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The trade pilot type Chinese multinationals Preliminary

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Abstract: In this paper, eight more typical trade-pilot Chinese multinationals as a case study, the study focused on the trade pilot type Chinese multinationals general characteristics and transnational growth factors, based on the analysis of the bi-born international multinationals grow logical transnational business of retail enterprises in China made a number of recommendations for reference.
Keywords: trade pilot the Chinese multinationals bidirectional born international company

A trade pilot type concept

Chinese multinationals, we have been the main areas of attention and study, and related concepts are not restated here. Chinese multinationals classification from a different perspective, is the focus of this article to describe the history and characteristics, and then analyzes its the multinational growth factors and logic.
Trade pilot type is a class divided by the multinationals from the the multinational operations starting point perspective. When a multinational company from the founder to the first time before the foreign direct investment, mainly in international trade or the local market, the wholesale / retail operations, we call trade pilot multinationals. Type of production operations of multinational companies overseas direct investment, to engage in the trade or retail business, usually in two aspects of the product categories and Geographical larger, that is, the foreign direct investment of these enterprises produced the same or similar kind of product range with its trade or business in the retail business, regional foreign direct investment often is the producer or exporter of its business products.
Trade pilot multinational companies after the development of enterprises grow into one of the main modes of multinational corporations. Such enterprises engaged in international trade business or local market first wholesale / retail business, in this process, they gradually formed its own international sales network, especially in the production and sales between international commercial network. Accumulation of international sales network resources, such enterprises began direct investment in the production ground to the integration of operations carried out within the framework of the International, the source of its products to ensure adequate and timely supply, stable quality and cost reduced. Japan's Sogo Shosha trade pilot representatives of multinational companies, enterprises in South Korea, South Africa, Turkey, we also found that these multinationals.
The trade pilot multinationals is an important category in the overseas Chinese multinationals, the pioneers is the Wing (Kang Rongping, Ke Yinbin 2007). In 1897, the Australian Overseas Chinese Guo Yue, Guo Shun brothers founded in Sydney the Yongle fruit bar, engaged in the wholesale fruit business dealing in Chinese native; 1908, Kuok Brothers was founded in Hong Kong Wing On Department Store and operation of high-end daily necessities. 1918, Guo Yue the brothers Control Wing On Department กค Enterprise Group formed as the core of the Wing On Department Store operations involved in wholesale and retail, finance, insurance, and other branches across Hong Kong, Mainland China major cities; 1918, Wing On Company established, mainly engaged in department stores and banking; the 1921, Guo Yue Brothers investment built Shanghai Yong'an Spinners; Wing On Textile Printing and Dyeing Company was founded in 1934 with five textile mills, a printing and dyeing mill spindles 25 million pieces of cloth machine more than 1500 units, the capital of 18 million yuan, the number of workers up to 1.2 million people, to become China's second largest textile enterprise scale application of new textile company founded after the Rong Brothers.
In the overseas Chinese transnational research, we found that the more of these enterprises, most of them concentrated in the United States and Europe, is formed and developed in the past 20 years, and has a close relationship with the Chinese market. From which to select eight more typical business case analysis and research.

