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No point to a broader -- contemporary painting in abstract space.

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[Abstract] now we perceive space is interwoven and integrated, we also try to show what we perceive in the paintings of this space.Abstract space is one of the effective ways.No point without limit, it is directed at the viewer's heart, stimulate their extraction and image correlation in the minds of representation.With the increase of the audience, their minds in the representation form a infinite expansion of the virtual space.
[keyword] space space feelings abstract space does not point to the infinite set of

Space is an indispensable factor in painting.In terms of painting space, on the one hand is the author of how his perception and understanding to the performance space in the picture; on the other hand, is the picture of how space is the audience perception.Although these two aspects will often appear a certain deviation, but the author's performance and the viewer's perception is always closely linked: Hope audience perception of the author, always want to show.
Now we want to show what the space is now the perception of space.Painting space performance varies with the people at that time perception and understanding of space.Now we living space and change our way of life, so that it is natural for the eye to timely review and understand my office space.Because in the field of technology and philosophy for the expansion of space cognition and extension; in life, convenient transportation; and the network makes people in physical space and psychological space deviation and other reasons, the people live in the perception of space is a mind in the table like a set of interwoven, comprehensive on the whole, the image.This has changed our perception of space and understanding will enable us to changes occurring in the painting space.This change is not only to change the things in the picture space, but the space for the way of expression.
Of course, there are a lot of space for the performance of the ways and means of the change in painting.The use of abstract space is one of the effective ways.
What is the abstract space: this space, and the relationship between the image and the image is not used in the whole picture, but mainly refers to the main image around the body outside the image of the screen space.This space we can place as main image of the environment or atmosphere, background picture.This abstract space also is a no image does not point to the empty space background.
From the author to his perception and understanding to the performance space in the picture is.We now live in the perception of space is an interwoven, comprehensive, overall image.So in our paintings we try to show the intertwined, comprehensive, overall image.Any one specific image has its own direction, regardless of the picture how many specific image, whether the image involves many aspects, the directivity is relatively limited.This abstract space is pointing to the more extensive.No specific image has no specific direction, there is no those pointing to the form of a limited.At this time, the space is the least amount of information, but also the most not defined.But the emergence of the subject matter to the abstract background has meaning, it is the sum of the subject matter can all possible space exists.
The performance from the images of the space to be perceived as the viewer.Abstract space is not depicted in the picture on the space, but rather focus on the audience itself, direct touch is the head of the stored through spatial imagery.Abstract the is not clear, is not clear that the viewer less exclusive possibilities, are more likely to make their entry, thereby stimulating the extraction and image correlation in the minds of representation.Ancient cloud: for that month, month and forget the finger.The viewer is starting from the subject image, because the background space does not have a specific direction is not specific and limited, so it is easier to enter the work to create the mood, what specific performance in the picture is not important, the audience is immersed in their works related to the memory of the scene.And because everyone's experience is different, the perception of storage representation has the difference, makes this picture to create a space formed different view in different audiences in mind, as visitors increase, their minds in the representation form a infinite expansion of the virtual space.At this time, it is no longer a manifestation of personal feelings, but the overall experience of a related group.In fact, the spatial arrangement so long ago people use.In the Song Dynasty of China Academy painting, in the yuan, Ming, Qing literati paintings have no lack of such space approach.But most of them works pumping away background to the subject matter that described, so as to express the author's feelings.
But come back, between the abstract space and the Chinese traditional humanistic painting has a certain inherited relations.This inherited relations naturally makes the performance of this space with its own cultural background.Such as Ji Dachun work is abstract space and embody the inherited relationship model.His work is often a subject image occupies the center of the picture is not the position, and the transition through some water or some color to the subject matter will be clever and background together.When our thoughts may start from the main body, is the substitution of any one related to our perception of the scene.A sense of tradition and the picture show, enable the work to have a broader sense of identity, which is the inheritance relation conceived the charm.
Of course, there are also many use abstract space such treatment in the western contemporary artists.Although they did not like the Ji Dachun has to traditional absorption and inheritance, but in their works still embodies the abstract space without directivity wider.TOBAKHEDOORI is such an artist.She is in great on paper to the line form neatly painted windows, walls, chairs and other image.Although there is no deliberate water stains or with the mark, will be the main image and background image fusion, but unlike the color lines image that is separated from background, like a hollow frame structure naturally and background.Watching her work is that people do not only pay attention to her main body is a description of how delicate, but more immersed in their own related thoughts.
Abstract the performance of space is the subject matter will be outside the image to pull away, so there are no directivity and no limit.The author assumed unlimited space is expanded and enriched in the audience participation.This is the way we express our perceptions of interwoven, comprehensive, whole space.

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