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Listed companies investor relations management change orientation study

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[Abstract] article listed companies investor relations management changes orientation analysis.
[Keywords] listed company investor relations management changes

One, the definition and implementation of investor relations management significance

Investor relations management through full disclosure of information, the use of the principle of financial and marketing to enhance communication with investors and potential investors, and to promote the understanding and recognition of the investors of the Company, to achieve maximize the value of the Company and shareholders maximize the benefits of strategic management behavior.
Investor relations management is committed to build a bridge of communication between companies and investors the one hand, listed companies as much as possible to the market honest, accurate and timely manner described in the company's development strategy to win investor recognition; other hand listed The company is also able to contribute to the formulation and implementation of the development strategy of the various feedback from the market.

Second, the foreign investor relationship management development trend

1. Investor Relations Management International
With the increase of transnational corporations, the cross-border investment, financial control gradually relax increasingly open world Securities and Exchange, resulting in the increasing number of investors in cross-border holdings amount. In order to build a platform to communicate with each other and overseas investors or potential investors, investor relations management scope of work extends to the outside.
Internet media company and investor information exchange is the most effective, most economical
The early investor relationship management communication media as newspapers, letters, telephone and on-site meeting, along with the development of information technology, especially the popularity of the Internet, investor relations management work and work have been greatly improved and enriched the connotation network online investor relations management into a new direction of development.
3. A professional investor relations management pattern
With the development of capital markets and investor relations management is also gradually specialized, as do the management of investor relations objectivity, professionalism and standardization, mature overseas capital markets have emerged investor relations management professional company lower investor relations the fragmented and transparency of listed companies management activities, some into professional firms systematic program of public business.

Third, the domestic investor relations management development status

Implementation of investor relations management of listed companies rarely
The majority of listed companies in the management of investor relations, in particular, the degree of attention of the small and medium investors still is not enough yet to fully establish the philosophy of the management of investor relations, respect for investors, especially small investors, awareness is not strong.
Listed companies investor relations management with a strong utilitarian, lack of stability
Most of the purpose of investor relations management to corporate finance activities, and once the end of the financing activities, investor relations management naturally come to an end. Does not really recognize the investor relations management workers
For enterprises to maximize the benefits of a strategic management behavior, management of investor relations should be a long-term sustainability of the implementation plan.
Investors relationship management participation investors in listed companies not
For public investors, has not yet formed a mature shareholder culture and self-protection awareness, widespread speculation and holdings of short-term behavior, causing many investors do not care about the investment value and the actual operation of the company, willingness to communicate with the listed company do not have a strong awareness and participation of the listed companies investor relations management activities is obviously not enough.
Professional investor relations management agencies and lack of personnel
Involving all aspects of finance, marketing, public relations, investor relations management expertise. But for a long time, the lack of specialized departments listed companies investor relations management of the day-to-day work. The professional investor relations consulting agency late start in China itself, most of the transition from advertising companies a direct result of a large number of professional consultants gaps and a lack of professionals. Fourth, our investor relations management change orientation

1. Understanding the importance of the management of investor relations from a strategic height
Listed companies from a strategic height to promote the management of investor relations, strengthen effective communication and communication with investors and other market players, so that the majority of investors really understand the situation of listed companies, the listed companies on a more rational investment; The rationalization proposals adopted investors, improve the company's operating management and corporate governance structure, strengthen the core competitiveness, promote the integration of the operation of the company's estate and capital operation, to maximize the value of the company and maximize shareholder value.
Create a suitable social atmosphere, extensive discussion
Management of investor relations is the common responsibility of the securities market parties listed companies, investors, especially institutional investors, as well as intermediaries, the news media should play its role to promote investor relations management work. The start-up and development of the management of investor relations, needs constant practice, exchange, summarize, innovation, deepening, the need of the industry to guide and standardize, therefore, timely establishment of trade associations, publishing professional newspapers, journals, to carry out routine guidance seminar management of investor relations is necessary.
3 good investor relations management foundation work
(1) improve the company's internal systems and investor relations management workflow
Listed companies should be based on the "Company Law", "Securities Act" as well as listed companies governance guidelines, combined with the actual situation, the formulation of the rules and regulations of the management of investor relations, the content of the work of the clear investor relations management and range as well as the corresponding work program, to ensure that the company is able to rule-based investor relations management and operation of the process.
(2) the establishment of a training mechanism, to improve the professional quality of the investor relations managers
Investor relations executive departments should actively participate in the SFC, the Stock Exchange of investor relations management training, and actively explore ways to enhance the work efficiency of the management of investor relations, and constantly improve their own quality to adapt to the reform and development of the securities market continues to need.
(3) make full use of the means of modern information technology, and build a platform for the exchange and investors
Listed companies should be specially set up their own company website on the investor relations management part, to build investor communication and interaction platform, broaden the channels of communication with investors.
4. Use professional investor relations management company investor relations management
As China's capital market continues to mature, the listed company can also hire a professional investor relations management consultancy, planning and processing of investor relations, including media relations, strategic development, investor relations management training, crisis management, analyst meetings and results instructions will be to improve the professional level of investor relations management.
Chinese investor relations management outlook
Management theory and practice of investor relations at home and abroad have been in the capital market is maturing, investor relations management is more and more obvious role in the governance structure of listed companies, major decisions, especially in vigorously is particularly important to advocate for the protection of the interests of the shareholders, especially the public shareholders' interests vigorously to build a harmonious socialist premise of the capital markets, and good management of investor relations. It can be expected that in the near future, the management of investor relations will become a listed company in China to improve its management structure, effective management tool to strengthen exchanges and communication with investors and intermediaries, and will become an important part of the internal management of the listed companies.

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