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Aluminum Company Performance Management System Research and Development

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[Abstract] implementation of performance management, focus on performance improvement is an important measure of the Aluminum Company of constant self-improvement and to achieve the strategic goals. Use advanced performance management theory and corporate practice, the application of the ERP information management technology research and development, and the implementation of an effective performance management system.
[Keywords] performance management; ERP

1 project R & D background

Performance management system is an important component of the company's professional management system, Enterprise Management Right and Interest "organic cycle of the operating mechanism," as the starting point for a strategic, results-oriented digital based, collaborative as a means of "managers professional management behavior embodies.
Performance Management uneven level of aluminum enterprises at home and abroad, foreign enterprises due to the long development time performance management, advanced management tools, and improve the management system; late, many domestic enterprises to introduce the concept of performance management, management tools are relatively backward, management level and so on, which requires domestic firms to learn the advanced management ideas, combined with the company's actual performance management system to develop scientific, to create the conditions for the company's performance improvement.
I learned many new and old enterprises of the domestic aluminum industry in the same industry, absorbing experience, found insufficient, bloated organizational structure of many companies, the number of personnel, organizational performance, and low levels of employee performance, and the degree of emphasis on performance management work in the same industry survey found low, modern performance management information management system, performance management work tedious.
Therefore, in order to strengthen the company's performance management, I combined the actual situation of the company, research and development in the ERP system on the basis of a performance management system, and applied to the actual.

Performance management system research and development ideas and architecture

2.1 R & D ideas: research and development of the project the main use of incentive theory, the target management theory, the KPI management theory to establish a performance management system. The whole idea of ??the system design: Comb strategic positioning, clear strategic objectives; combing company main business processes, departments, functions, key job responsibilities, then clear performance management strategy and management framework, and then use the strategy of decomposition of the balanced scorecard to strategic objectives to departments, and the goal of performance management subsystem interface, and then select key positions KPI along the main business processes and functional responsibilities.
2.2 System architecture: Performance Management is a complete system, the main framework of the system includes the following sections:
2.2.1 Performance Plan: competent leadership and staff cooperation on employees next year should fulfill the duties and tasks of the importance of grades and levels of authority, performance measure, leading help, possible obstacles and methods solve a range of issues discussed and reached a consensus process, which is the most important part of the entire performance management system.
2.2.2 dynamic, ongoing performance communication: that both the leadership and the staff in the implementation of the process at any time to keep in touch, the whole tracking project progress, and remove the obstacles, if necessary, revise plan. This is the soul and core of the performance management system.
2.2.3 Performance Evaluation: included in the assessment of the performance management system can be carried out in a harmonious atmosphere. Performance plans and performance communication seriously, serious differences assessment is unlikely.
2.2.4 Performance diagnosis and counseling: Once the performance is low, the most important thing is to find out why. Once you find out the reason, the leadership and staff need to work together to overcome obstacles.
2.2.5 Performance evaluation of the results of the use of: System employees query performance evaluation results from the evaluation method, the results of the evaluation of the performance indicators, evaluations, pay for performance algorithms and ultimately pay for performance, staff performance can a comprehensive understanding of that, he needs to know what to do next, and how to improve their performance, thereby increasing the incentive.

Figure 1
As a core part of the human resource management functions, performance evaluation of a very close relationship exists between the various human resource management functions, job opportunities in the human resources management system, training and development, job changes and salaries and benefits, and other aspects will have important impact.

3 performance management system

3.1 to achieve the effect of the performance management system: performance management information system to solve the performance evaluation data collection difficult, complex data processing, performance evaluation process is difficult to supervisory control problem. Early work carried out in the performance management and appraisal by a paper document, not only data collection difficult, complex data processing, and low efficiency, high management costs. Without information technology, performance management work in the case of a relatively streamlined company personnel can not be timely supervision and control, performance management systems can not be effectively implemented.
The performance management system of information technology to save a lot of manpower, material and financial resources. The operation of the system interface is simple, easy to understand, for the performance management system provides. Performance evaluation information can be collected through the ERP, summarized and shared widely within the company, information on the formation of an effective integrated management. In addition, through the ERP performance evaluation process to have a good control and management can be found to the problems in the performance evaluation process, so as to provide effective support to the constant improvement of the performance system. Finally, the openness of the system and a strong secondary development capacity to meet the company's development, changes in the market and the business processes of the human resource management needs demand continuous improvement.
3.2 performance management system functional modules: the informatization of the performance management system to achieve the performance management system, each module needs through the completion of the company's ERP system, ERP system, key performance indicators for performance management, performance evaluation, performance evaluation, performance, communication, performance pay system to achieve. Functional modules, see Figure 1:
This article is limited to space reasons, "department key performance indicators management module to illustrate the process of performance management function module:
3.2.1 flowchart in Figure 2.
3.2.2 Process Description

Figure 2
(1) evaluation of the performance indicators management responsibility department, the system according to departmental key performance indicators set template generation department monthly performance index system, evaluation based on quantitative indicators to fill out the evaluation, the system automatically summarizes the results of the evaluation.
(2) performance indicators management responsibility of department heads to confirm the results of the evaluation of the evaluators and submitted for review.
(3) Performance Management, Human Resources dedicated to accept and check the responsible departments to submit evaluation data submitted is complete and check all the responsible departments to submit the audit of department heads.
(4) Human Resources leadership audit confirmation departmental key performance indicators evaluation data and publish.
(5) The results of the evaluation of the various departments view monthly performance indicators.

4 Conclusion

Through the establishment of a scientific and reasonable corporate performance management system, the author realized "as the leading program management, budget management, financial management as the core process control for the protection of" management ideas; management center of gravity, and give full play to the department responsible for leadership and management role. Learned through research that, compared with the same industry with the scale device management enterprise, due to the implementation of the performance evaluation system, streamline staff of nearly 800 people on an annual basis, the labor cost of 60,000 yuan / year only labor cost savings of nearly 48 million yuan.

[1] pay sub and Xu Yulin book. Performance appraisal and performance management, Beijing Publishing House of Electronics Industry .2003
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