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The Xi'an urban residents travel decision-making behavior comparative study

Author: YanYan ZhouWen ZhangYouYin From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-03-23 17:04:50 Read:
Abstract: Through questionnaires and interviews Xi'an different family types tourists, with the comparative analysis method from the source of information, travel motivation, travel, travel time and frequency, destination choice, tourism projects selection and restrictions of different family structures The influencing factors TOURISTS'TOUR single, couple, core and continuing Tourists' decision-making behavior characteristics of the four types of family structure and rules. Analyzed Average family has become urban residents generally choose to travel, family travel decision-making, decision-making behavior of different types of families showing different characteristics.
Keywords: tourists; family structure; decision-making behavior; Xi'an
Abstract: By questionnaires and interviews to Xi'an tourists of different family types, the paper studied the single, husband and wife duo, core and extended family structures four kinds of behavioral characteristics of tourists and tourism decision-making rules in virtue of comparative analytical technique from the information sources, travel motivations, travel mode, travel time and frequency, destination choice, travel project selection, and restrictions on tourists traveling in different family structures influencial factors, etc. We concluded that the family came together as travel has become a popular choice of trips for urban residents, and in the family travel decision-making, different types of families' decision-making behaviors showed different characteristics.
Key words: tourists; family structure; decision-making behavior; Xi'an

With the continuous improvement of the level of consumption of urban residents, family tourism consumption is becoming the mainstream of domestic tourism consumption. The family is the basic unit of social groups, due to the close ties with the feelings of the family members, the interests of the profound related changes in family structure, has the most direct and important impact on the travel behavior of individuals [1]. The family structure changes directly brought about a change in the mode of intra-household consumption decisions, showing all kinds of with specific consumer phenomenon of urban households in China [2]. With the transformation of socio-economic status of the passage of time, family structure, family values, family members, family travel decision-making process showing different characteristics [3]. Behavioral characteristics of the face of increasingly complex, diverse, differentiated needs of tourists, all kinds of tourists effective market segmentation and market research to know the tourists become the inevitable trend of tourism studies. The marketers household purchasing decisions as to product development, the basis of the pricing strategy and media selection [4]. Therefore, the study of family travel market segments, to understand the laws of family tourists' decision-making behavior, direct and effective marketing, improve the travel agency business management has a very important significance for the perfect regional tourism spatial structure and product structure. Xi'an city as a famous tourist destination, and is in the leading position of the western economic development, consumer decision-making behavior for of Xi'an family travel market is still in its infancy, and select the city residents to investigate, research family travel decision-making behavior The law has a typical representative significance.

First, the data acquisition mode

This study used questionnaires and interviews, survey the family unit, the family structure is divided into single-parent families, the family of the couple, the family of nuclear families and continuation of four categories, single, young families, young couples without children second generation family, parents, and unmarried children under one roof family and the family of three generations living under one roof or four generations. Those surveyed on behalf of the family members of the family nucleus. Questionnaire in October 2008 and November, major residential area in Xi'an, supermarkets, parks, squares, urban residents random distribution, a total of 600 questionnaires were distributed, excluding invalid questionnaires, the actual recovery of 552, the effective rate of 92%. Excel and SPSS15.0 statistical software to analyze the data.
Age family tourists in the survey, 52% of the total sample size of men, women accounted for 48% of the the sample gender basic average; mainly young and middle-aged between 18-44 years old, 18-30 years accounted for 35.0% ,31-44 years old accounted for 38.0%, 45 - 59 years old accounted for 19.4%, over the age of 60 accounted for 7.6%; occupational workers accounted for 13.9%, 8.9% of the professional and technical personnel, 10.3 percent of government employees, cultural and educational personnel 14.1% and 16.1% of the general staff, 15.8% of the business people, retired personnel and 6.9%, the homeworkers 4.2%, other 9.8%; family structure, mainly to nuclear families, accounting for 44.9%, accounted for 12.1% of single-parent families, the couple families accounted for 15.9%, a continuation of type families accounted for 26.9%.

Second, the empirical research

Based on the survey data, the article on urban family structure tourists travel information sources, travel motivation, travel, travel time and frequency, the influencing factors of destination choice for tourism activities in project selection and restrictions on travel were analyzed in order to draw behavioral characteristics and laws of the cities in different types of families tourists travel decisions.
(A) different family travel information source analysis
Analysis of travel information sources, understand tourists access to information, tourism destination marketing, advertising and public relations important factor. The analysis shows that, on the whole family travel information sources ranked first "friends", followed by "newspaper / magazine, radio / TV," network "and" travel agencies "through tourism exhibition, less "outdoor advertising" and "travel books" Understanding family travel information sources. Travel information sources from different family structures, single-parent families are usually affected by a higher level of education, like the Internet, 37.31% of single-parent families choose to travel information through the network to understand; husband and two-person households tend to obtain travel information from the network and the travel agency, accounted for 43.18% and 26.14%, respectively; nuclear family is often to obtain travel information from travel agents, which launched in recent years many travel agents for these two types of families, "the couple swim", "Carnival Le Tour" travel products; continuation-style family select "radio / TV and newspaper / magazine proportion accounted for 32.21% and 37.58%, respectively, slightly higher than the other families, mature families are more susceptible to the impact of traditional media advertising promotion.
(B) family outings motivation analysis
Psychology that the motivation is the direct cause of the behavior, and travel to select preferences premise. Travel characteristics and needs, combined with domestic tourists article will travel motivation is divided into five types of health, emotional, educational, economic and social. Conducted a survey of visitors and the Richter Scale 1-5 grade rated: where 1 means totally inconsistent with 2 points less in line, match 3 points 4 points said he was in line 5 indicates full compliance with calculated using SPSS software on various tourism motivation mean. Single-parent families "make new friends", "seek excitement and adventure" score higher than other households is 3.63 and 3.19, respectively, mainly due to such tourists are often young people age between 19-27 years old, Most of them are energetic, prominent ANGEL divergent psychological; For the families of the couple, relieve stress, relax, enhance the feelings of the family "and" improve individuals 'highbrow' is the main motive for its tourism ; relieve stress, relax, children growth horizons "and" improve individuals 'highbrow' nuclear family is the main motivation of the group, because such families often bear the functionality of the education of their children; For continuation style family the needs of groups of "health and fitness" and "religious pilgrimage or ancestors" than other families, mainly due to higher demand of such families in the elderly to improve their physique. Overall, in all kinds of family travel motivation, health, motivation, emotional motivation score higher, followed by educational motivation, social motivation and economic motives. Relieve stress, relax the main motivation for all kinds of family outings, the highest score (4.25) this the family of the couple. The family structure is more simple, religious pilgrimage or ancestors score the smaller the motivation to seek excitement and adventure "and" make new friends "the higher the score.
(C) the different family outings analysis
The survey results show (Figure 1), most single-parent families and travel of friends "(58.21%) and" Alone "(25.37%), and they like the freedom, do not love to be bound personality; couple person households, especially newlyweds usually want to travel together to enhance the exchange of feelings, often couples traveling together or a group tour; travel way for the nuclear family, the top two are "family together" (76.21%) and units Organization (33.06%), because of the general work of the members of such families is relatively stable, and the units of the better benefits, and parents are often willing to travel together in the summer and winter vacations with children; the continuation style family members more and larger age difference higher quality of service requirements, in addition to travel together with their families, the proportion of the "package tours travel is also high (32.21%). The family structure is more complex, "a group of friends" and "Alone" select lower rate. In addition to single-parent families, most of the different types of families traveling with your family, rarely separate trips, which reflect the consumption patterns of urban dwellers traditional family values ??and the family as the core.
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