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Democracy is the goal -- focus on Chongqing City, the first residents' committee election "abortion" event

Author: LiuJinChuan LiangXiaoMing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-02-04 03:23:12 Read:
Keywords: the   of Chongqing city residents committee;   abortion; election focus on     Street office; democracy; university campus Shapingba jurisdiction of
Abstract: Chongqing city Shapingba pine forest communities across the Chongqing University campus, including pine, cypress forest slope, sand road three kilometer, Shapingba Subdistrict Office area.
Chongqing city Shapingba pine forest communities across the Chongqing University campus, including Song Linpo, cypress forest, sand road three kilometer, Shapingba Subdistrict Office area.Looking ahead, the community is new or old staff dormitory building, living in the building where the others are Chongqing University faculty.Including the Chongqing University, Chinese Academy of engineering, Professor, tutor and young teachers of Chongqing University, is the main place of middle-aged teachers.
In January 31st, in the community residents' committee election, because the 10 representatives of the residents, selected the elected representatives of residents number does not meet the "procedures of Chongqing Municipality on Residents' committee election" (hereinafter referred to as the "election") the specified number, the election result was Street General guidance group work election declared void.It is reported, this is Chongqing city first because some representatives of residents, and residents' committee election to choose abortion.
The first time this message to this print journalist of Shapingba people's Congress Zhang Mengjie said: "this incident caused us a lot of thinking, for the future to better improve residents' committee election benefit."
Five street do recommend candidates for all lost January 21st, Shapingba pine slope communities sixth neighborhood committee members qualifying began, from 12 nominations and recommend candidates, 5 candidates.
On the same day, 51 people have 50 people present at the meeting on behalf of the whole community, Qin Yongkuan 1 people did not attend (according to the residents on behalf of Luo Meinong said, she survey, has no such person), to the rate of 98.4%.By secret ballot and other procedures, 5 official candidates elected, the highest by 38 votes, the lowest was 34 votes, all residents in the area.
The 5 candidates recommended by the office of the streets (3 of whom are not the neighborhood residents).12 votes for Wang Honghuo, the other 4 were only a few votes.Primary.5 candidates are elected Street office recommended.
In accordance with the "measures" provisions of the election, 5 candidates pre-selection elected, will be an election in the formal election, such as no accident, by their composition of pine forest communities of the sixth neighborhood committee.
Fast forward to January 31st official election day, representatives of the residents Meinong, Luo Jin clean heart, Luo Jianzhou et al found in the election meeting surprised, the election has not started, some people say: today's election did not meet the "election" provisions, "more than 90% representatives to participate in the vote effectively" requirement, the election invalid.
According to Luo Meinong called out in the primaries, candidates Wang Hong and low Liu Hongwei, led the two unknown truth low households make the meeting.They shouted at the meeting: "Chen Furong (elected as the official candidate, former deputy director of the neighborhood committee and bookkeeper) economic problems, can not be elected."According to Luo Meinong introduction, language threatening the Gang also from time to time issued "cut hand cut foot", lasted almost until the end.Even, Jean Maoyou, Luo Meinong heard a participation, selected representatives of residents said, "or choose their words, we still do not participate in the election."
While the formal election day to the resident representative of only 40, the quorum prescribed procedures for the election of the operating system does not meet the ", but the election still according to procedures prescribed by law, to vote, the tellers, counting, reporting the election results.5 official candidates with the highest votes to 38 votes, the lowest 37 votes, respectively, to 74.5% and 73% people, accounting for the number of people 95% and 92.5%.
Since then, street office election steering group sent letters: "to participate in the election of the resident representative of not more than 90%, according to the" procedures for the election of the operating system, the election invalid."In this way, Matsubayashi community sixth neighborhood will once again be elected.
