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Analysis of the characteristics of an effective strategy to play the leading enterprises of intellectual property rights

Author: LuoJianHua ZhuZuoDan From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-17 20:08:01 Read:
Keywords: the dominant strategy for competition of intellectual property of enterprises performance
Abstract: Intellectual Property Strategy of enterprise is a component of the business strategy, can rise as the dominant strategy of enterprises.Intellectual property strategy if it can effectively, the enterprise will show some characteristics, this paper mainly in the electronic information industry for two cases from the enterprise competition and enterprise performance analysis.
1 enterprise intellectual property rights strategy
The diversification of competition under market economy system, within the same industry, an enterprise in the face of competitors is many, the enterprise must have a lot of business strategy, which formed the overall strategic system.Focus on how to make the implementation of the strategy to achieve the best benefit lies in how to control the strategic system, then the inevitable in the overall strategy of the enterprise to have a dominant strategy, the dominant strategy for center of gravity, which helps to realize the enterprise competition strategy, to better achieve the company business strategy.And for some special industries, such as high-tech industry, is completely in the overall strategy of the enterprise in the intellectual property strategy as the dominant strategy, so as to realize the other competitive strategy of enterprises.
The strategy will be used to enterprises of our country are collectively referred to as the enterprise business strategy, whether the various strategic business units of enterprises to choose what kind of business strategy, can use cost leadership strategy, differentiation strategy, focus strategy of business strategy, to gain a competitive advantage in a particular industry.Cost leadership strategy is to produce as the leading strategy, differentiation strategy is a product for the dominant strategy, focus strategy is the market-oriented strategy.Enterprise intellectual property strategy and enterprise strategy is an integral part of the strategy, is a subset of the overall strategy of the enterprise, also can rise as the dominant strategy of enterprises.So the enterprise intellectual property strategy should be based on enterprise intellectual property as the dominant strategy, formulated in the framework of the company strategy, the purpose is to better achieve the company's overall strategy.
Enterprise intellectual property strategy if it can effectively, the enterprise will show some characteristics.These features and show the other strategy cannot bring.Effectively what leading intellectual property strategy can be brought to the enterprise's characteristics, the following is mainly of electronic information industry in China's high-tech industry for example.
2 enterprise leading intellectual property competition strategy of effective business analysis
Enterprise competition behavior generally include price and non-price behavior, the competition behavior to intellectual property strategy as the dominant strategy of enterprises are not price behavior.
2.1 technology competition is the main means of enterprise competition
In the era of information economy, the nature of competition in the market a considerable extent can be summed up as the enterprise competitive technical.Those with intellectual property strategy as the dominant strategy of enterprises is the necessary means of competition as the survival and development of enterprises.China's electronic information industry competition is intense, Haier, Lenovo, Huawei, TeL is located in the forefront of the industry enterprises is increasing investment in R & D, patent applications are also increasing year by year.Enterprise competitive technical of our electronic information industry as an example to explain from three aspects, which are enterprise patent application, enterprise R& D expenditure proportion and content of science and technology enterprise human resources.
2.1.1 enterprise patent application number
Enterprise intellectual property strategy as the dominant strategy of enterprises are research and development ability, the ability of research and development is mainly reflected in the quantity and quality of patent and R & D investment in large enterprises.High-tech industry developed rapidly in China, the more abundant strength enterprises patent application amount it more and more, the research and development of more strong.Table 1 in the electronic information industry as an example, in the rankings of 2004 electronic information industry patent application amount and the invention patent of ten strong enterprises.

2.1.2 R& D expenditure than the major
The effective implementation of intellectual property strategy is to a large extent the intellectual property of this kind of intangible assets as the foundation, the intellectual property rights obtained in many ways, but most Chinese enterprises lack of independent property rights, everywhere heteronomy, but throughout our can implementation of intellectual property rights better business, mostly at the cost of R & D, devote more capital, R & D capability than general enterprises.Table 2 is the R & D in 2004 China's electronic information industry top ten enterprises.
Intellectual property strategy as the dominant strategy of the enterprise long-term development perspective, generally need to develop its own research and development capabilities, enterprises are required to have the independent property rights, so enterprises in the development of enterprises are planning to increase investment in R & D, enhance R & D capability.Can be seen from the above data, research and development of China's electronic information industry into the top ten enterprises of the average amount of R & D investment accounted for 5.38% of sales income, especially in the first Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., R & D investment accounted for 13.62% of sales income, the enterprise R& D expenditure proportion is relatively large.

2.1.3 enterprise human resources with high content of science and technology
Intellectual property strategy as the dominant strategy of the enterprise, high technology content of the general human resources.China's IT industry is a technology-intensive industry, technology intensive enterprise whether can largely be reflected from the level of academic staff, general staff in higher education level, enterprise technical force is stronger, the strategy of enterprise intellectual property more effectively.So as the high-tech enterprise IT enterprises, technology is productivity, is the power of sustainable development, the level of employee education directly affects the survival and development of enterprises.
Figure 3 is a map of China's IT industry in 2003, nine industry staff degree structure, these nine industries are: the Internet, software, IT services trade, IT synthesis, communications network equipment manufacturing, electrical appliances manufacturing, IT accessories, electronic components, conceptual, finally. IT industry.As can be seen, compared with other industries, the proportion of high-tech enterprises belonging to the IT industry the Shuo students accounted for is relatively large, especially software enterprises, undergraduate academic staff of the highest proportion, amounting to 56.44%, the Shuo accounted for 60%.

2.2 brand and service competition is becoming increasingly fierce
With consumers increasingly stressed self and individual needs of pursuit, a growing market diversification, personalization, segmentation and complicated; on the other hand, with the development of science and technology, the enterprise product tends to homogenization condition in quality.The competition between the manufacturers is not just a product form competition, namely, quality service and brand as the products and enterprises and service commitment.On the brand value more directly from the foreign famous companies on the brand promotion and market demonstration effect on the domestic market encroachment threat.In the Multi-National Corporation on process of domestic brands, some companies use their own core capability unique brand promotion, competition has been introduced to compete with Multi-National Corporation.Haier group followed a core concept of world famous brand, the brand promotion in the successful implementation of diversification on the basis of transformation, but also realize the overseas investment strategy, become the growth of Multi-National Corporation.
For intellectual property strategy as the dominant strategy of the enterprise, service competition substitute for competition has become a trend, this trend was more prominent in the IT industry.Along with the enterprise strategy "product center" to "take the customer as the center", China's IT industry has entered a service and software oriented era, the industry business model by "product is the source of profit '," service is to sell products "," product is to provide service
Service platform ', "service is the main source of profit" transformation, IBM, Lenovo, founder and other companies are trying to create the image of service provider.The service has become the dominant market, dominate's fate, also guide the user's needs.
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