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On the multi-level development of regional innovation network moving due to the Evolving Mechanism

Author: LiLanBing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-25 12:41:29 Read:
Paper Keywords: development of regional innovation network motivation evolution mechanism
Abstract: In the context of economic globalization, regional innovation network has become an important foundation to enhance regional competitiveness, access to regional competitive advantage. Regional innovation network as a new organizational model of innovation activities. Its emergence and development is not accidental, but has the inherent law of development. In order to reveal the law. Theory of regional innovation network source from the starting point, in-depth analysis of the meaning of regional innovation network to the competitive level, mode of market competition, innovative ways for the entry point of the regional innovation network of multi-level development of dynamic be, and then from the knowledge creation and sharing, collective interactive learning, rooted in social capital research perspective and analysis of the operation mechanism of the regional innovation network, Finally, inspiration and relevant policy recommendations.
Closely related to the specific area of ??interest in a new era of competition in the economic globalization, regional innovation network as an important way for regional competitiveness has become more apparent. Regional economic development at home and abroad Practice has proved that the regional innovation capability has become a regional economic development and an important factor in competitive advantage. With the improvement of innovative difficulty and risk in the context of the knowledge-based economy, innovation is no longer a single enterprise activities, but embedded in the Innovation Network in the main interaction of the process of cooperation.
A regional innovation network theory traceability
From the perspective of the history of the evolution of innovation theory follow the context of "Schumpeter innovative thinking - enterprise innovation system - national innovation system - regional innovation system - regional innovation network research and development. The innovative concept was first proposed by Schumpeter (J.A.Schumpeter), he believes that innovation is the creation of a new product, a new approach, opening up a new market, the acquisition or control of a raw material or semi-finished a new source of supply, the implementation of a new form of business organization. Since then, enterprise innovation system has become one of the hot issues in the study of economics, business innovation theory in the 1960s and 1970s basically followed the linear mode of thinking that the entire process of innovation within the enterprise happen until the 20th century, 80 early scholars are beginning to realize the long-term nature and uncertainty of the innovation process, put forward the technological innovation system is not the Schumpeterian linear process, but rather focus on the non-linear innovation model of interaction between enterprises.
1987. The new Schumpeterian a representative figure of - Freeman (C.Freeman) pioneered the use of the concept of "national innovation system" (NationalInnovationSystem RIS), innovation Viewpoint extended to the national level by the enterprise level. National innovation system is defined as: "of public and private sector institutions network, their activities and interactions contributed to the introduction, modification and proliferation of a variety of new technologies E21. Following this, Porter (1990), Lundvall (1992). , Nelson & Resonberg (1993). Pate1 & Pavitt (1994), Metcalfe (1995), OECD (1996) and many other scholars and institutions have made unremitting study the theory of the national innovation system.
With the gradual deepening of the national innovation system theory, innovation has obvious localization features, with the profound regional characteristics mark the national innovation system theory can not explain the innovation activities on the regional level, it is difficult and regional economic development fit. In order to reflect the unique characteristics of the regional innovation activities and the operation mode, the theory of regional innovation systems began to appear. 1992 British scholar Cook first mention of the concept of the Regional Innovation System (RegionalInno-vationSystem, RIS), that the regional innovation system is mainly constituted by the geographical division of labor associated with production enterprises, research institutes and institutions of higher area organization system. And this system support and generate innovation E33, and subsequently to the earlier and more comprehensive theory and practice of the regional innovation system, thus creating a precedent for regional innovation system research. Regional innovation system theory regional innovation network (RegionalInnova-tionNetwork, RIN) theory of the emergence and development has laid a solid foundation, the pace of regional innovation theory, however, does not stop. With the increasingly intense economic globalization, market competition gradually from the competition between individual enterprises, steering asked as the theme of the new competitive collaborative competing relationship to the corporate network, this network competition profound impact on regional innovation activities, the regional innovation system also takes on the characteristics of the network. The same time, in the context of the knowledge-based economy, knowledge production mode fundamental conversion required by the different institutional and organizational forms with innovative network is such an adaptation of the organizational form of the mode of production of new knowledge L5]. Therefore. The concept of regional innovation system is gradually replaced by the concept of regional innovation network. This is not just a noun conversion, in fact reflects the inherent requirements and characteristics of the innovation.
The 2 regional innovation network connotations defined
Regional innovation network of local actors (enterprises, universities, research institutions, local governments and other organizations and their people) asked on the basis of the long-term formal or informal cooperation and exchange relations. Formed to promote innovation, dissemination, overflow}}; and diffusion of the relative stability of the system. This network system, from the narrow sense, refers to the enterprise selectively lasting stable relationship forged with other enterprises or institutions, such as strategic alliances with suppliers, merchants vertical links. The generalized regional innovation network also include informal exchanges and contacts of local actors in the long-term transactions. These relationships are also relatively stable. Specific connotation of regional innovation network as follows:
(1) Regional Innovation Network has a certain geographical space. Innovation activities resources, institutional conditions and environmental conditions are closely related to a specific geographical space, regional innovation network in a certain geographical space and local color with a specific geographical space. Regional Innovation Network is a high-level overview of the innovative behavior of the network in a certain geographical space within the main innovation, which fully reflects the regionalization and localization characteristics of the innovation activities. Depending on the object of study and research areas, this area can be an industry cluster, a city, a province, or even a larger economic region, which also explains to some extent the widespread presence of regional innovation network and level.
(2) Regional Innovation Network has an open space boundary. Regional innovation network in each subject, such as businesses, government, research and intermediary service agencies have a wide range of external contact network, various forms of communication and interaction with the outside of the area a large number of stakeholders. This will facilitate the inflow of external knowledge, to add fresh blood to the localized accumulation of knowledge, can be avoided to some extent, the Regional Innovation Technology Track Lock, to avoid an area to be abandoned by the outside world "islands of technology". Thus, the regional innovation network is open feature, is an open system, with open borders.
(3) As Lundvall & Sydow (1992) pointed out that the innovation network is divided into two major components of the elements and relationships. They believe that innovation networks from within the region involved in the interaction between elements of the question, and interconnected with innovative institutional arrangements of the various features. In this network of innovation and knowledge generation, dissemination, penetration and play a role within each network node. The entire network can be an important feature of the existence and development of the network and stressed the important role in the innovation process to pass standardized information can be encoded and non-encoded implicit information.
(4) is the central subject of regional innovation network. In essence, innovation ultimate goal is to achieve market value. The only true subject of enterprise is innovation. Although the company's research and development institutions, government research institutions and research university to foster innovation. But their R & D activities should be closely combined with the production activities or such activities will lose the power and significance of sustainable development.
The development of multi-level 3 Regional Innovation Network Analysis on Factors
Regional innovation network is the inevitable product of economic and social development to a certain stage. Innovation activities to adapt to the results of the regional economic development. This will be the level of competition to expand, change in the way of market competition and innovation to change the way as the starting point, multi-level development of regional innovation network due to be parsed.
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