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Effects of structure of regional innovation network to the innovation performance of enterprise

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Abstract: with the development of the regional innovation theory, the organizational structure and the spatial network structure problem of regional innovation network has become the focus of research in the field.The innovation mechanism of regional innovation network by the research of regional innovation network node interaction and coupling, develop a conceptual model of interaction between regional innovation network structure, enterprise technology innovation behavior and innovation performance, microcosmic mechanism analysis of the structure of regional innovation network effects on enterprise technology innovation performance, revealing the co-evolution process between regional innovation network structure and the enterprise technology innovation.
Keywords: regional innovation network; network structure; innovation performance of

Since the nineteen ninties, industrial cluster is the rise worldwide, such as the successful development experience of some areas of the United States Silicon Valley, Italy, Hsinchu third, Bangalore, aroused the interest of many scholars, with the further research of industrial cluster, some scholars started from the network perspective to analyze the phenomenon of industrial clusters, and puts forward the regional innovation network (Regional Innovation Networks) concept.Regional innovation network is actually a form of organization in the industrial cluster innovation network, it is about the intensity, frequency and direction of regional and national technology innovation to a certain extent, is to guide the technology has become one of the important carrier of the first productivity.With the development of the regional innovation theory, research the focus of research in recent years gradually tend to the specific problems of regional innovation network environment, organization structure, spatial structure, the innovation process.Among them, the organizational structure and the spatial network structure of regional innovation network, is always the hot research field.In regional innovation networks, enterprises through agglomeration and space, by "atomic (atomistic)" state by means of enterprise resources to adopt an independent innovation, transformation (embarrass) embedded in a series of economic main body and its relationship to trade the innovation network.Enterprise's technological innovation behavior beyond the organizational boundaries, and is affected by all kinds of embedded network of other subject resources and capabilities and network.The structure of regional innovation network and even determines the process of enterprise technological innovation organization and innovation performance.This article just what kind of organization is a regional innovation network, how to structure the attribute of regional innovation networks, the network structure of mechanism of enterprise technological innovation effect is what, with analysis of creative thinking.

One, the definition of regional innovation network

The concept of regional innovation network is put forward based on the regional innovation system, and research and industrial clusters is closely related to the.Some scholars believe that the industrial cluster is a regional innovation network, the evolution process of industrial cluster is in fact the regional innovation network rooted and evolutionary process (Bell, Album, 1999; Wang Jici, 1998; Gai Wenqi, 2002).Cooke (1996) [1] first put forward the definition of regional innovation network, he believes that the regional innovation network is mainly composed of geographical division and interrelated production enterprises, research institutes and institutions of higher education and other regional organization system, and this system support and innovation.In regional innovation networks, enterprises and other institutions by the way of embeddedness (Embededness) system environment for the characteristics of the system in which the "interactive learning, interactive learning" corresponds to the knowledge in the production system through interaction with a different behavior of a collective assets; "environment" refers to a open regional complex, including rules, standards, values and human and material resources; "embeddedness" includes both inside and outside the enterprise creation and copying the economic and knowledge of the process, the process is usually done by certain social interaction, can take different forms and increase the difficulty of [2] replication.The domestic scholar Wang Jici (1999) [3] defines regional innovation network between organizations and individuals in the formal or informal cooperation and exchange relations formed on the relative stability of the system, the local behavior subjects of enterprise, University, scientific research institutes, local government.This network system, from the narrow sense, refers to the lasting stable relationship between enterprise selectively with other enterprises or institutions to form strategic alliances, joint ventures, such as suppliers, customers, and the vertical connection.Generalized innovation network also includes informal communication and contact the local behavior subjects which occurs in the long-term trading, these relations are relatively stable.

Two, the regional innovation network structure analysis of

The network is composed of nodes and links between nodes.A structural analysis of regional innovation network, is the analysis of all these nodes formal and informal connection.Effect of regional innovation network in each node of the regional innovation, it is through the connection of these formal and informal nature constitute the whole realized after.Link density and scale of network nodes within the region is an important variable is an important index to measure the regional innovation network in different stages of development and regional innovation efficiency.A structural analysis of regional innovation network is helpful for understanding the mutual influence and interaction of various factors in the process of regional innovation as a whole, thus deepening the understanding of the essence of the regional innovation network.
The elements and structure analysis of innovation network, Cooke and Schienstock (2000) [4], the regional innovation system consists of geographical concept, with clear geographic definition and action arrangement and mechanism innovation networks, the innovation networks and institutions with formal and informal style of interaction, and constantly improve the internal regional innovation output.In-house the innovation system including Research Institute, University, technology transfer mechanism, a chamber of Commerce or industry associations, banks, investors, government departments, enterprises and enterprise networks and clusters.Padmore (1988) [5] proposed the elements of regional innovation network in industrial clusters based on the regional innovation network, that is mainly composed of three factors, namely, environment, enterprise and market factors, including environmental factors are supply factors of the regional innovation networks, enterprises should is structural elements of regional innovation network, and the market factor is demand factors of whole network.Asheim (2000) [6] that regional innovation network is mainly composed of two types of interaction between subject and their: the first category is the main regional leading industry clusters in the enterprise and its supporting industries; second kind of main body is the foundation of the system structure, such as a research university, technology diffusion mechanism, occupation training institutions, industry associations, financial institutions, these institutions plays an important supporting role in regional innovation.Wang Hecheng and Ning Xi (2001) [7] put forward three major elements of regional innovation network in the Silicon Valley area: in the face of market economy, science and technology resources developing and new enterprises and government policy and new management method.Based on the above viewpoints, the regional innovation network structure mainly includes the following three levels:
1 core layer.Enterprises are the main body of regional innovation.From the point of view of a single enterprise, and linked to the existence of the enterprise members can be further subdivided into: upstream, downstream enterprises, enterprise competition enterprises, other enterprises (non upstream, downstream and trade enterprises, such as logistics enterprises).The enterprise through the collaborative development and upstream enterprises and suppliers, can obtain raw materials and production technology, quality and production process of products in the market competition advantage on; information interaction between enterprises and customers, can be directly perceived needs of the latest changes and indirect access to competitor sales trend, thus in the part of R & D, production, rapid sales adjustment, in order to maintain a flexible production necessary to strain the changeable market.With the collaborative platform of regional innovation network provides, enterprise competitive enterprises tend to establish beyond the general market competition between social contact (forest Jingjun, 2005), information exchange and sharing similar enterprises is the important means to promote innovation and excited to have innovation spillover, this informal interaction network is important for significance of sharing and cooperation to promote regional knowledge innovation.
The 2 auxiliary layer.By the University and research institutes, intermediary service institutions and government and binding of the network is an important auxiliary process of regional innovation network.University and scientific research institution is an important source of scientific research and innovation, in addition to providing the latest knowledge and technology for the enterprises within the region, can also direct transportation enterprise innovative talents, or increase the number of regional innovative enterprises throughout the region, providing explicit knowledge stock and flow.Intermediary service institutions including assist, promote the transformation, mechanism and the role of bridge and link in the innovation activities, such as the Productivity Promotion Center, high-tech achievement transformation service center; also includes institutions and organizations provide consulting service for innovation activities, such as accounting firms, law firms, technology
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