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Analysis on the relationship of cooperation and the welfare state

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Keywords ] [the corporatist welfare state analysis of the relationship between
[Abstract] academic cooperation research since ancient times, China on the principle of cooperation can be traced back to the period of the Republic of China, but the cooperation as a concept widely concern is with the welfare state together.The sense of cooperation is considered as the three party partners ", it is a kind of labor conflicts in society and state, capital, labor interests based on the solution, a system of cooperation is formed between the government, employers' associations and labor organization.The welfare state since the date of his birth and cooperation forges the indissoluble bound, it not only come from the cooperation, the development of the welfare state and its future development and cooperation be bound together in a common cause.
, the definition of a cooperative
Cooperation in English is "CorPoratism", this is also translated as "corporatism", "corporatism"."Modern etymology of the term from the late nineteenth Century, early twentieth Century to social ideological trend of liberalism and socialism theory premise.On the one hand, accused the capitalist individualism and competition, on the other hand, criticized the class conflict and socialist movement in.CorPoratism argued that the theorists believe, unity of class harmony and organic is essential to social".
For the definition of public opinions are divergent. Cooperation, no exact definition.In the definition of Black's "politics" in the encyclopedia to cooperation is: "cooperation is a kind of special social and political process, in this process, the monopoly organizations and state representatives, the limited number of intelligent interest on public policy output for a supply of sth..In exchange for a favourable policy, interest group leader should be allowed through offers its members to implement the policy."Cooperative principle in the modern more is considered as the three party partners ", it is a kind of labor conflicts in society and state, capital, labor interests based on solution.Simply put, cooperation of three party is the state for social and economic goals to achieve a balance of implementation, a system of cooperation is formed between the government, employers' associations and labor organization.
Characteristics of two, cooperative principle
(a) interest coordination
Corporatism emphasizes cooperation, claims on the differentiation of power integration system, emphasizing the institutional cooperation countries and social groups, the relations between the state and interest groups is the mutual cooperation, mutual support.The political results is achieve the integration of equilibrium, namely through the national state and society under the guidance of cooperation to achieve social relatively balanced, orderly and coordinated.
So, can be said that the characteristics of cooperation is the biggest benefit coordination, cooperation provides a mechanism for interest expression of social groups, the national level social groups into the process of government, for its legal status.So, social organizations can participate in the activities of the government and make it become a kind of institutionalized political activities.For countries, it can alleviate the social conflict, coordination and integration to achieve the interests of different social groups, consolidate its ruling position.As for social groups, have expressed an interest in the channel, they represent the interests of the group to enter the political decision-making process, can get benefit guarantee.To consider from the two aspects are very beneficial to their.
(two) the balance of power
Although the expression of interest can be said to be the biggest characteristics of cooperation, but with a bit of cooperation is also crucial, equilibrium that is power.If you want to ensure that cooperation is equal, the cooperation of all parties must be able to restrict each other, to achieve the balance of power to a certain extent. "".Once the imbalance, is likely to result in is the autocratic power, leading to power the weaker side in a passive position in political participation.Such as corporatism welfare state, in the modern market society, the most dangerous autocratic force is the capital, so how to control the capital forces, the bourgeoisie to a single class dictatorship on the whole society to prevent, is key to achieving the balance of power.On the other hand, labor is always oppressed, deprived of the situation, so how to improve the labor situation, is another key problem of the balance of power.With the development of economic globalization, capital strength gradually strong, national restrictions on its strength is weakened, how to pin down the capital has become a pressing matter of the moment.Class separation of powers is the ultimate goal of all classes share the results of cooperation.The core content sharing is a fair distribution of wealth and opportunity, especially pay attention to the basic rights of the vulnerable groups do not ignore the.
three, cooperation and the welfare state
In recent years, the research on the welfare state continuous.Especially the study of domestic scholars mostly focus on the formation and development of the welfare state.The western scholars in the origin of the welfare state, consistent point of view is: the welfare state originated in the free cooperation.0 cooperation class cooperation and coordination of interests to reach an agreement prompted the government, trade unions and employers organization, participate in the political process.
(a) cooperation is the welfare state.
The welfare state from free cooperation, "the welfare state is considered 'from' cooperation, in their view, because the latter is the essence of 'compromise' and 'consensus': the capitalist production will inevitably lead to the centralization of capital, and capital is bound to promote labor together, at this time, the government, workers and employers the three party or reach a compromise and consensus, shared decision making and management of the state, or is the opposite."
Into the modern capitalist society, corporatism model typically around the occupation categories established.Such groups are evolved from the old guild to come directly, they always appear in the _ Sephardim group, such as pipeline workers.To explain the welfare introduction is not a new topic from the angle of class conflict.In 1880 the German social insurance scheme, Italy -1969 years of social security reform and expansion, the British national health service, which many are because of the working class and group pressures.
With the development of capitalism, the production of concentrated, large factories and other workplaces growth makes the members of the class together, and develop them to the organization and action together ability.Under the historical condition at that time, these groups may be relatively focused on one occasion or jobs, but occasionally they do together, the whole country was involved, for example, a nationwide general strike.The rapid development of capitalism in nineteenth Century of capitalism expansion, this kind of society more and more and many highly professional workers are also included, deepened by this development trend.When workers have their own political party (Party membership and voter base are mainly from the class), many working-class political party growth also formed a pressure.
"The working class struggle and potentially capital political advantage, or is the state administrative center to carry out major capital accumulation function, forced the ruling class to rebuild the country to protect the capitalist political advantage, to avoid the working-class influence to its important function."From the historical conditions of that time is very likely, large-scale strikes and union of powerful, working-class wins the election, the revolutionary uprising threat, more common is working-class political party has been involved in the decision-making departments of the state.It all sounded the alarm to the bourgeoisie.
In this case, countries are developing their own welfare.The two class is the welfare policy is regarded as their interests.For the working class, any is able to reduce its life difficulties or amendment market blind operation policies are popular; the bourgeois, welfare policy can reduce the labor class discontent, provide additional tools to control the working class, but also can obtain economic benefits.So, on the surface of the agreement reached.From the interim Poverty Law, British German insurance law in twentieth Century is the earliest, the major capitalist countries have announced the trapped into the welfare state, this process, labor groups play an indispensable role.
(two) cooperation is the analysis tool of the welfare state system
Cooperation has become a tool for the description and analysis of the western welfare system model in contemporary.Esping Anderson put the western welfare state is divided into three types of system model.The first one is the angles - a Saxon model, characteristic of this kind of mode is very liberal, solving method for this model in the private market is more desirable and more feasible to dog most people; the second is the European continent traditional mode, this system has the characteristics of "the family", because many benefits to borne by their families.The premise is the employment and the contribution of the associated public social insurance plan; third is the "social democracy", is also the Scandinavia system.It is only related to citizenship and the universality of the average of the benefit principle.
In the division of these three kinds of modes, he analyzes cooperation these three factors model, root
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