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The enterprise annuity information disclosure of listed companies in China the status quo and suggestions

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Enterprise annuity as the main form of supplementary pension insurance after ten years of development has shown signs of scale. For enterprise accounting entity the enterprise annuity accounting and information disclosure of the accounting profession, however, is very scarce. Information disclosure of the research enterprise annuity problem, not only related to the interests of the enterprise annuity plan to provide the required information, enterprise pension accounting issues for scholars study also provided data. Information disclosure of listed companies disclosed information in this article is based on the establishment of the enterprise annuity plans subject to study enterprise annuity status quo.

Enterprise annuity information disclosure regulations

Revised enterprise financial rules implemented since January 1, 2007, including the provisions of section 43, has participated in basic pension insurance companies have sustained profitability and ability to pay, the establishment of supplementary pension insurance for their employees. Supplementary pension insurance belongs to the corporate areas of employee benefits, composed by corporate contributions and individual contributions. Application Guide "Accounting Standards for Business Enterprises No. 9 - Employee benefits, supplementary pension insurance will be paid according to the enterprise annuity fund managers of the enterprise annuity plan to be included in the scope of employee compensation and pension premiums should be disclosed in its end of the period to cope with unpaid amount of supplementary pension insurance information disclosure is not made mandatory disclosure requirements. "Accounting Standards for Business Enterprises No. 30 - Financial Statements List" Employee benefits payable "disclosed in the notes to the financial report format, which will enterprise annuity fund managers pay supplementary pension insurance" annuity payment specified in the Application Guide fee "in the form of lists (see Table 1), the enterprise annuity as a supplementary pension insurance are also included in the disclosure of this project, the project also includes other forms of supplementary pension insurance. Treasury convergence of old and new financial system issues related to notice "(hereinafter referred to as" notice ") supplementary pension insurance enterprise payment total is less than 4% of the total wages charged to the costs (expenses), corporate and individual contributions together form the supplementary pension insurance fund, the enterprise shall fund management institutions entrusted with the appropriate qualifications to the implementation and management of the supplementary pension insurance funds, and the public to supplement the financial position of the pension fund and accounting information to employees on a regular basis, and The corresponding public no further explanation.
Employee benefits payable items:

Two, annuity information disclosure of listed companies to the status quo

Survey: In this paper, the 2008 Annual Report of the Shanghai A-share listed companies for the study, a total of 864 listed companies in Shanghai A shares in 2008, due to the 23 financial Insurance particularity of the listed companies in the industry, as well as this article from the establishment of the enterprise annuity company perspective of research, it is not included in the sample, the final confirmation of a total of 841 samples.
Survey: evaluation of corporate financial reporting quality standards should include: the two parts of the representation of the quality of the content quality of financial information and financial statements, these quality not only exist in the collection of the information, and exists in a single information. Position of different workers pension disclosure of listed companies reflects the difference between the quality of information disclosure. Therefore, this paper is to evaluate the quality of information disclosure by two aspects of the the enterprise annuity disclosure position and disclosures.
Survey methods and data sources: China has not yet specialized enterprise annuity information database, this paper one by one to read the 2008 Annual Report on 841 samples of listed companies to finishing the investigation required information, the samples of the company's annual report and other information from the Shanghai Securities Exchange website (http://www.sse.com.cn/) and the huge influx consulting (http://www.cninfo.com.cn/).
Findings: Read the 2008 Annual Report of the 841 sample enterprises, there are 158 listed companies disclosure supplementary pension plans, accounting for 18.78% of the total number of samples, of which 68 disclosed information about the enterprise annuity, accounting 8.09% of the total number of samples, accounting for 43.04% of the company disclosure of supplementary pension plan.
1. Disclosed in the Company's industry and the geographical analysis

As can be seen in Table 2, in the disclosure of the enterprise annuity information of listed companies to the largest companies of the manufacturing sector, accounting for 35.29% of the total, accounted for 17.65% of the transportation and warehousing industry, Table 3, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong disclosure of information of enterprise annuity is a relatively large number of listed companies, accounted for 19.12% of the number of samples, 13.24%, 8.82% respectively. Disclosure of position analysis
Enterprise annuity information disclosed location in the 68 information disclosure of enterprise annuity companies mainly in the notes to the financial statements, including significant accounting policies, accounting estimates and prior period errors "payroll" project or alone in the enterprise annuity fund and main content of the company's pension plan and important changes in disclosure; listed in Consolidated Financial Statements "Employee benefits payable under the annuity (see Table 1), or" enterprise annuity, as well as in the company report to fulfill their social responsibility and sustainable development reporting and internal control self-assessment report moderate (see Table 2).

3 disclosures
The information can be divided into qualitative information and quantitative information. The enterprise annuity qualitative information including a description of the enterprise annuity plan, the accounting policies of the enterprise annuity plan, fund account managers and management rules. The enterprise annuity quantitative information including enterprise annuity provision amount, the end of the unpaid amount payable; enterprise and the employees of the respective payment amount; enterprise annuity fund run financial position. Statistics, only the disclosure of qualitative information 26, the combination of both companies disclosed 42 (see Table 5). Table 6 shows the disclosure content of all samples disclosure of detail is divided into three categories: confirmed disclosed general disclosure and detailed disclosure, respectively, accounted for 22.06% of the sample, 66.18% and 11.76%.

Third, the corporate annuity information disclosure of listed companies in China exist

A lack of enterprises as the main body corporate pension accounting standards to regulate listed companies annuity disclosure
The company has only 158 of the 841 sample companies surveyed disclosed their supplementary pension plan information, disclosure of information about the enterprise annuity 68, only 8.09% of the sample, there is no disclosure of the enterprise annuity information of two kinds: The company itself does not establish the enterprise annuity plan need not be disclosed, the company has established a corporate pension plan is not to be disclosed. Under the existing regulations in the "Employee benefits payable under the project" annuity payment (see Table 1 position) in the form below is supplementary pension charges, including enterprise annuity plan contributions and other forms of supplementary pension insurance contributions, can not be provision for payment of the real reaction enterprise annuity plan. Notice "of the public to supplement the financial position of the pension fund and accounting information to employees on a regular basis, but how to open, public financial status and accounting information, including what to regulate. Visible, in terms of listed companies, information disclosure of enterprise annuity depends largely on the company's voluntary, to cause the enterprise annuity low proportion disclosure status quo is not surprising.
2. Various regions, the various industries of the degree of information disclosure significant difference
24 from the construction industry, accounting for 35.29% of the total, 68 companies disclosed in the enterprise annuity plan (see Table 2), can be seen in Table 3, the disclosure of information of the enterprise annuity companies mainly in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang and other places. The reason for this is mainly due to the characteristics of these industries and regions, the labor intensity of workers is relatively larger or more intense competition for talent, the establishment of the enterprise annuity relative concentration of the company as an employee benefits policy. Meanwhile, in order to attract and retain the talent it needs more voluntary disclosure of its established enterprise annuity system.
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