanism as the starting point, focus on the development of industry cluster innovation closely around the Nanchang City, in order to enhance the innovation ability of the whole region, the development of high-tech, promote industrialization as the goal, the formation of original innovation system in universities and research institutes based on, in order to promote the transfer of knowledge and technology as the goal of the innovation service system, with enterprises as the mainstay of technological innovation system, focusing on industrial technology innovation, the government macro management and control system to the innovation of system and environment construction as the focus, to the government investment as the guidance of social diversified innovation input system.
The guiding ideology of regional innovation system in Nanchang city is to guide the construction of regional innovation system by the scientific outlook on development, strategic choice to technological innovation based on industrial cluster, as the object, the construction of knowledge, technology innovation, spreading and learning network platform; concentrate resources, advantages in the field of technology innovation and the use of strengthening the cooperation of the parties; accelerated system innovation, improve the incentive policy level, promote the technological innovation of enterprises and research institutions and universities; innovation and industrialization plan related industry as the foundation, knowledge, technology flow platform innovation as a government priority action in Nanchang Nanchang regional innovation, and gradually built a perfect system, reasonable structure, rich in resources, innovation strong ability of innovation, high efficiency, can realize the main linkage, resource flows, market to promote scientific and technological innovation system, create and transform accelerate gain of science and technology.
Regional innovation system 2 implementation of Nanchang city main strategy
Regional innovation system is mainly composed of Nanchang City city within the scope of enterprises, scientific research institutions, universities, intermediary agencies, government and financial institutions, these institutions to create, store and transfer of knowledge, skills and new product and interaction, together constitute the system of regional innovation network, the regional innovation system should be in accordance with the implementation of open system strategy across the main strategy and technical requirement to promote the construction of six systems.
(1) to the development of industry cluster focus as the core of the construction of technology innovation system
In the construction of regional innovation system, highlight the regional characteristics and advantages, the formation of the core competitiveness of the technology innovation system.Cultivate and develop the local industrial cluster, strengthen the supporting the planning and construction of regional innovation system of industrial cluster development, should be based on the promotion of Nanchang City, the optimization of the industrial structure and the core competitive ability to continuously improve the development of industrial clusters, to highlight the regional innovation system construction work objectives, tasks and measures, to form a new type of spatial pattern in order to promote innovation and development as the core.Industrial cluster is an important carrier of the regional innovation system, is the basis and vitality to the construction of regional innovation system.At present, industry cluster characteristic of Nanchang City has initially formed a manufacturing, new materials, electronic information, biomedicine engineering, software engineering etc..Spatial layout development of Nanchang City Science and technology industrial cluster should be defined in the following two aspects:
-- to develop the deep processing of five leading technology industry as the focus of new materials and fine chemical industry, electronic information, biomedicine engineering, advanced manufacturing and automation, agricultural products, manufacturing in central area of construction industry core base.Based on existing industry, on the one hand focus on the promotion of industrial agglomeration, the formation of the industrial chain, strengthen key industrial cluster scale; on the other hand, vigorously promote the structure optimization and upgrading, drive industrialization with informatization, comprehensive upgrade the industry level, to accelerate the development of high-tech industries to enhance industrial competitiveness, nanchang.
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