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On the core competence of China International Logistics Development

Author: DuanZheng From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-03-01 23:19:50 Read:

key international logistics; core competence of

logistics industry in the national economy as a new service department, its development level is one of important symbols to measure a country's modernization degree and comprehensive national strength.China how to exert the core competitiveness of international logistics, has become an urgent problem to be solved, this paper discusses this problem.

a government to international logistics support

The government should actively play a guiding, supporting, norms, rectification effect, make development planning and management of the industry.The government should bear the responsibilities include:

(a) the planning guide
Modern logistics industry plays an important role in national economy, affects the operation of the national economy efficiency and effectiveness.The government should be the logistics industry as a pillar industry of national economy, support energetically encourage the industry, make it really become the third profit source.At present our country is in economic transition period, the logistics industry also began to enter the stage of large-scale investment, policy should lead and guide, and realize the great-leap-forward development of this industry.Therefore, the government must have a clear development programme guide logistics industry.Not only to establish the strategy guide, also should make planning and specific implementation measures, and carry on the adjustment to the existing management institutions and industry policy.

(two) the legislation and market monitoring
From the western development of the logistics industry experience, for transportation to relax control is an effective way to promote the development of the industry.The so-called relaxation of regulatory policy is the government to relax the economic regulation of the transportation market, such as the relevant business qualification certification, standards and supervise the implementation; to relax the economic regulation, such as transportation, freight delivery, market entry and exit conditions, type of traffic restrictions, the government is no longer strictly controlled, and the main regulation by the market.At the same time, the government should create a good market environment for development, the establishment of market access, the elimination mechanism, supervision mechanism, improve the logistics environment.Of course, let go does not mean no matter, the government should strengthen the safety control, to strengthen the safety management, because this problem relates to the social public interest.

(three) attention to logistics park planning and construction, encourage the development of city distribution center
The government should attach great importance to the planning and construction of social logistics infrastructure, the importance of logistics development of hardware environment improvement.The integration of the logistics infrastructure planning as well as the stock of resources.Planning, the central should formulate national development plan of logistics infrastructure network, strategic deployment and then by province, municipal government according to central planning around the.For a variety of modes of transport logistics center will be linked up with each other, the center city and economic center of the city with function and radiation function area, the government should attach great importance to the regional logistics infrastructure planning, do a good job overall, to prevent the blind duplicate construction.For the construction of logistics infrastructure, the government can be tilted by investment and certain policies, establish and improve the promotion of transportation network, port, railway, highway.The integration of resources, the government can formulate tree flow facilities management regulations and should have the conditions and standards, promote improvement, logistics facilities, socialization and reassembled, thereby promoting both according to the market rules to achieve optimal allocation of resources.

Logistics Standardization
Another work of the government is promoting the standardization process.To standardize various government, associations, enterprises and other aspects, covering all aspects of storage, transportation, storage, identification, packaging, production, sales, so we should pay more attention to the government and enterprises.At present, due to the barcode, data interface, equipment specifications, facilities, operating procedures, the lack of uniform standards, so each enterprise often is the act of one's own free will, which not only hinder the overall operation effect of logistics, development is not conducive to the third party logistics.

two with foreign logistics companies, combined with

A massive restructuring of enterprises in western countries logistics M & A, the main motive is to reduce costs and achieve economies of scale, but also can expand the channels of distribution and the extended supply chain, but also can increase the number of capital utilization and effect and enjoy the integration advantage.Visible, reorganization of the power and advantages are quite attractive.After all, any enterprise's resources and advantages are limited, and the supply chain demand relates to all aspects of.So only through mutual alliance advantage each, forming an integrated service system, to expand service areas, enhance the competitiveness of the supply chain.
In the western logistics industry reorganization tide roaring waves when, Chinese logistics industry is a be in smooth water.Originally belonging to the various departments of logistics enterprises still act of one's own free will, the newly established enterprises also face their own limited market, large base, small but complete situation is still the mainstream of the logistics industry.This of course is only one: logistics enterprises do not know what they are good at, repeat the resources waste phenomenon is very serious, logistics facilities idle is also very common.The logistics industry can not get great development in the low efficiency, low levels of the circumstances, it is difficult to adapt to the electronic commerce and the challenge of economic softball.The face of Foreign Logistics Corps upcoming impact, the logistics industry merger and reorganization has be imperative.With the development of global economic integration, the emergence of a global resource integration, integration of global manufacturing, global marketing integration trend.The trend of globalization makes any one of the enterprises are difficult to grasp in the supply chain of the resources in the global scope.Therefore, China's logistics enterprises not only to various forms of alliance, the joint, mergers and reorganization, but also seize the opportune moment with foreign logistics enterprises alliance, to enable him to become a part of international supply chain.China's logistics market will also be a part of international supply chain, our logistics enterprises should strive to master this link.

three international logistics infrastructure

China's current logistics infrastructure has begun to take shape, but with the logistics engineering, modern requirements and gap.Such as the need for container terminal, deep-water berths and handling capacity, transit stations also can not completely meet the international logistics development.In order to meet the international logistics operation is continuous, fast, the government departments should strengthen the planning and construction of infrastructure, through the effective integration of existing resources, make full use of existing facilities, to transform, to carry out mechanization, automation, to create a good hardware environment for modern international logistics development.

(a) strengthen the transport infrastructure investment and
The central government and the local division of construction of municipal infrastructure, in order to better solve the difference of thing ministry, improve the inter-regional logistics.By the method of planning form of each year in accordance with a certain proportion of investment, or in accordance with the principle that whoever invests benefits, infrastructure construction, actively absorb private capital, construction or relax market access conditions by way of BOT the introduction of international capital to participate in infrastructure.

(two) the comprehensive, overall, comprehensive planning and transportation channels
in China
From the angle of logistics system, still need to have a basic division of different modes of transport, transport channel construction and build a perfect, to follow the low input, high output, resource allocation optimization of transportation, principle of fast, good, province.In terms of the situation of our country, or should be main line railway, waterway transport stressed, supplementary air cargo perfect extension, function and road transport distribution, household effects.

(three) to
Logistics Center Construction
From the development of foreign logistics industry, the planning and construction of Logistics Center for logistics enterprises, the concentration and integration of the development of the logistics industry has played a significant role in promoting.Logistics center model may vary with the different countries, such as Europe and the United States, Japan and so on.But its main purpose and function are roughly the same.Our current logistics center and logistics park construction still exist many problems, since the government does not have overall planning from the macro, between each city, air, port, station cannot form the socialization of logistics service system.At present, there are more than 10 city will be the development of the logistics industry as a pillar, more than 30 logistics centre in the planning and construction, the investment in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.
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