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Problems and Countermeasures of Chongqing city fire infrastructure construction

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[Abstract] this paper by summing up the success and failure, gain and loss in the course of fire infrastructure construction in Chongqing City, Chongqing City, and points out the existing problems on the basis of fire and inspiration and warning us, and to the principles of economics, from the establishment of city fire coverage analysis and area of 4 indicators of fire infrastructure assessment is proposed to analyse two hand.It is discussed in detail, the related math model is proposed.In a scientific way to propose solutions.
[keyword] fire infrastructure coverage area problem and Countermeasure of

First, the introduction of

Research problems and significance.Since the Chongqing municipality directly under the central government for ten years, Chongqing be richly endowed by nature with their own conditions, through the development of the western region and the gorge immigrants, by a Chinese western inland a "reclusive", the poverty and backwardness of the industrial city in Western China, become high-rise commercial bustling modern metropolis, now Chongqing light rail around, Takahashi aspect, now Chongqing prosperous.
In the continuous development of Chongqing at the same time, the city's fire safety has been hitherto unknown challenge and severe test.Because of the development of Western China, and the city to speed up the pace of construction, the implementation of many key projects, the adjustment of economic structure, investment continues to expand, the social material wealth accumulation, increase, the wider use of new technologies, new processes, new materials, and people's production and living water, electricity, oil, gas the increased accumulation of fire, massive security hidden danger, because Chongqing has a large population, the environment is complex, factors causing the fire is also increased.
Chongqing is on the verge of two rivers, but the fire water shortage, the city water supply gap of more than 10 cubic meters, cut without fire pipe network and water wharf.The number of fire water tank, fire hydrant, fire facilities are grossly inadequate, show according to the data, according to the proportion should be built municipal fire hydrant 5790, actually only 2642, the gap amounted to 54.4% of the.According to the existing scale of the provisions of the state and Chongqing City, the fire station number is insufficient.Compared with Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai 3 municipalities directly under the central government, the area of our city is the largest, most populous, but the least number of fire vehicle.According to the international practice, according to the existing scale of Chongqing City, a modern city fire equipment is based on the population proportion with, usually has 1 fire engines per million people in our city, but only 0.04 cars.Also like other fire truck, fire hydrant, fire facilities, a serious shortage of equipment in service, these period, dilapidated, and more for the water tank, foam fire truck, the deletion is the number of the secret fire, firefighters PPE gap.And because a lot of fire infrastructure, fire fighting equipment accounts, financial departments at all levels is difficult to come up with enough money in a short period of time to be improved fundamentally.
The characteristics of Chongqing there are very prominent, has always been called the "stove".Chongqing is a mountainous, forest coverage rate is higher, because of the lack of fire fighting facilities construction of modern foundation, which has the spontaneous combustion phenomenon easily in the temperature slightly high weather.Many obsolete equipment, aging facilities also easy to cause the new fire.
Therefore, the continuous development in Chongqing today, due to congenital conditions in Chongqing, plus itself is a dominated by heavy industry city, in order to ensure the safety of people's lives and property, ensure the strategic position of Chongqing in the western development, to ensure that the development of Chongqing municipality directly under the central government, we believe that the reform on the basis of fire facilities construction in Chongqing and improvement has been imminent, hope through this research and field investigation, based on a case study of Chongqing city for many years the fire safety development analysis, draw the conclusion, find the problems, put forward relevant suggestions and opinions for rectification of the.

In two, Chongqing city public fire control facilities construction and analysis of

The status of 1 public fire water facilities construction and analysis of
Facilities of a city public fire facilities include: outdoor fire hydrant, fire water tank, fire pumps, fire water tank, booster pump station, fire stations and other facilities.In recent years the municipal fire water construction in the supervision of fire department, has made gratifying achievements in support of the government, especially the formulation and the liability form targets the completion of the work, to solve "charge" by the fire water and fire brigade station backward technology and equipment, so that the city public fire prevention infrastructure construction has made great progress, problems basically been resolved, but there are still some obvious problems:
(1) the city public fire water, fire brigade station is special, because of the use of probability is low, not easy to cause the attention of the government departments.Management and maintenance is not in place, there is no special funds for maintenance.
(2) in some areas of action in the city public fire water source construction is slow, the effect is not obvious.
(3) although some regions in accordance with the protection radius of tap water pipeline length and fire hydrant completed should set the number, but because of Chongqing city water restriction pipe length, some of the fire hydrant where no protection of municipal fire hydrant.
(4) Chongqing city network due to backward, most of the branch network, some even have ring network, but it is also part of the annular, poor reliability, meet the fire hydrant system pipe network maintenance will not be able to ensure adequate supply of water fire water.
(5) in addition, there is a misunderstanding, the fire supervision personnel especially part-time examination personnel usually building outdoor fire hydrant as municipal fire hydrants to master.
(6) for a long time, the South high areas of municipal fire hydrant setting is always difficult, especially the Chongqing summer heat, consumption increased, a higher rate of fire.
At the same time, I also have many infrastructure construction serious lag problems, such as water supply project construction lags behind, leading to the construction of public fire control facilities is backward.
The 2 Chongqing city fire situation and evaluation of each district
Integrity, sound public fire control facilities, to ensure fire safety Town, to protect people's lives and property, to resist fire hazards, will play a very important role.Therefore, in urban public firefighting facilities, set up fire safety system of the whole, is a very important work.In recent years, large, in Chongqing city public fire control facilities in the attention of the relevant departments, continue to increase investment, and achieved obvious effect, but also should see, the public fire infrastructure, the construction of the District of Chongqing city fire infrastructure, no matter from the plan for fire protection, fire water, fire communication, or fire equipment, compared with the large, in the city, is still in the relatively backward situation, complete the task from the fire to there is still a considerable gap.Experience of fire from the various districts and counties of Chongqing, exist in the construction of the district Chongqing city fire planning problems are mainly in the following aspects:
(1) the public fire control facilities is seriously lagging behind.At the fire station, fire exits, fire water, fire communication public fire control facilities are not complete the problem of the District of Chongqing city in the construction of the current.In addition to the District of Chongqing city with a small amount of individual hydrant in the township streets, fire infrastructure in most of Chongqing city are blank.Although there are some town of natural water, but because of the fire channel not free or not reliable water facilities, fire engines can not be close to water, fire water deficiency problem is prominent in all districts and counties of Chongqing city.
(2) Luandaluanjian, fireproof problem.Some counties of Chongqing city without planning, lack of management, and the residents of
Building fire safety consciousness, the District of Chongqing city in the construction of Luandaluanjian phenomenon meet the eye everywhere.Some of the various districts and counties of Chongqing enterprises and individuals to the building fire safety behind, at the new, expansion, renovation, and some even seize every opportunity, make the district buildings in Chongqing city that more intensive fire more intensive, the distance between buildings from big to small, from No.This situation is more serious in some economically developed districts and industrial and mining areas, so that each district of Chongqing City, the total fire safety seriously affected.
(3) the layout irrational structure, serious congenital risks.The production of construction and civil buildings built together, and even the flammable chemicals enterprises located in the town center and downtown residential area.This kind of unreasonable layout restricts the further development of production and management, more become the district residents in Chongqing City, the heart, pose a threat to the entire Chongqing city construction, once the fire, the consequences are very serious.
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