The main case Enterprises

France Chen Brothers Group (Tang Freres SA). Chen Kewei, and Chen Keguang Brothers was founded in 1976 in Paris, France, in Asian food wholesale and retail business. In 1981, Chan Brothers leased an area of ??nearly 3,000 square meters of abandoned freight train station in Paris 13 "China Town", the establishment of the French first franchise Asian food modern supermarkets - Chen mall. In 1988, Chen mall an annual turnover of 270 million francs, the first Chinese enterprise to become crowned French companies Billboard. Annual turnover exceeded one billion francs in 2000, has eight chain stores in Paris, 500 French enterprises, to become one of the largest Chinese enterprise in the world. As early as in 1993, Chan Brothers Group began investing in China, to a total investment of 1 billion yuan in 2003, the main investment enterprises the Chinese giants Beer Group (80% owned), R & D Engineering Co., Ltd. Tangshan too Bor biological cows feed , Beijing Xingnong biological feed Limited.
France Bali Shi multi Co., Ltd. (Paris store). Zheng Hui founded in 1978 in Paris, France, is mainly engaged in the the Asia food chain retail business. 1989 Bali Shi multi supermarkets with more than 3,000 square meters of business area can be parked two floors underground parking for 400 parking spaces. International travel issued by the Association of Asian food wholesalers and has won Europe's most prestigious Gold Medal and the French sales issued by the Commission Asian food quality and sales awarded a Gold Medal. At the same time, Zheng Hui still in Hong Kong founded the "Wing Man Trading Co., Ltd., productive enterprises to invest in Singapore and China following: Tat Hui Foods Co., Ltd. (Singapore), Shantou Tat Fai Food Co., Ltd., Shantou Opel Hing Electronic Machinery The Chengde double pass smelting Limited.
American Wit Group (WaitexGroup). Lixue Hai was founded in New York in 1981, was named U.S. CG Industrial Co., Ltd., is mainly engaged in fashion design, production and sales. The Witt Group has more than 10 kinds of clothing brands, NBA, RUSSELL ATHLETIC dealership. Something the two sides in the United States has 15 modern logistics center, daily deal with hundreds of containers of goods, an annual throughput of more than 10 billion U.S. dollars, is one of the largest U.S. warehouse distribution logistics enterprises. Sales network throughout the United States, more than 20,000 long-term customers with hundreds of ten thousand stores. Witt Group (Xuehai multinationals) in inland China to build more than 20 joint ventures or wholly-owned garment manufacturing plant, the export garment production in China annual sales of 200 million U.S. dollars. The Witt Group also has 11 wholly owned by the United States, Brazil and Hong Kong, China, more than 5,000 employees worldwide, which employs more than 1,000 people in the United States.
Spain the Xi Feinuo International Group Inc. (Sigfila Group). Zhang Jia Lin founded in 1987 in Madrid, Spain, is mainly engaged in the sales of uniforms and other clothing, and created its own brand of work clothing SIGCAT in the European market. Investment in 2006 on the basis of the import and export trading company in China was established long Shaxi Ka built Hunan Xi Feina Garment Industry Co., Ltd., and has a number of OEM factory to develop, whose main business is the production of professional clothing. A professional clothing manufacturing plant in China, R & D centers. Chinese production TECNIC-LINE and SIGCAT brand overalls has a considerable market share in Spain, 2006 in the United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal and other countries began to enter the market.
Germany Pegasus Group (Famous IndustrialGroup). Luan Wei, founded in 1991 in Bochum, Germany, precision measuring tools and other products imported from China, sales in Germany and other European countries. From 1995 to 2004, the Pegasus Group successfully acquired and transferred the Germany package of equipment, factories and production lines to China: (1) in 1995 and in 1998 moved to Sofia Preparation Plant in Anhui, China; (2) set of steel production line in 1998 transferred to China; (3) In 2003, the annual output of 200 tons of the German Kaiser Stuart coking plant moved to China Shandong Yanzhou Mining Group. At the same time, in early 1998 Pegasus Group in Shandong owned enterprises eleven Yantai Pegasus precision cutting tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the production of precision cutting tool and exported to European countries; the end of 2003, the the Pegasus Group acquired the German Thyssen a Krupp company car damping variable cross-section plate spring production line, and as an investment in 2004, a total investment of 190 million yuan factory in Panjin eleven Pegasus Liaoning Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the production of auto parts and sales to Europe countries. By 2006, the Pegasus Group's annual turnover of 80 million euros, and the production of the same amount of vernier caliper cutting tool has a high market share in the German market, the German car manufacturer BMW Group, including parts suppliers.
Spain long Great Wall Group (Group-long). Liru Long founded in 1992 in Madrid, Spain, whose main business is wholesale Chinese goods, set up Spain's first commodity wholesale market in China, operated by China commodities mostly large chain stores to enter Spain for sale, such as the large chain of leading enterprises in Spain Business mall "British company" (ELCORTEENGLES). In 1997, the Great Wall Dragon Group investment into bags production factory in Dongguan, Guangdong, became Spain's biggest luggage manufacturers. Beginning in 1999, long Great Wall Group's business expansion to a variety of business areas such as luggage, footwear, clothing, gifts, real estate and capital investment, to achieve a variety of cross-trade operators, the market area is also expanded to the European Union, Africa, South America and so on. In 2002, the long Great Wall Group has invested nearly $ 700 million in real estate projects in Shanghai and other places. In 2003, in Guangzhou to invest in the construction of the European Industrial Park covers an area of ??600 acres. In November 2007, the Great Wall, Dragon Group and Oishi jointly developed in the Philippines, 30 square kilometers of open pit nickel mine. Long Great Wall Group has 13 subsidiary companies, mainly distributed in China and around Spain.
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