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About the practice of the Suiyang pilot of the study and practice activities

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Abstract: "prioritize activities focus on leadership team overall force; highlight the main activities, pay attention to the exemplary role of leading cadres; highlight the range of activities, pay attention to party members and the masses to participate in the enthusiasm." As the province's second batch of in-depth study and practice the scientific development One of the outlook on the five pilot counties, Suiyang County to carry out the three levels of the "four" theme of practical activities.

Paper Keywords: study and practice the scientific concept of development leadership team activities subject exemplary role of leading cadres scope of activities of the masses to participate

As the province's second batch of one of the five pilot counties to carry out in-depth study and practice the scientific concept of development activities, in-depth study and practice the scientific concept of development activities, Suiyang County around to highlight the characteristics of practice, to solve practical problems, combined with the county the actual situation presented and to carry out the leading bodies and leading cadres and party members and cadres of three levels of the "four" theme of practical activities, and deepen our understanding, identify the problem, the solution applied thinking, clarify ideas, clear measures in order to promote the realization of, learning reform objectives.
, Prioritize activities, focusing on the overall effort to play a leadership team
Adhere to the protruding above the county level leading bodies and leading cadres focus of activity, according to the characteristics of the leadership team, to play a leadership team as a whole work together to departure, in leadership, in particular carried out in the county leading group to "cultivate a typical, analysis of a case to solve a number of problems, the establishment of a mechanism "as the main content of the" four ", with emphasis on the study and solve difficult problems of influence and constrain scientific development.
Cultivate a classic. Since the start of the event, 73 units with their own characteristics, selected 73 village (neighborhood, community) as a typical cultivation point. Specifically responsible to take work guidance, financial support, technical training in a variety of ways, such as efforts to create the typical nurturing each identified point to become the county party's grass-roots organizations, "four in the farm" to create and characteristics typical model of economic development, for the county to establish a model to take the road of scientific development, demonstration the overall development of the county. The county team in Zhuadian Xing cultivation from the coal-based integrated circular economy projects the Suiyang by large agricultural county industrial county transition to lead the faucet to proceed, focus on land acquisition and demolition work to play the typical model for the work of the county. Activities, led the county deputy secretary, in-depth field to do mass work, the construction of the immigrants Village Village infrastructure, supporting schools to build the same design with construction. With a lot of patience and meticulous work, originally scheduled to be completed by December 10, 2008 ahead of demolition of a 118 days to complete the task, and two relocatees three advance to an active demolition, land acquisition for the county demolition work to establish a model.
Anatomy of a case. In the years of development, Suiyang County produces both typical to take the road of scientific development to be successful, and there have been painful lessons of influence and constrain scientific development, the the County four bodies and subjects Bureau leadership team carefully selected prefecture both positive and negative the aspects of the 73 events, in-depth site visits, depth sectional Xin, submitted a case analysis material. County study and practice activities leading group of 73 cases analysis of the materials unified compiled into a book, sent to the County four team leaders cadres and subjects the hands of the Bureau and to further lessons learned, and provide a reference to promote scientific development.
To solve a number of problems. Closely linked to the outstanding problems, Suiyang County insist on learning while improving the problem to find out a good grasp of the implementation of the rectification, to win the trust of the practical effect of the rectification, to further mobilize the enthusiasm of all the people involved in the study and practice activities. County based on solving practical problems, contradictions of the mine directly affect the Suiyang coal integration of circular economy in project highlight top priority field research, led by the principal leaders of the county party, taken steps to promote energy-saving gas stove, the implementation through the village road construction, construction of reservoirs and other measures to solve the small coal mines coal issues and fried to win the title masses caused by mass transport and the problem of drinking water due to mine construction. Fried seal area and the masses of small coal mines to buy energy-saving gas stove subsidies by 50%, the first batch of 13 energy-saving gas stoves were sold out. At present, the second batch of the predetermined amount of the masses has reached 300. The same time, transportation, water conservancy and other departments have been completed highway, reservoir planning and design and feasibility studies, project application is. In solving practical problems, the Senate Study units change through learning-by-checking while improving to find out the outstanding problems of 149, combined with the actual department resolved 79, 32 do practical things for the people, benefit the masses of more than 1,500 households in 7000 people.
Establishment of a mechanism. Departments at all levels combined with the characteristics of their own work, while studying for the problems and deficiencies, summarize, and to clean up the abolition of the outdated rules and regulations, constantly refining activities, the establishment of a new working mechanism, and focus on the formation of the first batch system results . , The county has tentatively set the grass-roots level to establish and improve the "out of the office for the first Fenyou working mechanism, the flow of party members education management mechanism" 11 new working mechanism.
, Highlighting the main activities focus on leadership cadres exemplary role
Characteristics of leading cadres, adhere to the exemplary role of leadership cadres, party members and leading cadres, especially leading cadres at the county level to carry out for counseling, engage in a research linking a project, grasping an innovative " the main content of the "four" activities to promote solve the hot issues of concern to the masses. For counseling. In learning and training, the county's 73 school participation units leadership team members a solid grasp on the basis of their own learning, give full play to the leading and exemplary role of leading cadres, each party members focus on learning more than one special counseling to help party members to raise awareness further ensure that the effect of learning and training. Activities, 14 county-level leading cadres depth 15 towns and counties authority, a total of 227 screenings for special counseling on how to participate in the study and practice activities, made a special preaching. Engage in a survey. Around to realistically the research, Suiyang County from the overall situation, closely linked to the hot, difficult problems and long-term impact to set the tone for the problems need to be resolved in the near future, the impact of long-term development issues, the masses are concerned about issues of concern, focused determine topics. Strive through research, to solve practical problems, to promote scientific development to build a powerhouse who, in-depth research to fight the cohesion of the people popular project, the implementation of the use of the research results to promote the the Suiyang harmonious development of strong protection. Adhere to moderation start from the research, the implementation of research topics "department heads in the first instance, with the actual neck problem; leaders in charge of the review, to ensure pinpoint the problem; leadership team triage, highlight the results of the use of" three trial system. The validation of the research topics, the county a total of 73 research topics revision, 17 research topics Amendment 3. In the subject after approval, members of the leading bodies at all levels in the county combined with the contents of each collar questions, the grass-roots level, to the issuance of the questionnaire and held seminars, individual visits and other forms, in accordance with the requirements of the subject of a per person realistically the research work, the formation of research Report 241. , Study and practice of the Office of the Leading Group for validation of 241 research report will be compiled and sent to the hands of the county leading cadres to provide reference for decision-making. County Standing Committee to be held on December 3, 2008, has initially formed a consensus, will bring the title research as one of the results of the work of the study and practice activities, made good consolidate the establishment of research work mechanism, the implementation of the leading cadres Kejiyishang do a good job every year one major focus of the research completed on the use of research results for the year to implement, and research and the use of the implementation of results included in the annual target assessment.
The associated a project. Leading cadres at the county level and the Branch Bureau leadership team members in accordance with their respective supervisor in charge of the actual work, take the lead in a business or do a good job of an industry, the introduction of a project or do a good job projects in progress, focus their efforts on the project contact. Leading cadres at all levels to take the lead on 37 companies, 35 hanging guiding industry development is planned to introduce 79 projects, implement the responsibility to do a good job in construction projects 90. Contact a project activity leading to effectively promote the study and practice the activities and work of the hands, correct, the two promotion.
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