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Survival predicament of educational software from a new perspective of the system

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Author: Wang Xiaoxia Wu Zhiping Tan Zhigang
[Abstract] current the flourishing educational information undoubtedly for the development of educational software provides a broad background, large campus network building is showing a huge demand for educational software. Types of schools at all levels of the educational software is great, but the the survival status quo of educational software is not so optimistic, whether there are a lot of problems from the product itself or product sales, management and other aspects. The introduction of educational software development status and trends, and a new perspective to lead everyone to see the better future of educational software.
[Words] educational software development and sales enterprises School

System theory of the revelation of this study
System word comes from the ancient Greek, by an overall mean. The general system theory is trying to give a description shows the common characteristics of the various systems in general system-defined, usually defined as the links formed with some features organic whole: by the number of elements of a certain structure. The core idea of ??the system on the overall concept of the system. Bertalanffy emphasized that any system is an organic whole, it is not a mechanical combination of various parts or simple sum. This article from the related products and educational software development, sales, service, management, innovation, social environment, and other factors discussed in terms of educational software in the past, present and future.
The survival status quo of educational software
The development and popularization of information technology education is one of the important issues of common concern to the international community. Since the United States since 2061, the world of information technology education continue to give new meaning and connotation, purely by early computer education to the development of culture and the development of learners information literacy, innovation ability and practical ability, which extends to the socio-economic and various areas of personal development, rich connotation and extension of the broad unprecedented. Education Revitalization Action Plan 2003-2007 will be implemented in the education information construction projects as an important part. The educational information critical applications and educational software and resources is the core of the application.
Educational software will be a comprehensive system to develop a huge market demand, and broad prospects. Currently, there are about 700,000 primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities (including 742 regular undergraduate institutions, the ordinary vocational colleges 1109, 317 independent colleges, examined and approved by the National Campus school point 118) in 2286, more than million students in the school, and the majority of the schools in the country are universal network, educational software, and services for these students is facing a huge market, can be said to be unique in the world.
At present the majority of the teachers and students are not satisfied with the quality of teaching software. 2004, K12 sites teaching software application status and a survey of a total of 1461 people (teachers, students, parents, and other persons involved in), the survey results show that: the development of educational software, only 10.61% of the people feel more that feeling The general was 31.9%, up to 57.4% do not feel very satisfied or very dissatisfied.
3 software development, use, management, and marketing
3.1 development process
(1) software development needs analysis is not comprehensive
Software development phase of the first things to consider is the needs analysis, develop the right products according to the needs of specific groups at school. Demand for educational software, can be divided into two parts, the needs of the school, the family needs. Schools market situation of the development of educational software on the family market leading and educational software is difficult to bypass the school directly into families, education software development departments should earnestly consider this important factor.
(2) the development of personnel division unreasonable
In the personnel division of labor, the ideal state of development is an employee only completed a phase of the mission, commitment of 1 to 4 in each stage of the task, occasionally there will be some extreme cases (that is, in one stage, including free mission, including 5 tasks), and therefore the mean task most cases, developers have to bear should be between 1.0 to 4.0. However, the questionnaire results showed that the average number of tasks for each developer to bear 5.6076.
(3) development team in the lack of instructional designers or computer education experts
Many teaching software development and is not directly involved in the instructional designers and subject experts. Is often the case, teaching software project team by only a few core backbone, lack of teachers with teaching experience. But we should also pay attention to, teachers can complete part of the work undertaken by instructional designers, but this is not enough, the educational software company really need to have a high level of talent, and computer experts in education is a thinker and computer technology but also understands educational psychology and educational experience, comprehensive talent.
(4) the implementation of the project, the lack of a comprehensive and effective monitoring
The implementation of the project, the first step is to develop the plan, the development plan of teaching software development work is very important. If you do not do the project's development plan, the advancement of the project will be very difficult. Developers of teaching software development company in the process of completion of the development project is mainly self-monitoring, and monitoring of the project manager is not tracking general is a problem only to monitor, based on correct mistakes for the purpose.
3.2 user found
(1) the lack of quality textbooks move. The vast majority of educational software does not play the role of multimedia technology, a considerable part is a replica of the textbooks, exercises become electronic exam, the teaching to the screen, in fact, is a departure from the true purpose of the multimedia teaching software development, fail to reflect the state-of-the-art teaching methods and educational thinking.
(2) the lack of user-friendly design. Lack of humanity, according to the analysis of the current problem of educational software, its interface is a very important aspect of many educational software interface is more rigid and can not be updated, the stability of the product type, compatibility, interactivity is also poor. In fact, in other words, a lot of self-learning software is poor.
(3) software can not provide the online service or after-sales service. Many educational software are stand-alone version, even if the situation is not ideal is not a stand-alone version of the software is its after-sales service. The sales of this software has brought great impact.
3.3 Management and Marketing
(1) less government involvement, outstanding corporate behavior. Considerably less due to various reasons, the government invested in the research, development of educational software, educational software market products, mainly from the purely commercial nature of the company, only a very small part of the Educational Publishing products marketed products, real the case of the rare countries do not have a lot of money, educational software vendors and small scale.
(2) The management of the disorder. Enterprises should focus on improving the management level, the specification of the software development process. Most software development has not established a complete development specification does not specify the software process, did not follow the engineering, standardized management software, project or product development work unsystematic, no laws, and has great randomness and arbitrariness.
(3) supply and demand out of line the small sales channels. Educational software sales mainly by commercial means, some good quality software nor a government of inability to scale investment in advertising support, no one knows, not sell, a serious gap between supply and demand. Therefore, the government should select the best educational software company support to ensure the educational software development management, software procurement and software quality.
(4) To focus on long-term development, not only at immediate profit.
Enterprises use a considerable amount of time to spend considerable effort to establish their own brand image, once the brand is established, is both a substantial amount of wealth, but also can make your own in an invincible position in the competition. In addition, as the company is concerned, on the one hand, finding ways to go with high salaries transferred expert, has extensive teaching experience in the development of the software need to be aware of the outstanding teachers and software combination of personnel. The other hand, we should cultivate talents needed by the company.
(5) The serious problem of piracy
According to statistics, the rate of software piracy in more than 95%, plus on the the Zanji market dissemination and friends circulated to sell a genuine software, you can see at least 10 users. Originally, the high cost of the development of the educational software competitive market and those pirates, many educational software companies have to lower software prices, so the consequences is shrinking profits, does not have sufficient funds to maintain the quality of the educational software had to less than a guarantee, let alone update or a good after-sales service, this is a vicious circle.
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