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Analysis of status quo of the coal enterprise information construction and improvement strategies

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Abstract: With the continuous development of science and technology, information technology has been into all walks of life in various fields, this paper, the current situation of the information construction in modern coal enterprises, some of the problems in the information construction process analysis, proposed coal enterprise information construction principles, objectives, content. With some guidance Significance for coal enterprise information construction will also generate greater social and economic benefits.
Keywords: coal of information technology to improve

China is the world's largest coal producing country, accounted for 37% of world coal production. Coal is China's main energy, primary energy production and consumption by 76% and 69%, respectively, with the transformation of the mode of economic growth in the coal industry, the strategic position of the expansion of coal use, coal is still very important. Information technology is an inevitable choice for China to accelerate industrialization and modernization. Market-oriented institutional transition pressure gradually increased coal enterprises fully appreciate the importance of information, basically reached a consensus on the information technology to promote enterprise development. Therefore, how to use information technology to transform coal enterprises to improve production safety, increase productivity, reduce human error intervention, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, China's coal enterprises need to focus on an issue.

First, the current situation and the existing problems of China's coal enterprises informationization construction

(1) do not have the correct construction philosophy
Many coal enterprises in the implementation of information technology strategy, the blind pursuit of technical high consumption, while ignoring the changes in IT management and internal business processes. In fact, the the coal enterprise information first and foremost is a revolution in corporate structure, management system. Whether the information construction of coal enterprises can succeed bigger factor will depend, in addition to technical factors, can a good combination of the advanced management philosophy with the concrete realities of the coal enterprises, enterprise information construction is not so much a technical problem as it is a management problem.
(2) information is not standardized workflow
Enterprise workflow mostly naturally formed itself did not take into account the needs of computer and digital computer system is not suitable for processing, causing difficulties to the development and maintenance of information systems; between the other similar enterprises workflow inconsistent, difficult to promote development system, resulting in low-level redundant development. Therefore, the management of scientific, standardized by the managers to drive, and is a long process, contrary to the law, expect through an information system developed by computer technicians to solve the problem of technology, management and all parties while this way does not work.
(3) lack of unified planning, there is no established specialized institutions and set up a full-time leadership
Is a continuous improvement of enterprise information, and gradually improve the process. Therefore, enterprises must be carried out prior to the construction of information technology systems planning. However, some coal enterprises in the process of information, not leading to a unified command and coordination of various departments acting on their own, only from the department, regardless of other departments already have fairly with the department of technology and capacity causing internal "information asymmetry", which is not conducive to enterprise information construction.
(4) existing information systems are imperfect, and even from the practical application
Most of the existing coal enterprise information construction is the coal enterprise resource planning system, ie CERP. The CERP is Sima Coal technicians and experts of the China University of Mining and Technology after more than a year, independent research and development of a set of information management system suitable for this special coal industry. Its R & D and put into use in China's coal industry, a thinking and technical revolution and its achievements can not be denied, but in actual business operation, the gap between theoretical and practical existence of software phenomenon, resulting in the entire system and can not achieve the desired effect.
(5) lack of professional personnel
Currently engaged in the coal enterprise information management staff, the most purely computer technicians, they lack knowledge of the coal mine management, and even some staff computers still remain at a low level. Resulting in the generation of increased personnel costs, human capital, precipitation, and other undesirable phenomena. Second, improve the the coal enterprise information construction strategy

(1) from the ideologically improve the understanding of information construction
Coal is an important energy resource, and plays an important role in the development of the national economy. Coal enterprises should keep up with the pace of development in the construction of enterprise information, and enhance the ability of market competition, and never in slogans of information can be information technology as a decorative vase. The process of enterprise information system and the concept of change, companies reinvented the process of re-architecture, the entire staff to participate in the "brainwashing" engineering. Information construction attaches great importance to only the "number one", there are clear requirements for the construction of information technology, enterprise information construction planning, human resources, capital can be well implemented. Not to buy a computer, build a network simple, day-to-day work onto the computer is the enterprise information.
(2) carefully selected information competent
In practical work, the industry usually said information construction, information construction only "number one" attaches great importance to the construction of information technology, information construction have explicitly requested as "the number one project, the construction of enterprise information planning, human resources, capital can be well implemented. Enterprises need a grasp of the business, familiar with the operation and management, due diligence the information construction deputies to serve as chief information officer. CIO must not only be able to organize the relevant departments and business people to explore the study of business process reengineering and management system adjust and personally organized staff and business staff to the project team, the various application systems to study how to get better in the business of processing Applications, to find solutions to the problems encountered in practice.
(3) to strengthen technical support to accelerate the development of related software and perfection
Actually, a lot of coal enterprises exist to run the system trying to build information technology, but do not know where to start. This requires China's scientific research departments to speed up the research and development of information technology software and information software system, further optimization and transformation.
(4) training and the introduction of enterprise information compound talents
Information construction, talent is fundamental. Technical training, both for leaders at all levels of technical personnel involved in the development of information systems and the implementation of staff are essential. First, enterprises should strengthen their internal staff training. The coal enterprises through internal training and other means, to raise a new consciousness of the employees theoretical knowledge and information, so as to ensure the success of information construction. Secondly, through to tertiary institutions Education learning methods such as coal enterprise information specific organization and implementation team with a new concept of information technology new knowledge structure, in order to better leadership in the coal enterprises informationization construction. Pay close attention to cultivate both the number of good management, but also proficient in modern information technology, compound talents with advanced management concepts, promote the coal enterprise information construction is imperative.
(5) the integration of existing information systems, and gradually turned to e-commerce
In recent years, China's coal enterprises to complete mine safety and production monitoring and control automation systems, financial cost management as the core enterprise management system, marketing information management system and e-commerce to explore. Next, it should be combined with their own situation and market conditions, the progressive realization of the construction of enterprise information, and eventually into the enterprise-wide information management and production stages to achieve convergence with the level of international operators.

[1] Yuan Wei, the coal enterprise information construction Situation and Countermeasures of North China Institute of Science and Technology. 7, 2008.
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