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Status, Causes and Countermeasures of Yiyang City travel agency competition from cheap

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[Abstract] price competition is one of the important means of competition for travel agents, and showed benign price competition and a vicious price competition. Yiyang City travel industry, there are more serious competition from cheap, its main reasons puerile, an imbalance between supply and demand, the lack of industry management, product homogeneity serious. Yiyang City, low-price competition countermeasures to strengthen government regulation to improve industry management, strengthen the travel product innovation and brand building.
[Keywords] Yiyang travel agency competition from cheap countermeasures

First, the current situation of Yiyang City travel agency price competition

In recent years, with the the Yiyang rapid economic development and people's living standards improve, travel becoming a fashion, become a part of people's lives. However, with the growing number of Yiyang travel agency, tourism market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, travel agencies fell into "Ȿ׬ߺ" embarrassing situation. Can be seen from Yiyang Tourism Bureau data: In 1994, the city's travel industry, the average profit margin of 11.63%, and 2.72% in 1996, 1.3% in 1998, by 2009 had fallen to zero percent point a few, that is, Yiyang City travel agency profit margins are getting lower and lower. However, many travel agencies are competing for customers still lower prices as the main means of competition. Some travel agencies to attract tourists with low prices and undercut competitors by lower prices of its competitors as a means of retaliation, resulting in a travel agency in the tourism market price is getting lower and lower each
Travel agencies in the race to undercut, walked into the error of price competition, resulting in the travel agency industry in a vicious cycle of disorderly competition.

Yiyang City travel cheap competition analysis

(A) the puerile
Yiyang City travel agency business profit margins are very low, with the primary group will earn tens of dollars, but it is still to be done, as long as the services in place travel agency, diminished quality of price cuts, it will attract a large number of guests to purchase travel products, such , even if the travel agency low profit margins, but the business volume of the total amount of its profits will also be a large number.
(B) the imbalance between supply and demand
Yiyang travel agencies large and small, as many as 30, a population of nearly five million, travel agencies quantity or the high side. Therefore, it is caused by the product oversupply situation, which is the direct cause of the low-price competition.
(C) the lack of industry management
Yiyang City travel agency business, the lack of effective industry norms, leading to a crisis of credibility is increasing. This is mainly manifested in two aspects: First, travel agents lack of tourists integrity is a lack of good faith between tourism enterprises, mainly in defaults, arrears.
(D) product homogeneity is serious
Yiyang City travel agency products is concentrated in the middle and lower levels, such as most of the way to travel by train, is also a popular tourist routes, there are a lot of quick travel, accommodation, mainly within 2 three-star hotels. Travel agency product quality is not high quality means travel agency products exhibit low levels of homogenization.

Yiyang City travel agency competition from cheap countermeasures

(A) to strengthen the government's macro-control of the travel market
First, strengthen law enforcement and inspection efforts. To crack down on illegal behavior is an important part of the special action. The municipal tourism administration department conducted a thorough investigation and other illegal business enterprises focus on rectifying.
Second, to establish and perfect the system of market supervision. Strengthen the construction of the tourism market regulatory system, the formation of sectoral linkage to regional cooperation, public participation, public opinion is the main content of oversight mechanisms.
Third, strengthen the rational Tourism Education. To carry out extensive and in-depth knowledge publicity and educational activities of tourists rational travel consumer culture tourists quality tourism, concept of rational Tourism, to guide tourists rational consumer.
(B) strengthen sector management
First, the establishment of industry associations to promote the orderly development of the industry. Yiyang City is not established travel agency industry associations, tourism's rapid economic development, it is very necessary to establish in Yiyang travel agency industry associations, in order to promote the development of the travel industry in Yiyang City.
Secondly, the establishment of a network of travel industry information and moral. Widespread moral failure phenomenon due to the travel agency, among tourism enterprises emerging friction, which is necessary in the industry to establish industry information moral network. (C) the implementation of a strategy of product differentiation
1 Create a travel agency brand
Good brand image will give people a good feeling, and the establishment of the travel agency brand through the following steps.
(1) the selected target market in order to determine the company's brand image
Travel agencies according to their own products to market segments, product positioning also be determined by market segments, but certainly is a link between the two businesses will form the primary brand. Yiyang Comfort Travel has long been a focus on the elderly tourist market, this one, and achieved good results, so most people heard say Comfort tour would think the older tourist, mention older tourist will think Kanghui of trip. Therefore, the travel agencies for their target customers, design products, so as to resonate in the minds of customers, in order to obtain their approval.
(2) through a variety of marketing tools to enhance the customer's brand recognition
Brand awareness to potential customers shipments to think of a brand is the ability of a certain product categories. In the tourism industry is particularly important when visitors purchase travel products, is not like other real and tangible see the goods, the customer purchased largely from other consumers reputation, but also likely to see advertisements for the enterprise, formed in virtually an understanding. Therefore, in today's mass media, travel agents have to carry this way the product of the travel agency communicated to target customers, and to carry out targeted marketing. In addition, we must be good at a unique marketing atmosphere customers to move to the "feeling" enlighten "Lee".
(3) to provide quality services to build customer trust in the brand
Products brand based travel agency to maintain its good brand image, not only have a strong specialty products, but also on continuous product innovation, continuous improvement of product quality, it will not only be able to strive for higher profits, and also can make repeat customers increased because then choose the agency not only do not have to spend more time and effort to look for other travel agencies, but also from the social experience unusual, such as customers and travel agents trust relationship will develop further.
(4) strengthen after-sales service to maintain customer brand loyalty
Once the end of the trip, does not mean the end of the services of travel agents, tourists returned home, travel agents, sent warm greetings to the customer by e-mail, telephone and other means, the holidays or guests birthday to him with a blessing, when the travel agency activities when should even think of the guests.
2. Strengthen product innovation
(1) core products mainly involving tourists eat, shelter, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment and line design problem, tours own public and comprehensive features, makes the monotony of products on the market, which requires travel agencies developed for different customers different tours strict distinction between the target market. Such as the elderly, may develop less physically demanding travel products, urban tourism, beach tourism. Therefore recommended for the the elderly tourist market focus the Huadong line and Hainan line.
(2) The form of the product is the extension of the tourism product in appearance, to strengthen the form of product innovation, must be based on the existing market, according to the actual situation of the enterprise and capabilities, through the strengthening of the special purpose of travel, and ultimately tourism purposes a diversified, personalized and features will travel products, which also provide a wider space. Can be developed during the holidays such as the market for student summer camps, study tour.
(3) extending product emphasizes corporate services provided to customers, travel agencies most powerful competitive tool in the market competition, is an important part of the old tree to open a new flower ", because the tourist routes of innovation is often easily
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