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The formation and evolution of the way of modular production and its implementation

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Keywords thesis: modular production mode of mass customization in
Abstract: module production has aroused extensive attention.In this paper, on the basis of research results of domestic and foreign scholars, put forward the concept of modular production mode, four aspects from the specialization, scale economy, demand for diversified and personalized, modular design and analysis of the formation and evolution of modular production, from the module division, based on modular design, function module based on modular virtual enterprise manufacturing network, four aspects of many varieties of pipelined modular assembly based on the implementation of modular production mode.The realization of mass customization production mode of module and enterprises to meet market demand diversification, personalization has important significance, provides a new mode of production to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

The formation and evolution of
modular production mode

Development and technological progress, economic pursuit of profit, the mode of production, the production of the evolution of single piece and small batch production, mass production to modular production.The drawback of the traditional mode of production to promote enterprise to seek quick response to market demand diversification, personalization, and can provide customized products in the new mode of production and low cost for the customer.In this context, the modular production mode emerge as the times require.Therefore, the modular production mode has its inevitability.
(a) the professional is a prerequisite for
the formation of modular production mode
The traditional mode of production, specialization is an effective way for enterprises to improve production efficiency.With the aggravation of the market competition, the product life cycle, delivery time shortened and the consumer demand change from quantity to quality of consumption, consumption of individual consumption, the traditional division of labor is no longer meet the need of competition.The module is based on the traditional division of labor further each subdivision process according to the functional principle to polymerization, this reflected the thought mode of production is in the module: the product is decomposed into independent modules, these modules can be in different enterprise specialized in manufacturing, to be designed independently, and the "independence" just to make the core competitiveness of the module production enterprises have been strengthened.Therefore, professional make the modular mode of production has created the possibility, is a prerequisite for the formation of modular production mode.
(two) the scale economy is the power
the formation of modular production mode
Improve the scale economic benefit, reduce the cost of unit product, is the base for enterprises to achieve good economic benefit.But in today's increasingly competitive, market demand is becoming more and more diversified, personalized market environment, to meet customer needs and achieve economies of scale are often contradictory, that to meet the customer's diversification, personalized demand will be difficult to achieve economies of scale enterprises.Therefore, how to resolve this contradiction is one of the major issues facing the business.Modular especially widely used modular design is a great innovation of enterprises in technology, products, modular production is the use of module standardization and universalization, through modular design, modular manufacturing, modular assembly, through the variety of products and parts standardization of the effective combination through the module, the batch production, to meet customer needs and achieve economies of scale, reduce the cost of enterprise.Therefore, the modular production mode is a better suited to today's market competition mode of production, is a powerful way to enterprises in pursuit of economies of scale.
(three) diversified and personalized demand is a necessary condition for the formation of modular production mode
Mass customization is the meet customer's diversification, personalized needs a way, when implementing mass customization in a single internal cause increased business costs, reduce the efficiency of.Therefore, the mode of production application module, through modular design, modular manufacturing, modular assembly can realize mass customization and efficient, low cost production.First of all, through the division of function modules reasonable use of products, to reduce the variation of product structure and manufacturing structure similarity module, and ultimately with portfolio selection and module between the gain control of product cost and in maintaining the diversity of products at the same time goal; secondly, in the design phase to the individual needs of customers into product of, from design stage to final delivery phase, the entire production process embodies the personalized customer demand, improve customer satisfaction; finally, modular manufacturing, modular assembly shortening product life cycle, shorten product time to market.Therefore, satisfy the customer diversification, personalized demand is the main goal of modular production, is a necessary condition for the formation of modular production mode.
(four) the modular design, manufacturing is the full condition for the formation of modular production mode
Product design, style determines the product assembly, which determines the product production method.Modular design, manufacturing beyond the traditional design, manufacturing methods, the product is divided into a series of functional modules, will be the production of objects from the traditional components into modules, and then through the selection and combination of modules, assembly of products to meet the customers' needs.Standardization, module of the universal, leading to a module to generate the modular design, the production object module manufacturing, transformation of modular design, modular manufacturing caused by product assembly by way of the traditional assembly to the modular assembly, resulting in changing the mode of production to the modular production mode.Therefore, the modular design, modular manufacturing promoted the emergence of modular production, is the full condition for the formation of modular production mode.

Implementation of

modular production mode

(a) modules reasonable is the realization of the modular production key
Modular division is the premise of the modular design, modular design is the basis for the realization of the modular production, therefore, module partition is the key link of production module.Has a great influence on module partition size on the production cost and efficiency: module partition granularity is finer, more conducive to the customer participation in product design, but because of the number of module products increase, the assembly interface increased, the assembly time is lengthened, assembly accuracy can increase, so that the extended delivery time; module partition granularity is coarse, the more conducive to product assembly, but customer demand is difficult to meet the requirements, because a small customer, it may lead to redesign the whole module, thereby increasing the cost and production cycle, extended delivery time, customer satisfaction decline.According to the features of modular production, considering the personalized customer demand, to function as the basis, to structure the carrier, according to the physical, geometric feature, the module division for manufacturing, assembly oriented, simplified modular manufacturing, assembly process, reduce transportation, waiting time.
(two) the modular design of
function module based on
Modular design is the core value of the modular production, is the maximum value of the enterprise.Enterprises in the receipt of customer orders, first determine the regrouping existing products and the module can meet the needs of customers, to provide the necessary products to customers with new combination of existing products or module can be fast, reliable, no need to design new products; otherwise, the improvement of existing module, module design and interface design for innovative product design:
Improvement of existing module.Analysis of the individual needs of customers, to find similar to the modules, and then take a similar module of the change or replace some elements, adding some elements, the change of some interface and local updating function, improve the module performance measures, strive for in the existing conditions basis as far as possible to meet customer demand.To design economic improvement of the existing module has a module efficiency, cycle short, more easily accepted by the enterprises and the adoption of.
Special module design.When there is no standard module or a general module library and the required module similar standard module, not existing module improvement, requires the use of special module design.Special modular design cycle longer, need more manpower and material resources, financial resources, therefore, must consider economic principle, including general, series and other factors in the design, in order to achieve a special module to the transformation of the general module.
Interface design.Interface is the role of transfer function.In order to expand module versatility, interface design must solve the interchangeability and compatibility issues.The interface of the module is divided into inside and outside interface, internal interface mainly realize interconnection module, it is a kind of special interface, while the external interface is mainly to realize the connection between modules.Therefore, considering the interface structure of various products, make the design of the module has a variety of interface, to realize the interconnection of different products, namely, to expand the interface compatibility, compatibility is to solve the problem of updating module, increase module
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