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Theory of dissipative structures in the company's operational management

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[Abstract] enterprise management practice, there are a variety of contradictions, use and create a dissipative structure corporate management of the disorder and corporate organizations can effectively solve the problem of instability to which the entropy flow. The article explores the enterprise management activities, how effective analysis of the theory of dissipative structures, diagnose and solve specific problems in the management.
[Keywords] enterprise management dissipative structure entropy flow control

Proposed theory of dissipative structures began Prigogine (I.Prigogine), the pioneer of modern science, the Brussels school of thought, led by Prigogine, only in a non-equilibrium system, in the circumstances of the matter and energy exchange with the outside world has may produce the phenomenon of self-organization and self-organized state called dissipative structures generated under such conditions, the various elements of the system only when there is a complex nonlinear coherent effects. The theory of dissipative structures has far-reaching significance to improve the enterprise management level. A Company A theory of dissipative structures in the diagnosis and management changes propulsion during both as a "medical consultation tools, at the same time as a recipe for" medical treatment ", a system of checks to the current management situation for corporate management to enhance and standardize company operations to explore.

A diagnosis of the disease: the enterprise management system from the true sense of the dissipative structure how far

Varying degrees under the conditions of market economy, any business is an ongoing open exchange of resources with the outside world, far from equilibrium, and the status of the non-linear characteristics, but does not mean that conditions have generated dissipative structure forward will generate dissipative structure. The current status of the enterprise as a starting point about reflection, watching from a real dissipative structure of how far the distance?
Company system open enough. Dissipative structure theory tells us that the open ordering the premise dissipative structure can be formed to maintain and develop. A diagnostic analysis results show that the organization already has a very serious curing mode of thinking and behavior patterns, the extent of absorption of new management ideas, tools and methods are not only limited, but also seems to have had a natural reject. Therefore, we should focus on the analysis of the mining "lack of openness" adverse factors to the development of enterprises and the gradual improvement of the management system sound so.
2 whether the the lifeblood - non-equilibrium dissipative structure formation. The theory of dissipative structures: non-equilibrium system organized source far from equilibrium dissipative structure formed prerequisite. A reality show from the cadres to staff the sensitivity of market competition gradually weakened, and the gradual weakening of the competitive pressures and the crisis of survival, really to adapt to the market economy, the development of "Wolf" has not only better cultivation, but different formed a deadly idler lazy thinking. This case the development of enterprises should be said is dangerous. (1) ideology of "balance", leading to more and not think about the danger of the cadres and workers. At different levels within the company, different departments exist to varying degrees a phenomenon: a voice of leadership is always the mainstream, the lack of the different ideas collide with agitation. Despite the danger of the existence of this phenomenon profusion, but not a lot of people (especially management cadres) understanding. Strong implementation should be correct idea of ??the right thing to do right, but not only refers to everything according to the mean of the leadership to "do", sometimes blind obedience is likely to cause harm to the enterprise. (2) Personnel structure in the long-term equilibrium lead to the decline of the morale of the team, the weakening of the internal competitive. "Iron barracks soldiers, although large-scale enterprises, the frequent movement of the stability operations exist disadvantage, but moderate flow to maintain the vitality of enterprises to promote the development of enterprises is still useful. Otherwise, an employee working on a post for a long time, one is easily tired of repetitive work on the long-term psychological; due to personal experience too easily lead to inert, and even produce complacent, do not make progress psychological ; the three is not conducive to the work of continuous improvement and innovation.
3. Enterprise system within the nonlinear mechanism. The parochialism thinking some departments and individuals this period of just their own, taken the matter outside the department duties or responsibilities "had nothing to do onlookers, this man-made factors cause fragmentation within the enterprise management great influence. The win-win cooperation is the main theme of the moment in this day and age, lack of cooperation between the subsystems of the internal situation further continues, the result is bound to have a "1 1 <2" unfavorable outcome. Cause analysis: where to find the root of the problem in

Only the existing problems in-depth and detailed analysis of mining, and tackle it is possible to have a multiplier effect. Otherwise you will have to solve the problem is to solve the problem, leading management measures, rules and regulations, and even institutions set staffing unlimited enlargement of the various aspects of business management into a false fire situation of excessive. Therefore, to raise the overall level of management of the Company A, increase profitability, and improve competitiveness must start from the root.

Third, the medical treatment of the parties: the theory of dissipative structures guidelines build dissipative structure system in the true sense of the A Company

To the idea of ??"creative destruction" of the "people" as the first resource to make an inventory and remodeling. The management practice tells us that a business can not be separated from the three core processes, personnel, strategic and operational management will operate normally. We Chinese have a saying "skillfully deflected the question, first of all the right people to do the right thing, the final thing to do right. With the people is important, the thing to do is the most important, if you start with is not right, how could make the right things.
To create an enabling collaborative communication and rapid response flattening of organizations. Company A as a less than 600 manufacturing enterprises, up to six levels from senior management to front-line workers, a department has always been a "combat unit", but internal fifty-six "pyramid structure" is bound to produce slow feedback information distortion probability, problem solving lag and many other negative results. A company, organization structure flat, shorten the communication channels within the system it is imperative to move.
3 to create a good corporate culture driven corporate culture force generated in the self-organization of dissipative structure. A good corporate culture is an important intangible wealth and valuable resources. Good culture can form a strong cohesive force within the enterprise, will enhance the sense of unity and cooperation between employees on the one hand, to reduce unnecessary conflicts, thereby reducing the internal friction; On the other hand, negative climate in the enterprise will automatically generate the corresponding negative entropy flow, in order to get rid of the small climate adverse atmosphere, continue to maintain stable operation and sustainable development of the enterprises.

IV Conclusion
In summary, A company in order to obtain a long-term sustainable development in the competition, the urgent need to adapt to the actual situation of the enterprise development, and to raise the overall level of the company's management with scientific theory as a guide. To achieve this goal important and effective ways for enterprises to create a dissipative structure required for a variety of conditions, and through the transformation of the human resources management mode, and constantly improve the self-organizing capabilities of the enterprise system, the company pushed a more stable operations a good platform for the development of a more healthy.

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