Luo Meinong on behalf of the residents, community election working group will vote (elected list) reporting subdistrict office just for the record.According to the "organization law provisions of the operating system, office of the street is the responsibility of the committees on guidance, support, help, instead of leading, so Street office has no right to judge the validity and invalidity.They also believed that, the official election abortion, recommendation and Street Office of candidates for election has direct relationship.For this argument, subdistrict office and deputy director Jia Xingshun.He said that, in accordance with the "measures" provisions of the election, from the beginning of the fourth session of the committee election, neighborhood committees can cross district office, not necessarily by the residents in the area served.After investigation, low-income families make the meeting because of Chen Furong received their union dues unrecorded dissatisfaction, think she has economic problems.
which is right and which is wrong.One
For the fifth to be removed from office deputy director of the neighborhood committee and bookkeeper, had been resident representative elected official candidate Chen Furong whether the economic problems, we have to begin with the 2004 June.
Then Chen Furong deputy director of neighborhood in verbal and written form, to the street office report Committee Director Wang Hong financial problems.Chen Furong think Wang Hong at work in Manshangqixia, like fraud, and lists out the eight problems in the report: in the planning of manufacturing artificial barriers in the management of the vigil payment; chaos; material management, management of public property is not responsible for; distorted convey their meetings; the crisis is not the masses feel; community no working procedure, not democracy; community account is not clear; proposes the suggestions for the people to take revenge.In the eyes of Chen Furong, Wang Hong is an incompetent officer.
Office of the streets last investigation results of the report, Wang Hong Chen Furong is not true."Especially in economic issues, not Wang Hong economy is not clear, but Chen Furong's account is not clear."
In a "Street office on issues related to forest Slope neighborhood survey", "Chen Furong in the two couplet receipt in 2003 August 2004 May to 2206 yuan, the overhead of unrecorded.Chen is everyone equally, but later in the confrontation, deputy director of the neighborhood committee director Wang Hong, Xu Junming, Liu Hongwei have denied it low."
Chen Furong on economic issues unclear, Luo Meiyi told reporters a few things.
In October 30, 2004, the Matsubayashi committee election approaching, many residents to residents on behalf of Wang Hong, Liu Hongwei et al. Reflect since taking office, there exist many problems.Luo Meiyi, 3 representatives of the residents of this phone with Zhao Weihong director of Shapingba Street Party Working Committee Secretary Liu Wenxiang, the then street office.This conversation, Liu told the 3 delegates: Chen Furong was involved in a total of 12000 yuan.
At the beginning of 2004 12, Shapingba Street office in the forest community party branch secretary Chen Yueping announced the slope in people congress: Chen Furong's economic problems.But the amount to 5000 yuan.
In January 5, 2005, in the streets of the office of conference room at a meeting, Shapingba District Street Party Working Committee Secretary Liu Wenxiang said again, through the audit firm XX accounting, Chen Furong involving 2000 yuan.
The above three kinds of claim amount is great, still not to make conclusion, but Chen Furong was deposed."Economic problems", become Shapingba Street office is the main reason of the fifth neighborhood committee deputy director Chen Furong.
Luo Meinong said, "the election" of thirty-fifth stated, "residents' meetings to discuss the recall committee members, sponsors should be to answer the question, the deposed people have the right to attend the meeting and appeal opinions or written appeal" but more than two conference, did not have to inform Chen Furong to defend.
She also do not understand, Chen Furong to the office of the streets reflect the neighborhood committee director Wang Hongyou economic problems, it should first audit mainly responsible person Wang Hong, rather than the first audit of Chen Furong.
According to the survey, in the formal Election Eve, subdistrict office and Luo Meinong see a report on Chen Furong's economic problems report letter.The report is to "the conscience of the pine forest community residents" signature.They reflect to the pine forest community election team: Chen Furong in 2002 November, at the end of 2004 2 to 3 month low household union dues, charges 24 yuan per person, a total of more than 40 households, more than 900 yuan, and the money for themselves.200
3 years and in 2004, Chen Furong put in charge of the family planning work, has two times received gynecological examination fee is $15 per person, women pay money does not go to the hospital to check, but the cost is not refundable.The United States did the survey as claimed, there are several informants has privately admitted to her no matter.But these things are the main reason for the Cao Liangyu, Chen Yu, Li Changzhi and other representatives of the residents not to participate in the election on January 31st conference.
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