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Flexible company model and its application

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Abstract: As the operating environment in the dynamic and complex nature of the enhanced, more and more enterprises to implement flexible labor employment. The European flexible company model using three types of employment patterns: common employment, direct employment and indirect employment, these models in the domestic application must be based on the reality of China's national conditions, and current domestic laws.
Keywords: flexible company model; employment patterns; flexible security model

A flexible company model

Faced with the problem of unemployment of the 1970s recession and domestic economic development workers, the United Kingdom Atkinson on the basis of empirical investigation, from the point of view of the labor employment and the use of proposed flexible company model, shown in Figure 1:
As shown in Figure 1, Atkinson of the company's employees is divided into three levels. Among them, living in the center of the core layer consists of a number of key employees, such as managers, designers and technical staff to equip them with the diversity of skills when needed in the company to fulfill different functions and assume different roles flexible functionality, continuing on their investment in human capital, career development, cultivate loyalty to the organization; intermediate layer of staff to loose employment relationship with the company, is composed of two categories. The first outer layer made of full-time employees with a particular skill, companies generally do not carry out the training and development investment, do not expect them to horizontal or vertical flow within the company; second outer layer is generally short-term contract employees, as part of the working hours, fixed term employees, the layer for the company to provide a number of flexible. The level between the employees and the company is relatively loose, but belonging signed a formal and fixed employment relationship, employees and the enterprise.
The outermost layer is the relationship through a commercial contract with the company's staff, including outsourcing, subcontracting and external employees, as well as the purchase of temporary employment agency staff and self-employed labor. Such officers in purely external personnel of the company, there is no separate employment relationship with the company, they just through commercial contracts for the company to provide the labor only. Generally secondary or lack of appropriate skills within the work delivered outside professional agencies or personnel, so as to obtain the number of flexible.
Flexible company model implied a theoretical assumption: the core staff to organize a strategic resource, peripheral personnel operating resources. So, the core should be the implementation of strategic management, it should be built-in technology; external personnel to implement cost management, the external transactional contract. This segmentation strategy employees into core staff (Core worker) and marginal or peripheral employees (Peripheral or Ring Worker) categories. Some scholars hiring and management called micro or internal dual labor market. The core staff is a corporate culture of multi-skilled workers, the implementation of the internal work, they have superior treatment and welfare, and to maintain a stable employment relationship with the enterprise; edge of employees by the middle layer and the outermost staff unimportant or routine work in the implementation of the enterprise, its treatment and welfare of poor employment relationship with the enterprise also less stable. They are mostly low-level staff on the labor market, such as unemployment or due to lack of skills not turn out as we had hoped to find permanent work of staff and women, also may be in school students.

Flexible labor employment

In practice, the so-called staff built, that traditional standardized employment generally have the following three features: full-time work, work continuity established in the employer's company to complete the work content and accept the direction and supervision of the employer (Kalleberg , 2000). The employment of these three characteristics, or one who does not have any form of labor exchange relationships are externalized.
Externalization of employment in the UK is generally referred to as "non-standard employment (non-standard employment), the European Commission called" atypical employment (atypical employment "), the United States called" temporary work "(contingent work), but also scholars call "flexible personnel arrangements" (flexible staffing arrangement) and market regulation work arrangements (market-mediated work arrangement). Heterogeneity because these externalized staff, that there are differences in the human capital content, nature of work, employment patterns, preferences, and goals, its external Realizing Ways differences. In reality, the above intermediate layer and the outer peripheral personnel corresponding, respectively, produced the following three main modes of employment.
(A) common employment
Common employment (co-employment or joint employer arrangement) outsourcing business has hired fixed personnel management, employees take "joint employer" with the formation of human resources management professional company management mode. The so-called joint employer employment enterprises will be handed over to its part of the employee's employment responsibilities and obligations of professional human resources management company, to form a cooperative employment of employees or co-employment. In the United States the typical form of professional employer organization (PEO, Professional Employer Organization), the rise in the 1980s, is responsible for the employees of the firm commissioned management and employee relations, personnel data retention laws and regulations; hiring, assignment, promotion and processing payroll books, including risk management, lower labor costs, employment and management services in the framework of labor law; excluded employers are worried about severance, retirement plans and pension payments. And employment enterprises just to provide work for employees, and the necessary staff appraisal rights, the right to regulate and payroll rights preserved to maintain the performance of the employees, the centripetal force and corporate culture. China mainly refers to a professional services company engaged in the personnel agency.
Common employment relationship is different from the general manpower dispatch, enterprise part of its existing internal staff management responsibilities and obligations, the management of affairs of the implementation of laws and regulations, and administrative management to the PEO, does not affect the employee's place of work and the environment, employees and former colleagues still in the original enterprise applications original equipment and technology to provide labor.
(B) direct employment
Direct employment (direct employment) refers to the enterprise by the existence of an employment relationship with the labor intermediaries or other organizations, but atypical employment relationship to the labor contract / contract form and labor, usually a variety of volatile short-term employment. such as: non-wholly / partially man-hours work (part-time worker) The fixed-term contract workers (fixed-term contract worker), seasonal workers (seasonal worker), remote labor (tele,-work), with the pass work (on- call workers), the emergency workers (causal worker) and domestic workers (home worker).
Occurrence of this short-term instability of the employment relationship may be direct contact by both the employer may also be designed for both labor supply and demand information through some intermediary agencies. Unlike human existence of an employment relationship with the labor-sending agencies or professional employer organization such intermediaries, generally only matchmaking for employers and employees are paid commissions, are provided for both commercial services, once the employment relationship, intermediary agencies and labor employed the relationship between the two sides also suspended.
(C) indirect employment
"Buy" external labor (for indirect indirect employment ") is the indirect employment through commercial contracts. In the strict sense, this is not an employment, but a labor of commercial trading relationship. Indirect employment of personnel to other organizations, intermediaries employees or self-employed, may be obtained in the form mainly including outsourcing, subcontracting work, manpower (labor dispatching) and self-employment (self-employed), four types of form, they form the outermost layer of flexible company model.
The outworking generation caused by outsourcing. The so-called outsourcing (outsourcing, contracting out), also known as the Resource Outsourcing, or external sourcing, enterprise integration refers to the use of other external relative good enterprise resource will be some non-core, secondary or auxiliary function or services, such as maintenance, catering, security and production activities are outsourced to external professional services organization outsourcer's expertise and strengths to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the enterprise as a whole, itself only focus on those core, the main function or business.
Outsourcing relationships, outsourcing is generally self-employment to employees, and with the establishment of a labor contract relationship, self-direction, supervision and management of a servant. But generally work in the working environment shall contract outsourcing enterprises outsourcer implementation process outsourcing enterprises own affairs operation process independent of each other, mutual noninterference bear all work responsibilities, until the completion of a specific business date . 2. Subcontract workers
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