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Application of SMS Web site in the enterprise management

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Abstract: The development of computer network greatly promote the prosperity of e-commerce, and the emergence of the mobile Internet and the increase in the number of mobile phone users and mobile phone features extended to business e-commerce provides new opportunities for development and space, the SMS Web site technology is The rapid development of mobile Internet business platform-based product, it provides a more convenient communication channels between businesses and their customers. Technical input to the operation of the business platform in the management and operations since the specific application based on the SMS Web site, the SMS Web site application and the functioning of markets, in-depth analysis of their current status quo of corporate activities.
Keywords: SMS Web site; mobile e-commerce; mobile marketing
1 SMS Web site Technical Overview

1.1 The meaning of the SMS Web site
SMS Web site using SMS (Short Message Service) mode or WAP addressing modes quick access to mobile Internet content and applications for the mobile terminal equipment and the establishment of addressing modes is based on mobile Internet applications on top of IP and Domain Name System standard, enterprises to develop one of the mobile commerce platform. Development of the SMS Web site actually provides liaison between businesses and their customers a new way to communicate, for enterprises have been registered in the mobile Internet on the SMS Web site, its customers through mobile phones, the use of business registration trade names, service name, business name and other natural language vocabulary linked to the relevant companies quickly and easily, without having to remember the phone number of the enterprises. Of course it services to external customers, to provide enterprises with a new, more convenient, a cheap internal communication channels.
To 1.2 SMS Web site technology systems
SMS Web site currently invested enterprise application system is composed of enterprise data platform, a registered service provider system, MobNIC root database, mobile operators and mobile phone client, shown in Figure 1:
Figure 1 SMS Web site system block diagram
Specific technical processes of the system structure as follows:
(1) uplink message process (the client process).
First, the user sends a request to a unified national port number 50120, and then connect to the network via SMS mobile operator's SMS center, and then forwarded by the operator to registered ISP server, the registered service providers Chamber of Commerce to send SMS URL resolution request to MobNIC root database user requests the SMS Web site through the Domain Name System queries on the database server, and then through the address set in advance by the enterprise and return. If the set is a data connection, you can connect via the Internet to the enterprise database or spiritual belief sites (Ling letter site is dedicated to provide enterprises with the SMS Web site back-office data processing system).
(2) downlink message flow (Enterprise Information on return procedures).
When the data is extracted, will form a "pocket page" layers of data is returned via registered service provider server, gateway and carrier SMS center, gateway, and eventually returned to the user terminal. The user through the "pocket page" will be able to easily and quickly complete the relevant information interaction, this "pocket page" can be a form of SMS, MMS, WAP, depending on the technology development to SMS form the majority.
In the above process, the mobile phone users and businesses communicate with each other the contact must rely on the SMS Web site domain name business registration, then the business if you want to register the domain name of SMS Web site is a kind of process?
SMS Web site is co-sponsored by the China Mobile Communications Association, the Telecommunications Research Institute of the Ministry of Information Industry, China Mobile Communications Corporation, China United Telecommunications Group Company established the China Federation of mobile communications at SMS Joint Information Center (MobNIC) of the development. Enterprise To register at SMS application should be made to the authorized registration services.

The commercial value of the SMS Web site features

SMS Web site's main commercial value lies in outbound marketing activities and internal management of the enterprise, a lot of SMS Web site domain name registered, full of praise for the commercial value function of the SMS Web site.
2.1 support marketing activities
(1) to help businesses delineation of target customers.
Theory, nearly 450 million in the number of China's mobile phone users (including PHS), the SMS Web site is undoubtedly customers suddenly expanded to $ 4.5 billion. Many already use the the SMS Website operators by are delighted to find that the SMS Website background operating system, easily collected to target customers phone number, last access time, province, city, type (phone card), the number of access customer information . SMS Web site to help them to management and analysis of customer resources, the establishment of the target customer information database, these are the many businesses have been eager to get information, but also difficult to do marketing tool in the past, and this is precisely the SMS Web site relative to other Media greatest advantage.
(2) to achieve the user's precise marketing.
Before the SMS Web site, companies tend to publicity, randomly selected phone number section "mass, resulting in resentment of the mobile phone users, using the SMS Web site to avoid such consequences, the user is only interested in the enterprise will Send the SMS Web site of the enterprise, and these numbers become the resources of the enterprise. For example, the bulk of the members will meet the "substantial or significant mass advertising activities, discount, membership benefits news message; major event schedule reminders; holidays SMS greetings to the new and old customers, which are to achieve the enterprise user the precise marketing.
(3) auxiliary enterprises to make market decisions.
As the saying goes: "Know thyself, know yourself, at the mall, more detailed the better understand the user's information, businesses can use the SMS Web site registered at SMS sent by the user to the enterprise, companies can know the different regions, different time consumers on the degree of concern for enterprises to make timely and accurate decisions to provide a reliable basis.
The 2.2 help its internal shareholders and employees to carry out communication
Corporate management can be registered at SMS to employees released annual, monthly or even every session management to achieve goals, motivate employees and management together to work for it. Enterprises can also use the SMS Web site features management by objectives, or corporate leadership to send text messages to employees during the holiday season to show their condolences. Staff birthday can send text messages to a separate table congratulations to the staff. And the Internet but not such a one-to-one function, can also communicate with employees on the Internet, but that communication is for everyone to see, and there is no one-to-one privacy, just to make up the SMS Web site Such defects.
2.3 reduce the business activities of enterprises operating costs
Traditional business advocacy In addition to television, radio, the most used is the website of their own business, but the construction and maintenance of the website often takes a certain amount of human and financial resources, more businesses can use their website, annual access fee up to several hundred thousand dollars, some small businesses can not afford to pay, according to the survey China currently has 63% of SMEs do not have the appropriate site resources registered businesses can use SMS Web site, you can greatly reduce the cost, because spend an SMS price is only for a dime, the highest one-year registration fee is only 3,000 yuan, and the entire supply chain, companies can directly face the consumers, suppliers can also directly face, omit the unnecessary intermediate channel.
SMS Web site regardless of the technology is mature, low prices, the application mode of diversification, compared to other existing communication channels, occupy an absolute advantage, but the SMS Web site user-friendly and interactive features to achieve a people-centered personalized service.

3 SMS Web site in the enterprise Analysis

According to statistics, registered at SMS top three industries: business services 18%, 7% of the Machinery and Industrial Products, Electronic and Electrical 5%; from a geographical point of view, the eastern, central and western registrations a big gap between the , Guangdong, 28.1%, 18.9%, 9.7% Zhejiang, separated the top three, 57% of the total registered. As can be seen from the above data, the proportion of goods services registered the domain name of the SMS Web site is the most economically developed areas of enterprise and be the first to recognize the value of the SMS Web site. Society as a whole there is a demand or application of the SMS Web site and held commendable attitude, considerable enterprise SMS Web site as a very important resource to fully play the role of the SMS Web site, such as the Beijing Lufthansa Shopping Centre, New Oriental and so on.
For example, Lufthansa Shopping Centre is located in the embassy district of Beijing edge, so its customers a large part of the white-collar workers and foreigners, which is part of the VIP customer support Lufthansa results hold up half the sky. Lufthansa Shopping Centre SMS Web site to maintain this part of the customer, enhance customer loyalty, check points and feedback platform for VIP customers. SMS Web site to build a mobile marketing platform to interact with customers, Lufthansa Shopping Centre core competitiveness has been further improved.
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