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On the ideal and the reality of democracy

Author: LiuKeQin YueYingJie From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-02-22 04:57:52 Read:
Keywords: the democratic ideal
Abstract: democracy is often a matter of theory, but also with the people most concerned about.We know that, "democracy is a good stuff", but in fact, democracy itself is not able to really guarantee anything.In general, the benefits of democracy we often refers to the ideal element of democracy more practical aspects of relatively less.Because the democratic ideals and reality is not exactly the same.
Democracy is not always the case.It is in order to adapt to the needs of survival, gradually, in the production and social practice development.From the political point of view. Democracy is a political system.Democracy in the final analysis is to reflect people's political life, center to a bit, in order to make the people to realize four fundamental rights of democratic election, democratic decision-making, democratic management, democratic supervision in social life, for the vast majority of people, perhaps this is the highest realm of democracy.Democracy is born from it have been showing a be a trend which cannot be halted forces are at work. Penetrated into every corner of social life.The modern state and society without democracy, the world will be in a mess, it is hard to imagine.Democracy of modern country and society is so important, then, how should we look at the development process of the Democratic democratic? The what? Actually. How to treat the democratic problem is how to treat their own development process of democracy.From the practice of democracy, development of democracy itself is democratic ideals and reality constantly exchange process conflict, compromise, compromise.People get is the ideal and the reality of democracy is the outcome of the game.
From every period of the development of democracy, are extracted from the ideological spark democracy in practice. To analyses the formation of democracy, one aspect of the theory. And then to social practice, so repeatedly.Simply put, the democratic idea or theory and practice of the abstract, is a good wish, is a lofty goal of democracy, is an ideal state.The development process of democracy is to realize this good wish, lofty goals, the ideal state.From a historical point of view. The ideal initial purpose of democracy is the people in order to survive, in order to better realize their rights, in the thought led the people for freedom and equality for the liberation of unremitting efforts.So, because of this thought. From the people of their condition showed disappointment, not getting what you deserve from society, or are unable to realize their rights.This reflected more people for freedom, equality for.From the previous Democratic thinkers discussed on democracy, democracy is to safeguard the freedom and equality of the messengers, the best institutional arrangement is the guarantee and Realization of the rights of the people should be.Thus, reflect the ideal of democracy is democracy should be what, why want to practise democracy. At the same time also set targets for democracy, for the direction of development of democratic guidelines.
From the highest political sense, thought the core ideals of democracy is the part of the sovereignty of the people, that all power belongs to the people and not to the rulers of the mind.Although this idea is based on social contract theory as the theoretical basis, but regardless of whether you agree with the theory of social contract theory, thought the sovereignty of the people has win support among the people.This shift in thought of democracy is in fact reflects a fundamental problem, that is the ideal and the reality of democracy is against each other is not everything is going smoothly. The.
In practice, in order to pass the democracy to secure these rights. People have gradually established a series of democratic rules, such as the election system, procedures, methods and so on.In order to be people not to violate the will of the people through the elected ruler's behavior, also designs to the highest rules of government -- between commercial law, constitution and administrative, judicial restraint mechanism etc..These were actually the design content of democracy, or something that democracy should be solved in the reality of the.Through negotiation and compromise between the ideal and the reality, in order to reduce democracy can safeguard and realize the people's rights to the gap, as much as possible consistent.In the ideal of democracy, should be by the people themselves directly to exercise all the powers of.The core of the theory of people's sovereign is natural, political power belongs to the people, but in practice by agreed to belong to the government.The real democratic idea thinks: who is the end in itself, rather than as a means to an end, the basis of society is the individual person, talent person shall not be infringed; government power by the people regularly according to a certain program award, the people are the highest sovereign.
From the ideal level of democracy, democracy should be great. It is a theoretical subject, more is to demonstrate it should contain, reflect the essence, value, this exciting, exciting and the broad masses of the people to fight the slogan.The composition of democracy as a whole, is an indispensable.Without ideal level democracy as bedding, there can be no new democratic realistic appearance.
From a practical point of view there is democracy, "great, although its operation also requires the democratic ideal to guide, but its actual situation and its ideal state is not always consistent, even far.On the one hand, the reality of democracy is always the government exists for the premise, the existence of the government decided that in most cases the people exercise their power can only be the majority rule indirectly, representative, decision.As John? He said: "in the real conditions, ideal of the best form of government is a representative government".In the democratic ideals and reality combine, mill is the best representative, is he designed this representative government mode, only the modern democracy has the possibility of survival.Although he was design does not aim at how to expand citizen participation in politics and lies in how to make the rule of the elite have a legitimate public foundation, it also illustrates the difference between the ideal and the reality of democracy, democratic ideals and only in its practice are constantly revise, supplement, perfect.Thus, though, "democracy is a good stuff", however, democracy itself does not guarantee anything, it can provide the chance of success, can also provide the risk of failure.Jefferson said, the promises of democracy is just the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.It is a principle, ideal, it is inevitable to a certain distance between it and the reality.Democracy in order to realize, must rely on the masses of the people to strive and struggle.So the real meaning of democracy, is in reality, people can feel the reality of democracy.
On the other hand, from the aspect of government functions, the government is the use of administrative power and control and management of the people.The government power and the power is established, so the reality of democracy is only effect on the established authority and control.This kind of influence and control play a role in how much, only depends on the game situation between the people and the government, which is most important to class people's personal interests and democratic most closely to the most direct and the growth of the whole people's political participation consciousness and ability.This is because only the masses of the people, especially the new class a history by Shi Qixing, is a true practitioner of democracy.In turn, the thought of democracy created from the democratic ideal of also need people in this democratic social life practice and test.
Generally speaking, the development process of democracy is the integrative process of ideal and reality of democracy. It is the two important aspects of the common development of democracy, democracy is inseparable from the development of both.To achieve the ideal instruction democracy. The real democracy is the formation of new democratic ideal soil.From the democratic life ideal democracy under the guidance will be very dangerous.Although between the ideal and the reality of democratic existence difference, may also exist contradiction, but this contradiction can be reconciled.Democratic transformation between the ideal and the reality there is a price to pay, to spend the cost.In order to achieve the highest level of democracy, will be with the minimum cost, make democratic ideals and reality as far as possible unification.
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